Monday, April 23, 2012

Face Off: Best Bro Team

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Aidan and Josh from Being Human U.S

Aidan and Josh first meet in an alley after Josh is beaten up by a couple of werewolves.  They quickly decide to try and live like humans and rent a house together.  What they don’t plan on is the house they choose to rent being haunted.  Annie becomes the third wheel between Aidan and Josh.  Though the show is sold to the viewing public as an ensemble cast, much of the previous season two saw Josh and Aidan coming together to help and support each other while Sally was pretty much forced to deal with her issues alone.

There were plenty of disgusting male bonding moments this past season to help cement their friendship, like Josh deciding to congratulate Aidan on the fact that they were both going upstairs to get laid and Aidan pulling the whole bros before hoe’s routine when he decided to dump Julia after learning that she was Josh’s ex fiancée.  Like all true male friends they have difficulty expressing their feelings for each other but both did manage to tear up briefly when Aidan decided to run from the vampires.

Damon and Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries

Unlike many of the couples in this face off, Damon and Stefan are actually brothers. When Damon first arrived in mystic falls, Stefan saw him as pure evil and even went as far as to lock him in the cellar and take away his magic sunlight ring.  The animosity between the two began when they both fell in love with the same woman.  Proving that these two are incapable of finding separate partners, they are once again fighting over the same woman.  Damon continually mocks Stefan for his desire to avoid blood and the rejection of his vampire nature, while Stefan attacks Damon for being a loose cannon.  The brothers are constantly at each other’s throats and have at times had physical altercations but the moment an outsider threatens then all of a sudden it becomes I lurve you forevah because we are brothers.  There is nothing that Damon or Stefan would not risk for each other, that is when they are not fighting over Elena.

Damon and Alaric: The Vampire Diaries

The unwritten code of the bro-team requires one always to forgive the actions of one’s bro. And could there be greater forgiveness then forgiving your bro for murdering you? Ok, they had a little down time for a while, it was barely a speed bump in their friendship. That’s a high bar set there.

And, of course, these 2 engage in the most manly of bonding - drinking copious amounts of alcohol. In fact, have we ever seen these 2 together in a scene when they haven’t got either a drink or a stake in hand? Despite being somewhat of a bit character originally, it’s now impossible to imagine Damon without Alaric - where would he be without Alaric to snark to?

In the latest season they even have a hobby in common - random, motiveless murder! This joins their other hobbies of whittling, trying to convince Elena not to be irredeemably foolish (they fail) and having the worst possible taste in women.

Jason Stackhouse and Andy Bellefleur from True Blood

Jason and Andy tend to function like a modern day Laurel and Hardy.  They first began to team up in season two of True Blood when Bon Temps was threatened by the maenad. Andy and Jason were one of the few who remained uninfected.  Even in a time of peril however, Jason took time to point out that Andy was jealous of his sex appeal.  Though Andy sort of blunders through his job, clearly Jason has a level of respect for him because he quickly develops a desire to become a cop, which Andy actually helps him to fulfill, despite his best instincts. Interestingly enough, when Andy who was the straight man in that relationship falls off the rails due to his addiction to V [vampire blood] it is Jason who attempts to keep him in line while the rest of the town simply wishes for Andy to disappear.  To be honest neither of the two of them are very bright and combined they still don’t equal one intelligent person but somehow they get by.    

Eddie and Nick from Grimm
Could there be a more ultimate bro-team than these 2? Ever since they first met when Nick arrested Eddie for killing a modern red riding hood, these have been inseparable. Any hour of the day or night, Nick will call his Grimmopedia Eddie for advice any hour of the day and night. But no matter what the hour, Eddie is always there with sarcastic banter to bounce off Nick.

And can there be anything more appealing than Eddie’s geeky love of the Grimm-mobile? His endless hobbies and Nick’s bemusement in the face of them is beyond classic

Nick’s big secret ensures that Juliette can never encroach on this unbeatable bro-team, ensuring she only appears when necessary to be rescued or petted then returns to the plot box so Eddie and Nick can carry on. Rosalie may be an up and coming threat, but she’s got her work cut out for her.

The ultimate moment? Eddie actually complains because Nick hasn’t introduced him to Juliette - and because he never asks to talk to Eddie when he doesn’t need something. Yes, Eddie was worried about the shop talk consuming their friendship.

So which duo works the best? Which team is the most inseparable? Which is the best bro team?