Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lost Girl Season One, Episode Eight: Vexed

This episode begins with Bo showing up at Dyson's bruised and bleeding.  He looks at her and tells her that he is busy, but she begs him for one last healing.  When they are through, he reminds her that this is the last time that he is going to help her this way, and that she has to start taking care of her own healing.

She tracks down a vampire named Siegfried, and for a few bags of blood he tells her to find Lou Ann. Lou Ann is a dark fae who is on death row for killing her children.  Lou Ann tells her that she is the foundling, but beyond that she does not really know anything about her and leavess the visitors area.  Feeling like she is being played, Bo decides to go back to Siegfried, but before she can see him, he slowly murdered by Vex.   Frustrated, Bo asks Dyson for the file on Lou Ann and Siegfried, and he tells her that she has cashed in her last favor.

When Bo and Kenzi cannot find a true connection between Lou Ann and Siegfried, Bo returns to the prison to talk to Lou Ann.  Lou Ann tells her that she fell in love with a human, and had children with him.  It was seen as turning her back on her own kind, and that she was forced to against will, to kill her children, because someone else took control of her body.  Bo vows that she will get her out of there.

Bo gets Lauren to arrange an audience with the Ashe. Ashe asks why he should help Lou Ann, because she is after all dark fae.  When Bo tries to convince him that they are all fae, he refuses, telling her that she doesn't know what forces she is dealing with.  Of course Bo, who has yet to ever save herself, decides that it is a good idea to threaten Ashe.  At this point, I realized that the episode should have been titles, Bo decides to give spunky agency a shot, because she certainly has no business threatening The Ashe.

When Bo leaves, The Ashe tells Lauren that he knows that she has been helping Bo, and implies that for own good, she had better be acting on behalf of the light fae.  He says that he will strike a deal with the Morrigan to get Vex out of town, because if Bo kills Vex, the dark fae will not rest until she is dead.  The Ashe is not ready for Bo to die, because he still does not know what she is capable of.  He tells Lauren to  distract her and suggests that since Bo is a succubus this should be easy.

Bo goes to see Myer to get information on what is going on.  He tells her for own good she should let this on go.  As far as he is concerned, this is the price of choosing humans over your own kind. When Bo dosen't get answers from Myer, she returns home only to be attacked by a morag.  I believe that this is the first time I have seen Bo actually save herself. When she calls in Dyson to talk about her attacker, he tells her that it was not hit from the top, because they didn't send an entire squad. Bo is an unknown and they wouldn't have wanted to risk her getting away.  She looks unconvinced and Dyson offers to let her spend the night with him, but Bo tells him that she asked him for his help and not for his pity.

Bo decides to turn to Trick instead.  When Bo says that she wishes there was a book of fae, he produces it for her, and tells her that a morag feeds off of rage, and this means that she has really upset someone.  She notices a copy of necklace that Lauren wears, and when she asks if it means anything, Trick tells Bo it means that Ashe owns Lauren, and for that privilege Lauren receives his protection.  Right there alarm bells should have been going off in Bo's head.  Trick then gifts her with a weapon, because Bo is still unwillingly to let loose her full succubus powers.

When Bo returns home, Lauren is waiting for her, saying that Lou Ann stopped her final appeal and she figured that Bo would want some company.  She comes onto Bo, and Bo is resistant at first, but eventually gives in.  In the middle of making love, Bo rips off the chain around Lauren's neck, and tells her that she doesn't belong to anyone. After sex when Bo attempts to leave, Lauren tries to stop her. At first it is light because Bo figures that Lauren is just being clingy, but she quickly realizes that Lauren was sent to sleep with her by the Ashe. Lauren accidentally lets slip the name of the fae that Bo is looking for, and for Bo that cements the betrayal. Feeling betrayed she picks up Lauren's necklace and says, "don't forget your dog collar when you leave."

Can I just say that even though I knew that Lauren had ulterior motives, I am hugely disappointed that the first same sex love scene was because of manipulation. She quite obviously cares for Bo, but she would not have chosen to sleep with her at that moment had she not been ordered to.  This amounts to women performing sexual acts for a man and it is disgusting and lesbophobic. 

In a fit, Bo goes to Myer and cashes in the favor he owes her for Vex's address.  Myer tells her that this is no favor.  The scene flashes to Lou Ann who is being given lethal injection, and in the witness area we see Trick. 

Bo heads over to do battle with Vex, and Lauren runs to Dyson for help in stopping Bo, because she believes that Bo cannot beat Vex.  Bo is determined to get justice for Lou Ann, a woman that she has met only briefly twice.  Keep in mind that everyone has told her to leave it alone, but of course  Bo, who is constantly in need of saving and knows virtually nothing about the fae, know better than everyone who tried to guide and help her. Say it with me everyone - spunky agency.

Dyson once again intervenes in one of Bo's fights and sets Vex free.  Considering all the Dyson has done for Bo, one would think that she would have a decency to talk to him before holding a knife to his throat, but then you would be wrong.  Dyson tells her that no one knows anything about her parents, and that they are all playing her.  She yells at him saying, someone knows.

In the last scene of the episode we are shown body bags in the morgue. One body bag starts to move and when the zipper is pulled all the way down, Lou Ann sits up.  Trick enters the room and says to Lou Ann, we have to talk.  There is clearly something big going on and now I wonder how much Trick really knows and who he is really working for.