Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Originals, Season One, Episode 19: An Unblinking Death

Kiernan is leaning at the alter and takes communion.  He sees a vision of a woman who taunts him about his faith still being in existence.  When Kiernan turns, he sees a vision of Sean slitting his throat.  In actuality he is in the attic with Josh and Camille. Camille wonders if Kiernan needs a shock to the system to wipe the slate clean.

At the compound, Klaus is looking for Esther's grimoire and he questions whether Elijah has it in his possession.  Elijah admits that he placed it beyond Klaus's reach because he believes that it has something to do with Klaus's sudden interest in the Crescent Wolves.  Klaus of course claims that he is simply trying to be a good Samaritan.  When that doesn't work, Klaus says  that he is trying to keep Hayley safe but Elijah believes that Klaus is risking turning New Orleans into a war zone.

Marcel calls Camille about helping her with Kiernan but Camille is confidant that she can handle this and hangs up. Dr. Sheski enters the room to check on Kiernan and forced to pull back when Kiernan snarls at him.

Marcel calls Klaus to tell him that Camille needs him and asks him not to allow Camille to suffer.  Dr. Sheski moves to leave the room after seeing Kiernan but Josh compels him to forget what he is seeing.  Camille asks about giving Kiernan shock therapy. Dr Sheski makes it clear how dangerous this is but Camille will not be deterred.

Hayley is practicing Lamaze and questions Eve about an epidural, or going to the hospital but Eve assures Hayley that werewolves have always had their babies this way.  Hayley says that she is sure she will be raising the child alone but Eve questions the veracity of that.  They are interrupted by Elijah, who wants to speak to Oliver and Jackson about the uprising.

Jackson assures Elijah they know all about Klaus's reputation but the chance that the moon rings could help them control the curse, is too much to pass up.  Elijah points out that there are people in the quarter who will see this as a provocation.  When the wolves fail to bend, Elijah reminds them of the pledge they signed.  The conversation is interrupted when they hear a motorcycle.  They head outside and the rider asks who is in charge.  Elijah looks at him for a moment and then pulls him off the bike seconds before it explodes. When they check the injured wolves, they discover that wolfsbane was used.  Hayley order Elijah to take the inured wolf and anyone who cannot walk on their own.  Hayley moves to another wolf and starts administering first aid.  Oliver screams about vampires not having the guts to do their own dirty work and demands that the werewolves attack.  Hayley orders Oliver to stay where he is, adding that if this was vampires, then she can guess who gave the order.  Hayley breaks off a tree limb and says that she is going to find Marcel.

Josh is strapping Kiernan into the chair, when Klaus walks in explaining that he got a call from Marcel.  Dr. Sheski begs Camille not to force him to do this but Camille is determined.  Klaus argues that Kiernan is a good man and therefore shouldn't suffer.  Camille points out that Kiernan has been suffering and dying for weeks and that this treatment might be the only chance he has.

On the road, Hayley calls Elijah to ask him to take care of the pack while she is gone.  Jackson says that it's a good thing that the bomb went off when it did because it could have been a lot worse.  This causes Elijah to pause for a moment before he orders everyone to leave.  Two explosions go off blowing up RV's.

Kiernan has been unhooked from the machine and he recognizes Camille.  Camille demands that they shock him again because it's working but Kiernan's heart is racing.  Dr. Sheski tells Camille that they cannot shock Kiernan again because his heart is racing.  Klaus asks for a moment alone with Camille, so they head for the chapel.  Klaus tells Camille to prepare herself because the treatment will kill Kiernan and that she won't be able to live with this.  Camille replies that this is not Klaus's decision to make.

Oliver cries out for help when he finds Eve injured beneath an RV.  Elijah rushes over and holds the camper up, while Oliver pulls her out.

Hayley barges into the vampire stronghold and is quick to get the upper hand on Diego, putting a steak to his heart.  Hayley asks where Marcel is and when Diego does not answer, Hayley pushes the stake a little further in and points out that there were women and children hurt in the Bayou.  Not wanting to die, Diego gives up Marcel's location.

Dr. Sheski kneels down in front of Kiernan and asks to speak to the witches responsible.  Kiernan leaps out of his chair and attacks the doctor and Josh is barely able to hold him back.  Hayley calls Klaus and informs him about the suicide bomber and adds that she has tracked down Marcel.  Klaus tells Josh to compel the doctor to forget and then to get him out of the room.  Klaus then promises Hayley that when he is done at St.Anne's, that she will have his undivided attention and adds that she should stay out of trouble in the meantime.  Hayley lies and claims that Elijah is with her and hangs up.

In the Bayou, Eve is laid out on a bed and her injury is not healing.  Oliver explains that Eve never activated the werewolf gene and therefore cannot heal. Elijah offers his blood to heal Eve but Jackson says that Eve would rather die.  Oliver and Jackson come nose to nose over who the guilty party is and what the werewolves are supposed to do about it before Oliver storms out.

When Hayley arrives, it's clear that Marcel has been waiting for her.  Marcel says that he has friends who warn him when people are coming for him and points out that she didn't have to work Diego like that because they are over due for a chat. Hayley sits and Marcel tells her that she is a lot like his father and admits that he knew her whole family. Marcel adds that back in the 90's, it was the Crescent wolves who ran the city and that Haley is living proof of his concern for children.

Kiernan heart starts to fail, so Klaus punches through his chest and begins massaging his heart.  A desperate Camille suggests feeding Kiernan Klaus's blood to wake him up.  Klaus replies that due to the hex, Kiernan's death would be a mercy.  Camille begs and this time, Klaus feeds Kiernan his blood and withdraws his hand. The monitor flatlines.

Hayley asks Marcel how long he has known who she is and Marcel admits that he has known since her family reunion at the old plantation house. Hayley then asks Marcel if he killed her parents and he explains that there was infighting among the wolves and that someone turned on her parents.  Marcel admits that he found her in her crib and that instead of using Hayley as leverage, he delivered Hayley to Kiernan.  Marcel puts a bag of money on the table and tells Hayley that there is enough there for her to start over somewhere safe and that he is not her guy in the Bayou but if things continue this way, he might have to be.  Hayley asks if this is Marcel's plan to get Klaus and Elijah out of town.  Marcel admits that it wouldn't be a bad side effect if they followed her, so Hayley questions why Marcel doesn't leave town.  Marcel replies that he was born there and Hayley points out that she was too.  Hayley stands to leave and Marcel calls out that the guy on the bike owed money to the humans who ran the casino.

Camille is lighting a candle for Kiernan and asks what happens when Kiernan wakes up.  Klaus explains that Kiernan will be in transition and craving blood but promises to be back before then.  Camille is now worried that Kiernan will be furious with him.  Klaus says that turning Kiernan wasn't the goal and that it was to give her a chance to say goodbye.  A fragile Camille asks Klaus to stay a little longer and Klaus agrees.

The wolves have turned their shelter into a makeshift hospital. Jackson asks Elijah if this is the peace he promised.  Elijah brings up the wolves deal with Klaus and Jackson points out that it would mean freedom. Elijah asks about Hayley and Jackson claims to want to make the place safe for Hayley and the baby.

Kiernan sits up suddenly to find himself surrounded by Klaus and Camille.  Kirnan says that he could feel the Hex like a living thing inside of him and then declares that it is gone.  Klaus explains that the hex was broken by Kiernan's death. Camille explains that she had Klaus give him his blood.  Klaus points out that if Kiernan doesn't feed that he will die but Kiernan replies that if this is the choice he has to make, then he is already dead.  Kiernan asks for privacy with Camille and Camille thanks Klaus for everything he did today.  Klaus leaves the two alone.

Oliver sits over a very wounded Eve.  Eve is aware of how badly injured she is and Oliver suggests that she trigger the curse so that she can heal.  Oliver than rants about who is going to lead them because Jackson wants to bow down to Klaus and that Hayley isn't one of them. Eve asks for an explanation as to what is going on and Oliver explains that he just wanted to make a little noise to make his people mad.  Eve asks who put him up to this and if he has any idea what the pack will do to him when they find out.  Oliver closes the door and says that the pack isn't going to find out and that he had to do whatever it took to make them strong. Oliver picks up a pillow and starts to smother Eve.

Camille brings Kiernan his vestments but notes that the key he normally wears around his neck is missing. Kiernan apologizes for involving Camille in all of this an the two hug. Kiernan tells Camille that he doesn't know how bad this is going to get and that he doesn't want her to see it.  Kiernan asks Camille to walk out of the room without looking back when she lets go.  A crying Camille leaves.

Hayley is returning to the bayou and meets up with Elijah, who is watching Oliver riling up the crowd. Elijah explains that Oliver is making a bid for power because of the tragedy and that there was another attack after Hayley left.  Elijah adds that Jackson will need her help because the wolves will want vengeance and unfortunately, in troubled times, people look for the loudest voice. Hayley heads to see Jackson and finds him standing above a dead Eve.

Klaus goes to see Genevieve and questions what she knows about the explosion which threatened his child. Genevieve is quick to suggest Marcel but Klaus does not believe that Marcel would stoop so low. Genevieve is angry when she realizes Klaus blames her and adds that she must seem ugly next to the precious glow of Camille.  When Genevieve snarks about Kiernan, Klaus inform her that Kiernan is in transition and has been released from the hex.  Genevieve makes it clear that Kiernan's hex will return, if it hasn't already.

At the church,. Kiernan pulls out a dagger and puts it to his throat.  He gets a vision of someone telling him that he has a final offering to complete his penance is done.  Genevieve tells Klaus that the boundary spell is broken, now that Kiernan has died.  At the church, Kiernan leaves the attic.

Camille is downstairs praying at the alter, when Kiernan appears claiming to have changed his mind. Kiernan attacks Camille with the knife and she jumps to avoid him but in the process injures herself.  Kiernan drags Camille back to the alter and sees a vision of Sean telling Kiernan to kill Camille and rejoice in life eternal. Klaus shows up just in time to put a dagger through Kiernan's heart, saying that he deserved better than this.

Marcel gets a call from Klaus to inform him that Kiernan is deceased and that he may return to the Quarter to bury him.  Marcel asks why Klaus is doing this and Klaus explains that Camille awoke in the dark not knowing where she was or who was watching over her and she called out for Marcel.  Marcel enters and holds a crying Camille in her arms.

Hayley kisses Eve's wrist as Jackson watches.  Hayley heads outside to see Oliver still riling up the wolves.

Marcel reports to the vampires that Kiernan is dead and asks if they got the key.  Josh hands over the key and Marcel explains that people will be coming for the key and that Camille isn't ready to deal with it. Diego asks what is next and Marcel answers that someone bombed the wolves and that the city is at a breaking point. Marcel instructs the vampires that they need to be ready.

Klaus heads to see Elijah and asks if after everything which has gone on, if he is ready to give up on the treaty.  Elijah puts Esther's grimoire on the table saying that Klaus is going to need it to cement the alliance with the wolves. Klaus says that he must have Hayley to thank for Elijah's change of heart. Elijah replies that it might be time to choose a side because the riffs run deeper than he thought.   Klaus and Elijah toast to their victory.

So the Original brothers are reunited and of course it's all about Hayley and her magical womb.  She has clearly shown herself to be physically strong and a competent leader yet we routinely have Klaus and Elijah hatching plans to save her and protect her.  I must admit that it greatly irks me.  It doesn't help that last week, Hayley explained her strength as being induced by pregnancy and having hormones making her unstable.

This week we had the death of Kiernan and Eve.  I think that both scenes were really well done.  I do however think that this is another attempt to mask the monstrosity of Klaus.  He stayed with her, he was gentle and he comforted her.  Yes, he can do nice things but he still thinks he has the right to control what Camille does with her vagina.  None of his good acts absolve him of his rampant misogyny.

I am sick of Genevieve and her jealousy over Camille. She is an extremely powerful witch and is in control of the cauldron yet she wastes her time moping over Camille and her supposed innocence and relationship to Klaus.  Can we just have a female character on this show who isn't motivated or linked to Klaus?

Marcel is plotting again and I found that I simply cannot invest in this storyline.  No matter what he comes up with, at the end of the day, both Elijah and Klaus are Original vampires which means they cannot be easily hurt, let alone killed.  Marcel as an antagonist is ridiculous because it cannot go anywhere. Further, it reinforces the idea that no matter how strong or capable a Black man is, he is always and forever the inferior of a White man.

Once again we saw Josh.  I must admit that I was irritated to see him with Camille. While Camille's pain over the hex is terrible, Josh has known her for New York minute.  He has no storyline of his own whatsoever.  He seems to exist to be a servant.  Sure, as a new vampire, he doesn't have much power but this seems to be used as an excuse turn him into nothing more than a token.