Monday, December 21, 2015

Da Vinci's Demons, Season 3, Episode 9: Angel Iratissimus

After our obligatory opening drama scene from Lucrezia and her daddy who holds her prisoner we get into the main plot – the beginning of the war between the Crusaders and the invading Ottomans.

Leo and Sophia are preparing by using genius, making their new shiny weapon and being able to direct the weapon with some help from Vlad’s magic armour that fortuitously helps direct the weapon which they hope will turn the tide of the war

It kind of has to, since the Crusade isn’t going so well. Vlad brings his eleven immortal troops who are super scary vampires. Laura is an awesome leader of the crusade (who looks even more awesome in amour) and super inspiring (unlike the terribad pope who is terribad)

But they’re still ambushed and slaughtered and are generally decimated messily. They leave only a few soldiers, Laura and Nico (and the immortal Vlad) to be found by Leo, Sophia and Zoroaster to make Plan B.

Plan B involves Leo destroying the tanks after stealing one (turns out these tanks, like any tanks, are super vulnerable to infantry in close quarters. Especially when one of those infantry is a fire proof immortal monster – but pretty much everything is vulnerable to fire proof immortal monsters).

While Zoroaster and Sophia plan to sneak into the city so they can use their new lightening Tesla weapon from a high spot and zap the many many soldiers.

The first half goes well with Leo and Nico blowing up many many tanks and slaughtering many Turks (hey, remember when Leo was all conflicted about killing people? Yes? No? Maybe?)

The other part goes awry with Sophia and Zoroaster being kidnapped

I am so frustrated by Sophia. As a character she would have been awesome if she’d been introduced back in season 1 or even season 2 – she and Leo could have developed a relationship. She could have bounced of Zoroaster and Nico. She could have been fun – very very fun. Now? There’s just no time for a character this nifty.

Meanwhile in Florence, Vanessa and Lorenzo are now sleeping together and he tries to give her jewellery. She rejects the idea he can buy her, that she’s a sex worker to be bought – instead she requests a piece more suited to her. A ring

Yup, Vanessa has set her sights high. Go for it Vanessa

She’a also having some excellent influence in getting Lorenzo back from the edge, encouraging him to give Riario a trial. It’s a quick trial since Riario has confessed over and over again and continues to do so. So he’s planned to be executed and he quite likes that since Riario’s all about his guilt at the moment.

But the Architect arrives, yes the Labyrinth isn’t done yet. For reasons absolutely no-one cares about, he’s decided that Riario the super holy chosen one. Yes, he’s the hold serial killer, blessed by god to do all the killings. Riario is doubtful but finally decides to except this except for the pesky fact that he’s going to be executed.

So the Architect plans to get him out by walking the streets and declaring Florence will be destroyed by god if they execute a serial killer. Yeah the city’s already been excommunicated and the Pope is hardly the most popular guy around so I call bullshit if this actually works.