Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lucifer, Season Two, Episode Two: Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire

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A man has a heart attack and his body is invaded by a demon who promptly asks if anyone has seen Lucifer before being hit by a bus.  A demon then appears in the body of a shooting victim only to killed once more after asking for Lucifer.

Charlotte awakes in Lucifer's bed and goes into a state of panic when the phone rings.  She's got an ice pic in her neck but the wound heals when she pulls it out.  Next we see her sitting down with Lucifer to ask question whether humans eat their own in reaction to the men who have flirted with her.  Charlotte is looking for sympathy but Lucifer is not buying her wounded bird routine.  Lucifer's response is to call Amenadiel to take Charlotte back to hell because he deems her dangerous. Charlotte however wants to end the estrangement between them and she blames God for putting her in hell. Lucifer however isn't pleased that Charlotte did nothing when God tossed him out.  Charlotte however wants to be Lucifer's mother again and so he asks for proof of her origin story and this means retracing her steps to see if there is a trail of blood and carnage.

After Charlotte borrows a dress from Mazikeen, Lucifer begins his investigation.  It seems that Charlotte was responsible for some plagues and floods which of course was a manifestation of her fight with God.  Lucifer is not impressed when he finds a body on the bed and Charlotte claims her innocence. They are forced to sneak out when hotel security knocks on the door.

It's back to the club where Mazikeen is shown Charlotte. Mazikeen is ready to go on the attack and Lucifer tells her that she is to remain hands off.  Mazikeen is put on babysitting duty while Lucifer works out whether or not Charlotte is lying.

Chloe and Dan get together to talk to their daughter about her destruction of a doll.  They don't get to talk to Trixie long because Lucifer arrives and wants to talk about looking into a real rampage.  Chloe is upset because Trixie destroyed her doll in order to get a new one and Lucifer sees her refusal to capitulate to Trixie as failing her. Yep, Lucifer hasn't learned anything because he's still making everything about him.  The conversation is cut short when Chloe gets the case of the kid that Charlotte and Lucifer found earlier.

Ella, Lucifer and Chloe check out the crime scene.  Lucifer is quick to blame his mother but Chloe thinks it's an affair gone wrong and has no patience with the idea that Lucifer's mother did it. It's Lucifer who reveals the phone in the ice bucket.  Dan then walks in with the news that another body has been found.

Back at the station, Ella tells everyone that the second body is that of the maid.  Dan adds that the killer is probably not a woman because women rarely strangle. After a convoluted breakdown about what she wasn't able to find out able the phone, Ella reveals that she at least knows who purchased it. Dan asks Chloe what she wants him to do, saying that he has accepted his demotion and finds it hot. While Chloe rightfully gives Dan the eye, Lucifer begins to pray to try and get Amenadiel's attention.

Amenadiel however is in his office looking through his books when Linda finds him.  Linda is not at all pleased to see him given his previous deception.  Amenadiel claims that he did what he had to do and didn't have a choice.  Linda however is not buying this and says that he betrayed her trust. Amenadiel claims that things have been trying for him but Linda tells him to start thinking about how he treats other before awkwardly slamming the door.  Amenadiel catches one of his feathers.

Lucifer and Chloe arrive at the law office and learn that the phone is corporate issue. Someone however does recognize Charlotte's shoes.  Brad is then shown a picture of the dead man and he claims not to recognize him.  Chloe questions the last time Brad saw Charlotte and he breaks down crying saying that he did this.  Lucifer uses his mojo to question if Brad wanted Charlotte gone and Brad reveals that what he wants to be with Charlotte because they are in love. Chloe asks if Charlotte could have slept with the guy in the photo and Brad claims that Charlotte are monogamous and that won't even sleep with her own husband.

Chloe and Lucifer head to see Charlotte's husband, who claims he knew about her affair.  Chloe then shows him a picture of the dead man who the husband says delivered a package to Charlotte last week. The husband claims that he hasn't left the house since Monday because his kids are sick. Chloe leaves to check on the kids and Lucifer demands to know when he gave up his manhood.  Lucifer takes him upstairs to go through his closet and is aghast with the crocs and Hawaiian shirts. Lucifer does find a bag filled with cocaine in his search for a nice suit.

Charlotte is watching television and her hands are chained.  Charlotte has no idea how to live and even has to ask what a visa is.  Mazikeen pulls out her torture devices with a smile.

Back at the station, Chloe goes through the packages of coke which she believes belongs to Charlotte. Dan comes in with a delivery box and when Chloe opens it, she finds a new doll for Trixie. Lucifer enters and takes credit for the doll and Chloe is clearly not impressed, especially when Lucifer tells Chloe that she can take credit for buying Trixie the new doll. The trace Chloe was running on the coke packaged comes back and the print on the coke bag comes back to Mendoza.

Mazikeen sharpens her weapons as Charlotte claims that Mazikeen is wasting her time. Charlotte explains that hell gives a person what they deserve and since she was innocent, Mazikeen couldn't hurt her. This only inspires Mazikeen because of course, Charlotte now has a human body. Mazikeen however is quick to point out that Charlotte abandoned Lucifer.  Charlotte counters by claiming that Mazikeen is really jealous of her and worried that she will become Lucifer's right hand woman. Mazikeen then informs Charlotte that Lucifer made a deal to send her back to hell.  Based on Charlotte's reaction Mazikeen thinks she's found a weak spot and leans in for the kill, only to be head butted by Charlotte.

Dan comes back to say that Charlotte and the murder victim were working with the FBI to bring down the drug cartel.  He even learns that the cartel's murder assassin's weapon of choice is an ice pic.  Lucifer realises that his mother might not be lying and so he rushes back to the bar to inform Mazikeen about what is going on.  Charlotte however has already taken off. Mazikeen then admits that she told Charlotte about Lucifer's deal with God which means that Charlotte probably won't return if she switches bodies, they'll never find her.

Lucifer heads to a tanning salon to talk to Perez about Charlotte.  Lucifer easily tosses aside Perez's body guards.  Chloe runs in gun pointed to arrest Perez. Back at the station, Perez says that he knew about the mole and was feeding him fake information.  It's even more complicated because the cartel's normal killer is dead which means he's not responsible for the ice pic.  Chloe tells Lucifer about it and her new belief that this leaves them nothing but the law firm.  Chloe is shocked by Lucifer's change in attitude.

Chloe and Lucifer head to question Liam, an associate and Liam is quick to claim his innocence. Lucifer is quick to point out that Liam is claiming innocence in the case of two murders and they only brought up one. The conversation is brought to an end when Liam asks for a lawyer.  Chloe and Lucifer leave but she's not impressed that Lucifer divulged critical information about Charlotte still being alive.

Charlotte is out food shopping and has bought her weight in cheese when Liam approaches questioning why she isn't dead. It seems he tracked her using the company credit card.  Liam raises his arm to kill Charlotte again and Lucifer appears and punches.  Chloe is fast on his heels and Lucifer stabs Charlotte in the shoulder when Chloe leaves to chase Liam, warning Charlotte that she must pretend that they've never met because it would be too much for Chloe to handle.

Later Charlotte is getting medical treatment and an unimpressed Chloe tells Lucifer that he needs to follow the rules.  Chloe is not pleased with his cowboy routine during the case and his purchase of a doll for Trixie. Lucifer however feels that Chloe is abandoning Trixie in a time of need.  Chloe says that doing what's best for your child doesn't always make them happy.

Amenadiel goes to Linda's office to apologise, saying that he has a lot to atone for.  Amenadiel tells Linda he is sorry for hurting her and is sorry he ruined their friendship.  Linda accepts Amenadiel's apology and he leaves and returns to his office.  Amenadiel takes off his shirt to look at his wings which are in tatters and then screams in rage.

Lucifer is at home when Charlotte enters carrying a burnt casserole of all things. Charlotte explains that it's what mother's make to bring their children joy on earth.  For Lucifer, it explains all the cheese she bought.  Charlotte says that she wishes that things could go back to the way they were in heaven and that she wants her home back.  Charlotte however understands that it's not possible and taking Lucifer's hand, claims she wants to do what she can to be a good mother to Lucifer on earth.  Lucifer moves Charlotte's hand and tells her that it's too late and points out that she watched as he was thrown into hell and vilified for all eternity.  Lucifer gets up claiming that there aren't enough cheesy noodles to fix that in the universe.  Charlotte stands and reveals that it was she who sent him to hell to save his life.  Apparently, after the rebellion, God was deeply angry and wanted to destroy Lucifer and so Charlotte asked for Lucifer to be sent to hell instead. Charlotte explains that she did it because she loved him and always will. Charlotte then volunteers to return to hell and tells Lucifer to do what is right for him. Lucifer agrees that Charlotte can stay until he figures out what he needs to do.  When Lucifer walks away,  a crafty smile crosses Charlotte's face and she stares up at the sky.

As much as I enjoy the interactions between Charlotte and Lucifer and I wonder who she really is. Lucifer is making a point not to relate her to any biblical character whatsoever. That being said, it's clear that Charlotte is running a con on Lucifer, we just don't know why yet.  The fact that smiled up at the sky reveals that.  Given that Amenadiel is currently molting, I wonder if Charlotte and God are working together to bring Lucifer back into the fold.  Are we going to see a role reversal between the brothers?

Charlotte getting rid of her dress when Lucifer calls it a problem and his horrified reaction cracked me. Clearly Charlotte's ignorance about earth and earth customs is going to be played for comic relief.  I have to admit however who wouldn't want a shopping cart filled with cheese?  I didn't like however Charlotte being called a slut.  Look, Lucifer has mommy issues and daddy issues for that matter but calling Charlotte a slut is wrong.  The fact that she didn't even remotely push back on that and that her body was constantly sexualized throughout the episode is indeed a problem.  Why is it that Charlotte had no problem getting rid of her dress on a public street, yet still found time to point out how short the dress was in the first place?

Every episode seems to be a learning lesson for Lucifer.  The whole thing with Trixie and buying her a doll however was a weak juxtaposition to explain that parents acting in the best interest of the child won't always make them happy.  In this, I found the writing to be so heavy handed.  Chloe said what she said to give Lucifer room to consider that being cast into hell was a way of saving him rather than punishing him.  In this case, I really think that the writers dropped the ball.