Friday, May 26, 2017

iZombie, Season 3, Episode 8: Eat a Knievel

I seem to be saying this every week – but again we have Clive and Liv, the brain and the criminal case all be somewhat tangential to, well, everything else. In some ways this is because we don’t have filler episodes – every episode the metaplot is growing and developing which just means the criminal cases feel more and more irrelevant.

So we have a Jackass-style… I don’t even know what to call these people? Stunt people? Prankster? Professional faith-in-the-human-race destroyers? Either way he’s murdered by one of his fellows. There’s much investigating and Clive, with some help from Liv’s visions, an affair and a murder. There’s not really much to add to that recap – I mean I can but it’s not exactly relevant. I will note, again, that we’re definitely seeing Clive take point and show his full investigative skills far more than relying on Liv’s abilities.

Liv ate the damn fool brains which means we have to endure one of the more annoying Liv’s ever. She also convinces Justin – who she is definitely dating – to join her with the brain (which she explains thatpreviously he and her date have eaten different brains and the personality hasnot always matched up) and have fun with Lawn Darts. I can’t believe there was ever a time when we considered these appropriate toys for children. Or that any of those children survived.

A main storyline here is Blaine’s evil dad and Donny – Donny is getting more and more resentful of Daddy Blaine freezing him out – especially as Daddy Blaine learns about the zombies of Fillmore-Graves which gives him inspiration for a new high earning venture

Which doesn’t go ahead – because Blaine is still alive, despite the bullet wounds. He plots and plans, terrorising Daddy Blaine and Donny – until he craftily sneaks himself into Daddy Blaine’s office, killing his minions and kidnapping his father. We get more insight as to how Daddy Blaine was definitely never going to earn Father of the Year. Blaine is also not going to be bribed by his evil father – refusing to take the bait of all the money he’s going to make

Of course he also breaks my main rule of dealing with an enemy – he fits his dad with some concrete shoes, literally, and drops him in a well. STOP! When you have an enemy at your mercy, I don’t care how much you want them to suffer, just KILL THEM. No more leaving them to suffer and them inevitably escaping!

Blaine then quickly recruits Donny back on side with a simple promise of money as he takes over his evil daddy’s business empire.

What is worth noting here is that Blaine has not only recovered from being shot in the stomach – but he was also shot while taking down his dad’s minions. It looks like Blaine is a zombie again (it’s hard to tell because Blaine’s colouration never changed) – maybe if someone takes the cure then dies they become a zombie? Which of course raises a question about Major.

So let’s catch up with Major & co with Fillmore-Graves. The big video from last week has gone to Youtube, but sensible people (lead by Vivian) rightly point out that everyone is assuming the video is fake. The military guy is very gung ho though and wants to handle “in house”. Whatever that means is not good and Clive is definitely not a fan of it either

But Vivian is the one in charge at the moment and she listens to Carey – a civilian’s – sensible advice. Vivian continues to show how brilliant she is by successfully guessing that Major is not a zombie any more. She quickly takes him off active duty and plans to meet with Ravi to discuss the cure and it’s implications

Unfortunately Vivian is killed in a helicopter explosion – this could be due to Harley and his zombie hating crew but it’s a bit sophisticated for them

The main implication of this is that Vivian’s brother-in-law, Chase Graves, takes over. Chase is much more violent (enforcing his will over the zombies by actually shooting them – which is going to be a problem for Major). And by his rhetoric he’s going to completely sideline the sensible Carey and push a much more aggressive tactic – with violence and revenge featuring largely.

His is going to be A Problem. There’s little chance of Clive being willing to support this and the more aggressive they are the more credibility they’re going to give Harley and his minions.

Speaking of – Liv and Ravi try to infiltrate a zombie haters meeting. And I have to say it’s almost surreal to see Liv with non-zombie colouration. Despite her risk taker brain she does leave before she has to face a blood pressure/pulse test: they’re checking to see if zombies are infiltrating their meeting

That leaves Ravi to investigate alone. It’s nice to see him doing something that doesn’t involve stalking Peyton