Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Top 10 Most Watched Netflix Fantasy Shows

If there's one thing Netflix truly delivers it has to be the freedom to watch the best fantasy and sci fi shows going. Let's face it, everyone needs a little escape from the daily grind now and again, so why not chill out and embrace a fantasy world upon occasion? The problem is choosing which to watch! Some of the top 10 most watched Netflix fantasy shows are long running series, while others are just a single season young. So taking this into account, let's run through the top ten most watched and popular fantasy shows currently hosted on the worlds premier streaming site. In no particular order:

1) Black Mirror

The acclaimed British series delves into the deepest and often darkest aspects of our dependency upon technology. Each individual story (there is no concurrent storyline) presents a fascinating analysis of where we could maybe be heading. Writer Charlie Brooker leaves little to the imagination with certain topics, with key episodes involving the infamous 'The National Anthem' and 'The Waldo Moment'.

2) The Vampire Diaries

Now concluding its eighth season, this complex yet thoroughly entertaining series engages in the various moral aspects of being a vampire. Do you drink the blood of humans, or take the moral high ground and just feast upon squirrels and such forth? In the background, there's a lot going on, with the story stretching over the hundreds of years since the key characters were 'turned'...

3) Star Trek - Next Generation

Time for a little sci-fi after the first two rather sinister options! Who better to place your faith in that Captain Luc Picard - played by Patrick Stewart in an iconic role - as he leads the Starship Enterprise crew through the universe. Sure it may be twenty plus years old but it stands the test of time. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon little dose of escapism and dare we say it - nostalgia.

4) The Walking Dead

Quite possibly the show hosted on Netflix that most divides opinions, the long running zombie saga is nevertheless incredibly popular. Is Rick Grimes a hero or villain? Truth is the show is not really about the zombies all that often, it is more about how humans band together in times of crisis, remorseless in showing the good - and bad - aspects of how it could play out where society to suddenly collapse.

5) Sense8

In the mood for something that really pushes the boundaries of reason? This show involves eight people from across the world suddenly having their minds connected. As would be expected they're a rather diverse bunch, and it is compelling seeing how each person reacts to another's action. At times hilarious, and often rather sinister, this is one that will certainly make you think.

6) Penny Dreadful

It is quite amazing how this show never quite gained the exposure it deserves. Featuring an all-star cast on the finest of form, this semi-speed punk orientated show takes place in late Victorian England where monsters are on the roam. Fancy some Dracula in Dulwich or some Wolfmen in Woolwich? If you haven't seen it - check it out for elite quality production and a thrilling fun ride.

7) Being Human

One of those shows so good that there are both UK & US editions, this show is ultimately all about showing that even monsters can have a heart (not always to eat). The respective trio who play the lead characters try and help each other avoid their mystical temptations, often with a hearty dose of black humor to boot. A perfect series for a casual binge.

8) Lost

It is easy to forget that this classic series lasted for the best part of a decade, and after a while, it demands a rewatch. For those who somehow missed the first screenings, don't read up on what happens in the end! Just get ready for a months worth of viewing, with shocks, horror, suspense and overall classic storytelling.

9) The Magicians

Pretty difficult to sum this one up in a few sentences. Assume a kind of a mix between Harry Potter and angsty yet engaging early twenty-somethings. Throw in a monster. Honestly, it is much better than it sounds, and one of those shows which you can - theoretically - watch over the course of a lazy day. Just try not to get too attached to the lead characters....

10) Travelers

Remember Quantum Leap? This show borrows quite heavily from this premise whereby agents are sent back in time by a mysterious 'Director' to alter the course of history. Expect plenty of interplay between the lead protagonists as they struggle with moral dilemmas - and of course their own personal chemisty. It starts pretty slow but by mid season you'll be hooked.