Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Librarians, Season 4, Episode 4: And the Silver Screen

Flynn and Eve are going on a date - specifically to see a classic movie and relax and have a date with Flynn turing his librarian brain off for five minutes

Side note I really love the dynamic between them where one says something that the other gets kind of touchy about but they don’t make a big thing of it. It’s cute

It’s also nice to see a subject that Eve knows way more than Flynn. She’s clearly a massive buff and able to annoyingly quote the dialogue in the cinema (to the world: don’t ever do this)

And then they’re sucked into the movie, of course they are

After being missing for a while the other Librarians go to check on them and find the cinema owner, Jade, somewhat perturbed that one of her theatres now has Flynn and Eve looking for a way out and being unable to communicate with the outside world. At least Jake has finally realised he can’t sell the “we’re Librarians” line.

They do some theorising back at the Library, bringing in ley lines, musing about the history of the cinema and the director of the film behind it, with lots of knowledge from Jenkins who seems to have been a fan of the director, and come up with the idea that a new Artefact is behind it. Which should surprise no-one

Ezekiel et al think they should just go into the film themselves to find the answers. Jenkins disagrees with doing something so reckless and foolish.

Of course they do it. Poor Jenkins. It’s not old age that makes him grey, it’s generations of Librarian shenanigans.

The b team don’t end up in the same film as Flynn and Eve:  they end up in a terrible musical western and then into an even more terrible sci-fi film.

Meanwhile in the film, Eve and Flynn have come to the same conclusion and decide to play out the film (which Eve knows perfectly) which Eve loves because it’s something she fanpoodles so much. While Flynn is less of a fan as his role requires him to stoically have a bullet ripped out of his arm and then be roughed up by the bad guys. Eve gets away more unscathed (as she points out, this isn’t the Lara Croft era: women did the sleuthing while men did the punching) but is less than pleased with the designated femme fatale dripping all over Flynn

They get to the end of the film, triumphantly finish it… and end up back in the beginning again.

Outside of films, Jenkins investigates the cinema and speaks to Jade, the owner. The writer of all these old movies was actually her father and she has almost a museum of his possessions. Which leads Jenkins to hunt through for the actual artefact while talking all about the director with Jade. The artefact is a type writer and Jenkins uses this to rescue Cassandra, Jake and Ezekiel with some quick writing

He also finds Jade’s father’s scripts - only they have a different name on them. It seems her dad took stories someone else wrote and changed them: so Eve and Flynn can’t finish the story because this isn’t the way it was supposed to end.

When Jenkins manages to communicate with them they protest they’ve been acting as detectives for some time and still not found anything. So Jenkins snarks at them to stop acting as detectives and start acting as Librarians

And Jenkins is right - as always. They start thinking rather than follow the plot, identify the flaws in the plot, actually question people rather than just working on what they say in the film and find the core of the story behind the plot: the femme fatale doesn’t want her ruby necklace back - but her estranged daughter which she’s kept away from by her ex-lover. That resolved everything (aided by the presence of Ezekiel, Cassandra and Jake appearing as cowboy spacemen) and got them out of the film. Success

As a bonus they also find the writer, Jade’s unknown mother who wrote the script after Jade’s dad kept her away from Jade and it’s all sweet and touching and awww and we’re totally not going to talk about how a man ripped off a woman’s talent and then refused her access to her daughter because HAPPILY EVER AFTER