Monday, August 27, 2018

Wynonna Earp, Season 3, Episode 6: If We Make It Through December

This is a Christmas episode

In August.

What nonsense is this?!
Ok, getting past that, highly reluctantly, we have an episode with lots of cute costumes and preparing for christmas and Michelle wanting to have a perfect christmas for her family now she’s out of the mental institution. Which means she wants a nice perfect angel on the Christmas tree, not the Menstrual angel Waverley made as a child out of tampons despite it being a family tradition.

She also doesn’t want Doc’s christmas tree - the house has just been cleansed of demons, she doesn’t want to add mites. Also Doc’s a little afraid of them. Wynonna and Waverley still have misgivings about Michelle and want to watch her while still loving the runion and watching her kill wild turkeys for them. Oh and telling Wynonna to go get laid because she’s dramatically inappropriate

Wynonna also tells Waverley about her dad being an angel where she freaks out while Michelle and Wynonna are gloriously blase about the whole thing. Waverley is big into finding out about her dad, Michelle focuses on how nice Julian was and how much better than the cruel and alcoholic Ward Earp - but I do like that Wynonna’s focus is that Julian actually abandoned Michelle. I like this because it’s probably easy to just say “Julian good” or even Julian is better than Ward but Wynonna is there cynically pointing out that no-one is perfect and being better than someone else doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be a saint.

There’s also some complexity around Bobo - who was apparently around when Waverley was born and even when Michelle insults him and calls him awful she suggests inviting him to Christmas dinner and it doesn’t feel like a complete joke

Doc’s rather bedraggled tree is also rejected by Jeremy whose allergies don’t tolerate nature in his space. We do have a really nice scene with Doc empathising with and comforting Jeremy after he feels he has been ghosted by Robin which is really really good. Also he looks good without his moustache.

Time for the monster of the week - it’s Bulshar and he’s kidnapped a kid during the whole Christmas moment (Nedry as Santa of course) and it’s time for the gang to get out there and find him.

Except Nedry. Nicole goes to him but Nedry is broken. He can’t get over the fact that the child was taken virtually in front of him and he did nothing. And he doesn’t even know the point of bringing him back - back to Purgatory where bad things happen. Nedry is burned out completely

The child has been taken by Bulshar - because Bulshar is rounding up descendents of all the first families and Doing stuff to them involving forcing them to drink green goo.

Wynonna and Doc need to speak to someone who knows Bulshar - that would be Kate. And yes things are awesome. Kate wants Doc to come back to her. Wynonna is really not happy that Doc is at least in Kate’s orbit and maybe sorta in a relationship and she’s clear that she will not be the Other Woman for him. Doc insists he and Kate are not a thing and what he has with Wynonna is more powerful than that invoking the fact they even had a child together. It’s Awkward and Complex and Emotional and I don’t think there are any bad guys in this. But it is a mess. It’s made messier by the introduction of Charlie, hot fireman who helps with the rescue this episode, learns about the supernatural but is definitely, peacemaker-approved human and he and Wynonna flirt. A lot. And he’s there for the big rescue scene - not Doc.

For more complexity, Doc does turn to Kate and while Wynonna is all complicated, Kate is very welcoming and is clear she needs him and wants him… and she wants to turn him into a vampire (he thought she was victimised and turned after he died -but she was always a vampire for as long as Doc knew her - hence the using someone else for her alias for photographs. Yes Doc was rather oblivious). By the end of the episode, I think Doc just agreed to become a vampire… as a former immortal facing mortality I can definitely see the pull of that to him

Kate does confirm that Bulshar told them to leave the first family descendents alone and unharmed - which means they’re probably still alive. And gives Jeremy hope because maybe Robin didn’t ghost him and is just being kidnapped by a murdering demon!

Admitted it’s not a normal kind of hope.

Robin has been captive and to protect the kid he volunteers to have green goop forced down his throat rather than have the kid taken. Bulshar seems to be holding massive grudges against the descendents of the townsfolk who sided with Wyatt against him. Someone needs to get over themselves

Wynonna and Charlie do lead the rescue so everyone can go back to being happy and cutsey - including Nicole and Waverley and Jeremy and Robin (though he has been green goo’d so I suspect this will mean bad things)

And Wynonna and Charlie have no strings attached sex which will definitely end badly. While Doc and Kate have a moment of her biting him… and possibly turning him.

Waverley visits Bobo to ask about her dad and hears how Bobo basically took her as a baby and forced Ward Earp to raise her - but he won’t tell her where Julian is unless he is released

Which Michelle does...

We also have Nedry retiring - which is probably for the best given how much he’s hurting. Nicole led the charge to find the lost child and he accepts he froze and did nothing. It’s time for him to step down.

I liked Jeremy a lot this episode - not so much him per se (Jeremy will always be this show’s comic relief which is a dubious trope) but because he has a romance, he has a storyline and other characters are focused on this. Doc being invested in Jeremy, caring about his relationship and his grief is powerful to see. It makes him far more than the extra round the side of the group to actually have people care about him and what he does and what he’s feeling

I also like Nedry - I’ve always liked what they did with this character, making him more than an obstacle, comicly out of his depth or a minor antagonist. He tires, in impossible situations he tries… and his break down this episode is so very powerfully and emotionally done. And I like that no-one shames him for this nor does anyone downplay this. No-one is there saying “no you shouldn’t retire, you’ll get over this” and no-one is saying he’s weak or a failure.