Saturday, October 27, 2018

Supernatural, Season 14, Episode 3: The Scar

Dean is back, free from possession and ready to rejoin the party. He dives right in, mocking the horrific abomination of his brother’s beard, reeling a little at the crowds that now fill the Winchester Cave - who call Sam Chief.

We have reunions with Cas and Jack - but not Bobby, alas. What we don’t have is Dean talking about his possession. He claims to not remember anything about being possessed and insists he’s fine

Everyone gives him duly dubious looks

But when he goes to shower he finds a weird scar on his arm - they realise something managed to hurt him while possessed by Michael -perhaps enough to drive Michael from his host explaining why Dean was freed at all. This is exciting for everyone because it points to a weakness in the super dangerous Archangel

And they have a lead. Cas does his angel mind reading trick on Dean (hey, remember that one?) and remembers a figure with a spear stabbing Michael/Dean in the arm… a figure that looks exactly like the one who killed Kaia.

They call Jody about the attacker (oh why why why did they not get a spin off? Whyyyy?) they learn she has three bodies with very similar marks to the scars Dean had. Time for them to set off - without Jack because Dean crushes his little spirit by pointing out how weak and fragile he is with classic Dean diplomacy. Jack goes to his room with heart all in tatters…. Awwwww

And Castiel stays behind because one of the Winchester crowd, Jules, brings in Laura, a victim of a witches curse who needs woo-woo. I think this is a convenient way of keeping Castiel off the front like, just like last week because, even if they keep forgetting it, angels are supposed to be portable nukes and break the story

It does mean we get to see Jody again - and why oh why oh why wasn’t Wayward Sisters a thing?! WHYYYYY?! She talks about how hard it is raising three huinters, how she and Claire continue to have a difficult relationship with them finding a level with Jody agreeing to bring her in on monster cases but human cases are off limit. Which makes sense since with humans she has to be involved with things like evidence etc

She’s very concerned about getting Claire involved in this hunt because it’s linked to Kaia’s death and Claire was very upset by this because “first love”...

.. what? Since when? Because Claire and Kaia did not develop anything like that in the Wayward Sisters episode. I can get why she’s upset because Kaia died SAVING Kaia - but don’t retroactively call lesbian/bisexual on a character who is dead and another character who isn’t even here.

All of this makes me think that I really really really wanted Wayward Sisters to happen with these excellent characters who could actually have built all this without deciding to cry lesbian on a corpse.

Dean is having one of his predictable emotional issues - driving too fast, refusing to talk, desperately trying to find some way to kill Michael while refusing to talk about his obvious terror of what being possessed felt like and how helpless he was.

See, after fourteen episodes we kind of know all this because Dean has patterns. We don’t really need Sam to constantly push Dean to talk or for us to have numerous scenes which are basically trying to vocalise what is already apparent. We don’t need this - we don’t need to vocalise what Jensen Ackles is doing extremely good job of depicting all of these emotions. He’s showing, he’s doing a great job of showing. We don’t need to say.

Investigating they find several heads mounted on pikes - but also that those heads are vampires. Jody is confused because she tested the dead bodies (the headless dead bodies) and they didn’t show vampire signs - it’s more of Michael’s enhanced monster army. The monsters have been killed by - Dark Kaia! The Kaia who killed our Kaia! A plot line that would have been fascinating and fun in Wayward sisters. They briefly tussle with her before she runs off

The gang quickly realises that Dark Kaia’s spear can totally kill Archangels - so they need that spear. Using Dean’s tracking abilities (which I’m torn over - because I recognise this as both a skillset Dean probably would have given the number of forests they’ve tracked monsters through while at the same time they’ve not actually done it before) to find Dark Kaia - and Dean, much to everyone’s shock, punches her out.

She wakes tied to a chair but she’s hidden her spear - and Dean, again much to everyone’s shock, is willing to torture her to get his answers. There is a nice moment with Dark Kaia pointing out that this isn’t entirely alien to Dean - he did threat Kaia with a gun to make her comply when they first met. Dean is not above using threat and violence to get his ways: which makes him not entirely Un-Michaelness. But this insight is also ruined by her completely needing to vocalise how Dean is being a dick because he’s scared of Michael. I mean… yeah, we know? Everyone knows? We don’t need you to say

Dark Kaia remembers what Kaia did because they’re connected - they’re both dream walkers and have been exchanging dream connections forever. So clearly if Wayward Sisters happened she’d have stepped into Kaia’s shoes with added angst: and she didn’t intend to kill Kaia. She was trying to kill Claire.

So more enhanced vampires attack and despite Sam, Bobby and Mary (hey, Bobby, Mary where are you?) fighting a gazillion demons in a fist fight last episode, this episode 3 vampires are just too much for Sam, Dean and Jody - and Dark Kaia rescues them with nifty spear skills. Before making it clear she still doesn’t like any of them and just wanted to kill the monsters. They warn her if she leaves with the spear the evil monsters are still going  to keep chasing her which she just shrugs off

She was kind of angsty about it earlier, how she could never stop and had to keep running and fighting but now she’s all “meh”. Honestly I think “meh” works better since she came from the dark dimension of awfulness and probably is used to being chased and attacked

This wraps up this storyline for now while everyone recaps: Jody her awkwardness of trying to raise three hunts and Sam and Dean have a heart to heart where Dean vocalises his issues AGAIN. It’s not badly done per se, it’s just redundant and I kind of have issues with writers who treat their audience as having the same level of deductive reasoning and emotional maturity of a slightly dim jellyfish

Back at the Winchester Cave Jack is all up in his feelings about Dean not want his liability self being dragged into a fight and he wants to run away leaving a note

But Castiel and Jules are magically trying to heal Laura and he sees this and gets kind of hooked on Laura- there’s a crush there. He stays to help and is utterly emotionally devastated when they fail and she dies. But Jack has a sudden flash of insight and realises her life is being drained and a little more shenanigans and Laura is saved and can go home

I don’t know - this is a good “hey you’re still a good hunter without super powers” Jack moment. But I also think it would have been a good “you can’t save everyone” moment. And have actual dead innocents have some kind of impact again rather than the Winchesters just happily moving along with legions of dead innocents behind them who aren’t even noticed unless a Winchester trips over a corpse.

This does leave to a wonderful moment of Cas supporting and being all paternal to Jack and Jack saying he has multiple fathers and it’s generally nice

But Jack is also coughing up blood… I’m guessing being graceless isn’t great for a nephilim.