Friday, November 30, 2018

Van Helsing: Season 3, Episode 8: Crooked Steps

After a whole lot of side plotting last week, we return to the sisters, Vanessa the Honey Badger (who is surprisingly non-badgery this week) and Scarlett.

They’re studying the book that their mother left them that apparently contains all the scary secrets about the first. Only they can’t figure out what these secrets are (though, amusingly, Vanessa tries to stab secrets out of the book). They do talk about what their mother wanted or even why they had the elder blood in a vial - Scarlett even gave some of it to Doc because she just has no other idea

A random vampire attack spatters blood on the book and it reveals a map!

Sister road trip! They steal a boat which gets Vanessa shot with a shotgun which is briefly inconvenient but yeah they’re this immortal. They arrive on an island, abandoned now the last survivor on the island has committed suicide, and find it eerily well preserved, untouched since the rising.

They find a projector and do some random puzzle-game steps to change the map enough for them to find their X - a cross that needs opening with magical Van Helsing hands just like the first elder’s home. And inside they find another elder.

Jacob Van Helsing

Abraham Van Helsing’s brother, vampire hunter, vampire and elder. Which raises so many questions! What a shame that he speaks nothing but cryptic nonsense

Also this actor plays Bobo Del Ray on Wynonna Earp, who knew you could be typecast as an insane rambling vampire? How is there even this many roles for this to become a thing for an actor?

His babbling is frustrating to parse, he explains he was turned chasing an elder with his brother Abraham (and he and that elder fell through a portal into a labyrinth which could be just about… ANYTHING?!). And he became an elder because he was chosen to be one. So elders can pass on their rank? Or they can lose it? Do they just pass on the totem? SO MANY QUESTIONS HERE!? How come no-one asked about the whole elder transfer process?!

He also babbles a lot about how he expected siblings - and only one can survive. He basically hints at a prophecy/fate/destiny that means only one of them will survive. Which also hints at maybe one sister killing the others

What’s also interesting is he can drink Vanessa’s anti-vampire blood - something he (and somewhat leerily, she) seems to find seductive and he comments on Vanessa feeding on herself to boost her own powers with blood. Because he did the same thing

Yes we have a huge revelation here - because previously it had been implied that Vanessa and Scarlett had their super powers because they were experimented on as children. But apparently it’s a Van Helsing thing, at least a little.

Oh and Scarlett has his totem already - it’s the necklace of elder blood.

Vanessa is surprisingly patient with him and even lets him out so he can help them and being shockingly calm about his crypticness. Who knew the Honey badger could be this calm? Of course she does say they’re going to kill him and they’ll just kindly make it quick.

He does beg for them to change him back to human - but Vanessa refuses because every time they do that they change a bit more - presumably this is why Vanessa is becoming more and more badgerlike. And despite Scarlett having done it so much less, she refuses to let Scarlett try… which seems… bizarre? Why? One more bite for a relative? Who wants it?

Apparently not

Eventually he escapes and makes an attempt to convert Scarlett - who refuses and he knocks out, newly empowered on Vanessa’s blood. But not before he tells her that, he lied, this wasn’t forced on him, he chose it because he needed to become this powerful to do what must be done

Which brings us to Vanessa: the sisters confront Jacob and he bites her… and it’s really disturbingly sexual. Really really sexual. And Scarlett is disturbed

And then Vanessa bites him. And then rips out his neck. Scarlett is more disturbed. Then Vanessa keeps ripping out gobbets of flesh with her bare hands and teeth and Scarlett has a quiet utter freak out as Vanessa is utterly covered in blood and surrounded by gobbets of flesh. She ripped and elder apart with her bare hands and teeth

Scarlett is really not happy and I can’t help but agree with her. Scarlett remembers all the times Vanessa talked about her growing monstrousness and she begged Scarlett to stop her before she turns into a vampire or something worse.

Which is when Vanessa escapes, abandoning Scarlett on the island and taking the totems with her. She explains she’s doing this protect Scarlett because she loves her sister and believes Jacob’s prophecy

Scarlett is not pleased

And Vanessa finds the man who shot her and kills him. Yes she’s definitely gone over the edge. We’re way beyond honey badger now.