Thursday, February 28, 2019

Legacies: Season 1, Episode 11: We're Gonna Need a Spotlight

The school gang has decided to lay a trap for the next monster which is triggered - Alaric, Dorian and Hope respond. Yes Hope because, again, Alaric is a terrible head teacher

Inside the trap is a unicorn. Which Dorian thinks they should kill on general principles but Hope is completely against murdering the pretty horse (with the stabby addition we won’t talk about). They decide that by imprisoning it they are safe because while it’s the Malivore Monster they won’t have to deal with any more since they come one at a time

Which is a decent idea except for the creepy worm that emerges from the shiny horse

So the school is now having a talent competition. This seems to be Legacies attempt at a musical episode because all the cool shows are having them. Anyway Alaric hates the talent show and tries to use the excuse of the unicorn to cancel it - but the Honour Council overrules him. Since the monster is a magic pony he and Emma decide to bunk off school and go drinking

While Hope, who nows has a horrible worm in her brain, starts acting all happy and joyful and all lovey dovey with Landon… and how did no-one suspect mind control or possession? She’s a Mikkaelson. They don’t have happy happy joy joy - they have tantrums and brood and practice staring moodily into the middle distance.

Still everyone’s super happy with Hope being all happy and huggy, especially Landon. But not Rafael because he’s extra uncomfortable with Hope being all close and boundariless around him and being so very very extra with Landon.

Josie and Lizzie are back and Josie continues to avoid Penny while Lizzie has a novel way of trying not to be the meanest of mean girls - she has a little magically zappy bracelet that zaps her whenever she is mean so she can moderate her tone. Which she needs to because she’s super super intense about a very dull routine for the witches to win the talent contest and Josie, all head-wormed, is totally not into it, very low key and not willing to stand in the back as usual. She’s also softening towards Penny

The worm in Kaleb’s head makes him lead the vampires in a rather cool song and dance number. It’s kind of irrelevant to everything but, hey, they have it and it’s nifty.

While Hope and Landon have their own talent - cake decorating. Which is going to be super weird on stage but doesn’t get that far as Hope develops glowy green eyes and suddenly think the bestest thing in the world would be to take the Malivore urn. Landon is suspicious - and a burned cake causes and electrical shock (somehow?) well this turns out to be just what you need to de-worm yourself and Hope returns to a rather embarrassed normal. They realise they have a new monster and seek out Dorian - who is guarding the unicorn and has already killed the worm heading for him. To add to the stakes they see the unicorn die - the worm in the brain eventually kills people as well.

They do some research and Dorian is surprised that no legend talks about monsters like this - but Landon points out that mind controlling things inside people is pretty much a staple of sci-fi and maybe it’s a mistake to discount that, sci-fi has to be inspired by something. Which is another way of saying “make this character relevant!”. Anyway they decide the worm first lowers your inhibitions before convincing you to grab the malivore urn and then it kills you

By now most of the students are possessed including Raphael who decides to recite a spoken word poem about how torn and jealous he is of Landon which is totally not awkward. But thankfully everyone gets violent and urn happy so they can be locked up while everyone searches for a solution.

Oh and Lizzie isn’t infected because of her zappy bracelet.

They call Alaric and Emma who are having an awesome time with lots and lots of booze, drinking games, karaoke (and she is awesome) and they get really close and happy and he asks her out but she’s dating someone (Dorian as it turns out. And we’ve reached peak YA romance when even the teachers have to have love triangles) . The karaoke is still awesome

And then they hear about the inhibition worms and realise this is probably why they’re drunk and singing in bars and plan to shock themselves. But not before kissing while they have the excuse. One shock later (and do we have to talk about how casual everyone here is about playing with mains electricity?) and the worm is expelled from Emma… but not Alaric. This was alllllll him. Oops. More awkward. So much awkward.

But they return to the school and do some convoluted magical shocking to cure almost everyone before Lizzie uses her bracelet on Josie - but not before asking what kind of sister she is. Josie says the worst… and Lizzie doesn’t blow up.

With everyone cured it’s aftermath time. There’s a new talent contest - only this time Lizzie upholds Josie as centre of attention

Lizzie and Josie has a talk with Alaric in which Lizzie resolves to go back to her meangirl ways but Josie worries that who she was with the worm in her head was the real her - and the real her wasn’t very nice. But Alaric counters that a person is defined as much by what they won’t do as what they will… which is very true and an excellent line

Rafael denies any kind of issues with Landon while still giving googly sad eyes

Alaric gives googly sad eyes to Emma

And Landon sings for Hope and, alas, here is the cast member who really can’t sing being forced to.

And Alaric drinks a glass of whiskey - with a worm in it. Yes he gets infected… and he runs off with the urn, throwing it in the river.

So I guess that’s 2 keys down?