About Us/Review Policy

Fangs for the Fantasy is run by Renee from Womanist Musings, and Sparky ( from the UK) who love all things Urban Fantasy.

While we do love Urban Fantasy, we're also social justice bloggers and we try to be aware – and look at the genre from a social justice lens. Whether we love a series or hate it, we look at it through this lens – and critique it in part based on its treatment of marginalised people and issues affecting them. It doesn't mean we don't love the genre – but even the books and programmes we adore have problematic elements and we refuse to ignore that even while we enjoy them..

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It seems we've missed a whole lot of review requests lately because of an over-zealous spam-block: apologies, please feel free to re-submit

What Genre do you Read?

Our primary genre is always Urban Fantasy but, of course, that will include overlap with Young Adult and Paranormal Romance when they have strong urban fantasy elements. Due to the huge backlog we have, we are unable to read outside this genre.

Want to link to our posts?

If you want to link to any of our posts by all means do so.

Copying or reblogging our posts?

Do not copy or reblog our posts or reviews. By all means post an excerpt and link back to us, please do, but do not copy vast chunks of our work - no more than 40% followed by a forwarding link for a prequel.

Have a book suggestion?

If you have a book you think we'd enjoy or simply would like our opinion on then please send us an email. We can't promise to read it or read it soon since our reading list is extremely long, but we'll try. Partly due to that, we're primarily looking at books in the Urban Fantasy genre and are unlikely to have time to read or review books outside the genre (though we may still like to know of good ones :))

Want us to Review your book?

If you are an author and would like us to review your work, please email us on fangsforthefantasy@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Again, we are currently only really looking to review Urban Fantasy on Fangs for the Fantasy – so if it is more Tolkein-esque High Fantasy or Sci-Fi then we're unlikely to review it on the site.

We do not review sequels without reading the rest of the series. If you want us to read book 3 in your series, then we need to have read or you need to have sent books 1 and 2 as well.

We do not guarantee a positive review. We have to be extremely clear here – if you submit a book to review we will be honest – and if we don't like it, we may snark. And even if we love your work, if there are problematic elements we will call it out – even our 5 Fang reviews (which we loooove) contain criticism. We will also consider social justice issues - this is the purpose of this space after all. We do promise a detailed thought out review.

We also have a reading backlog so we cannot promise an instant review. We prefer ebooks to physical books and generally prefer Epub format. We can work with mobi but we hate PDF.

We only accept review requests that are emailed to us as detailed here. Please do not contact us for a review through comments, facebook, goodreads etc.

Self-Published books, small presses, independent presses and e-presses

We will read and review any book in the genre regardless of how it is produced. We have no problem with any form of publishing. Yes, there is a lot of bad self-published drivel out there – and there's a lot of bad commercially published drivel out there as well. We do not review unpublished work.

Also check this link here on common annoyances we get from people asking for reviews

Blog Tours

We no longer participate in any blog tours.

Disclaimer: We do receive books from authors/publishers/agents including ARCs in exchange for honest reviews. We do not accept payment or any other incentives for reviews and giving us a book to review will not guarantee favourable treatment - as our ratings can attest.

Any other questions?

Then contact us by any of the means above or send us an email: fangsforthefantasy@gmail.com