Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nalini Singh - Big Strong Mens and Romantic Death Threats

Who are dangerous, which is another trope that is being done to death.

Not only do we have fragile woman after fragile woman being healed by the Big Strong Mens and their Magical Healing Sexing. and if the men have hard pasts it’s always Soticly Handled like the Big Strong Mens while the Delicate Female Flowers get to collapse and cry and whimper and be SAVED by the Big Strong Mens who hold them with Crushing Strength!

Not only that, but all the men are DAAAAAANGEROUS. Sascha gets her werepanther who frequently threatens her with death. Faith gets Vaughn, her were-Jaguar who stalks her and hunts her and, again, threatens her. Brenna, a were-wolf is teamed up with Judd a Psy who can accidently rip her limb from limb with a stray thought, Tailen, the delicate human is teamed with Clay who causes her to be frightened about 3/4s of the entire book. Ashaya gets Dorian who starts off hating her, threatening her and she even thinks of as “the sniper”. Katya gets Devraj who is her prison guard and *yawn* yet again threatens her with death.

Honestly, is this a new avenue of het-romance I’ve missed? It’s not love without death-threats?
The one book out of 7 where the woman’s life isn’t threatened by her lover is with Mercy and Riley - and even then Mercy, the Sentinel were-leopard, the elite soldier - has to find a man who can take her down and has to look outside her leopard pack because she needs someone more dominant than her.

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