Monday, April 4, 2011

Nalini Singh - fragile women and supportive men

Continuing on from previous side-eyes about the first 2 books with the aggressive men and the fragile women.

First 2 books we have the emotionally nul Psy woman being “aggressively seduced” by changeling men to save them from themselves. Poor, fragile Psy women. No we could have just handwaved this by saying “well, the Psy are messed up, they are damaged, they do need saving from themselves” which is justified by the plot (which, by the way, rocks and is awesome). But in the third book we have an emotionless, repressed Psy man and a changeling woman. A reversal? Is the woman going to be strong and dominant and help him for his own good? No – because she’s the victim from a previous book and is fragile and hurting and needs his support and healing. And in the 4th book we have changeling man and human woman…. who is fragile and delicate and hurting and damaged and needs healing and protecting and support.

I love these books to death, but 4/4 now we have desperately fragile/broken/hurting woman being fixed by the mensssss (who, also, often have tragic pasts or breakages, but are still in the active fixing role) is a little bit of a tiresome repetitive trope.

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