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Teen Wolf Episode 12

It's the season finale of Teen Wolf! We have to say this series was far better than we anticipated. We expected lots of teen angst, lots of pointless moping and the other staples of the genre – and yes there's been some – but much less than we thought. The characters have been fun, Stiles as been awesome, the bare chests have been yummy – all in all a good find. Definitely way exceeded our expectations (even if those expectations were low)

Renee: One of the few times I understand the female character fainting

Sparky: It's almost unique - a realistic and justified faint!

I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of drama and angst this episode.

Renee: Yeah but so far it makes perfect sense

Sparky: ewww a period joke. Nice to see we're mature about life and death.

Sparky: Wow, at last Argent has discovered his sister is not to be trusted. About damn time.

Renee: Throwing his sister out of the house no less

Sparky: My gods, for the first time ever I agree with him. I actually want to cheer

Renee: Where are they taking her? They said Allison needs warm coats

Sparky: Stay quiet, shut up and conform - yeah good lessons there Allison. Let's have this woman shot as well please.

Oh Allison and whats-her-name are going to go on the warpath. You know they are, no way they're going to run

Renee: The alpha dumped the nurse in the truck oh his car and announced that he got better as a way to justify killing her

Sparky: Ugh, can we have some people who aren't evil? Or can we just kill the whole lot of them

I'm in favour of mass death.

And less teen angst. Less teen angst would eb good too

Renee:: it's justified teen angst. It would be different if it were angst for the stake of angst

Sparky:: Truuue, but I still have low angst tolerance.

Blood hell, could they possibly pack in more product placement?

Oooh spooky alpha werewolf voice. Nice to see some money being spent on the scary effects

Renee:: Where is Scott going. I love the spooky

Sparky:: LOL, "his user name is allison, his password is also Allison" "still want him in your pack?" yeah, too stupid to be a werewolf :)

I don't know but the spooky and the sound track is actually kind of awesome

They're doing some great job of tension and drama building here.

Renee:: Yes and the background scenery is awesome. I hope Alan Ball is taking notes

Sparky:: Spend some money HBO!

Allison's in the hospital seeing Lydia? Wasn't she supposed to be on the run?

Renee: That's what I though. How did she get to the hospital

Sparky: oh her aunt's indoctrinating her to loathe all werewolves. Tell me Allison isn't going to fall for that?

Renee:: Also she neglected to tell Allison what they have done to werewolf families

Sparky:: yup.

Alpha: I'm not the bad guy here. Well, y'know if it weren't for the random dead nurse and mauled Lydia, I'd ALMOST agree with him. Almost

Renee:: He is offering to make Stiles a werewolf

Sparky: Stiles would be an awesome werewolf :)

Yes yes yes!


Ah well, he'd be a lesser side-kick if he were a wolf too

Renee:: I suppose he would but I think he would have had so much more fun with it than Scott

He bit Lydia...dear lord the last person who should be a were is her

Sparky: I'd actually kind of like to see Lydia as a werewolf. I think she'd be great at ripping off Aunty Argent's head

Ooooh torturer going to get eaten. There's one off my list

Renee: Yeah and Scott is looking bad ass

Sparky: people have snapped. Let's get some killing please!

Y'know I doubt Aunty is going to live through this episode - or she'll probably end up on the run

KATE! That's her name!

Renee:: I want to see her eaten

Sparky: "stupid little teenaged crush that means nothing" OH MY GODS AT LAST! AT LASSSST! SOMEONE SAID IT!

Renee: How very true

Sparky:: I'd like to see him eaten as well - in fact all the Argents can be killed and eaten

Oooh chest (almost forgot)

Renee:: Looks like Peter is not that innocent after all

Sparky: No surprises there.

Stiles is about to lay some serious truth down on the Argents

Renee: OOOOh, Stiles is telling on Kate. Good for him for finally standing up to the Argents. I am sick of him bullying people.

Sparky:: Allison and Aunty are hunting. That's it - Allison can be eaten as well

Anyone that indoctrinated to hate so simply can be doggy chow for me.

Renee:: Here is worried about saving Allison and Allison is the one stupidly shooting them.

Sparky: Yep - wouldn't waste the effort saving her. The whole Argent family can be killed

Allison is shocked that Kate intends to kill them? Ye gods could Allison be more ridiculously stupid?

Oh and brother has finally clued in to her sister's behaviour?

Renee:: screw the warning shot, just shoot her

Sparky: Wow is the whole Argent family drinking funny water? The whole lot need putting down or at least locking in a cell

Oooooh big tense show down!¬ ZOMG TRUE BLOOD TAKE NOTES!

Renee:: I know and Scott should not fight to save Allison after she shot at him

Sparky:: So should not, if I were Scott I'd move to a nice safe distance, get myself some pompoms and start cheering. Give me an A, give me an L, give me a P, give me a H, give me an A!

Y'know when he tells his story like that, I kinda want to be on Peter's side. Shame about the random deaths

Renee:: Now Allison is cluing in

Sparky:: YES! She's dead! Kate is dead! Completely agree with it! Allison get a grip she was the greatest monster on this show.

Renee:: I know and then dumb ass just stands there after her aunt gets killed

Sparky:: And she has to be saved... ugh. Scott WHY? kill the Alpha AFTER he's killed the Argents

Still I do like me a good fight scene! And this is a good fight scene :)

Renee:: Wow the effects are freaking awesome

Sparky: Someone send this to Alana Ball NOW. SPEND SOME MONEEEEEY!

This is what we demand to see

Wow Stiles delivers quality smackdown to Jackson whining about his car "did you pay for it?" Niice

Renee:: I know I love that.

Sparky: Oh gods, please Allison tell me you're not going to spend all this fight whimpering in a corner

Renee:: With is Allison still doing there?

Sparky: Throw a rock, find your bow, shout obscenities, run away, DO SOMETHING?!

YES! She's not a complete waste of skin!

Hmmm, he's totally not dead. No, really, totally not dead. We know he's not dead. Future episode, he is SO coming back.

Great effects though

Renee:: Now time for angst and mushy music

Sparky:: awww, it's the epic post battle scene, I guess they're allowed

I take it back, it's been quite angst free

Renee:: oh oh daddy is waking up

Sparky:: Scott loves being a were really, you know it

They actually have a decent pack now - Lydia, Scott, Derek.

Lol, Stiles fails at stealth so much.

Renee: He's like a bull in a china shop

Sparky:: She's not a werewolf? I wonder where that's going. Maybe because the Alpha who made her died before she turned?

Renee:: oh what did Lydia turn into

Sparky: Jackson's STILL looking to be turned?

Renee: what an jackass

Sparky:: darwin award. Eat him

He's been drinking the Argent water supply

Ooooh red eyes and wild smile suits him

Renee: Yes it does and of course that is when Jackson starts to shiver

Who is this mean red headed chick

Sparky: I have a horrible feeling, they're swapping Kate, the violent dangerous, unstable woman for this new woman.

I sense a trope forming.

Renee: Yes, I think so as well

Sparky:: Allison, beware, all your female relatives are violent, murdering monsters.

Aww it's over

Ok, that finale? Kinda rocked. yeah I'm going to go with rocked.

Renee:: that was a great season finale

Sparky: several kinds of awesome. I will so be checking out the next season.

Renee: You will have to wait until next summer

Sparky:: what? damn sooo unfair :(

I'm being deprived! It's cruel!

Renee: Did you ever think that you would say anything like this about a show with the word teen in the title?

Sparky: Especially considering the tripe it was based on? I thought we were dooming ourselves to sit through another Vampire Diaries, with Elena's derath wish, Stefan's gloom and Damon's 3 facial expressions

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