Monday, August 15, 2011

True Blood: Spellbound

I really looked forward to this week's episode but in the end, I found it quite disappointing.  Jessica got quite a bit of screen time this week.  The episode began with Jason bursting through the door to save Jessica from the sun.  I suppose this makes them even, because now they have both saved each other.  Jason cradles her and takes her back downstairs. While she is sleeping she dreams of breaking up with Hoyt.  The Hoyt of her dreams is pathetic and begs her to stay, but she bashes his head in, and then goes outside where Jason is waiting for her in a truck.   When she finally does tell Hoyt, he tells her that she is not good enough for him and that he wants a woman that isn't an eternal virgin and can give him children. He then revokes her invitation when she tries to reason with him.  Though what he said was absolutely cruel, he certainly has come a long way from the Hoyt who couldn't take a breath without his mother's approval.

Believing that she is free, Jessica then approaches Jason.  To his credit, he tells her that Hoyt is his best friend and that nothing will happen between them.  He then revokes Jessica's invitation and she goes flying out the door.  I have to admit that I really do feel sorry for Jessica.  She went from a controlling home with her parents to becoming a vampire.  She never really had a chance to get a firm knowledge of who she is and what she wants. It's so easy to over look the age difference between Jessica and Hoyt but he is asking things of her that she would have a hard time being ready for even if she wasn't a vampire.

In our musty moment of the episode, Sookie offers Eric her blood.  I never thought the day would come when seeing Eric on the screen irritated me.  It was particularly rough because Skarsgaard provided a lot of eye candy this episode however, the drug trip that they both took due to consuming each others blood really did not do anything for me.  Listening to Eric once again declare how much he cares for Sookie and his desire to run away with her, really turned me off.  It was almost a relief when Sookie told him that he is a warrior and would never forgive himself if he ran.

Alcide and Debbie participate in a pack gathering, where the alpha tells everyone that they need to stay out of the budding war between vamps and witches.  Debbie makes Alcide promise to stay away from Sookie but no sooner do the words pass his lips than he is off to make sure that Sookie is safe.  I have to say that I know that Debbie is not treat.  She is possessive, violent and quick to anger but I don't understand what is so special about Sookie that all the men in the area drop anything and everything to come to her rescue. 

Things come to a head between vamps and witches when Bill arranges a meet between himself and Antonia.  He promises that no harm will come to her, if she agrees to end the spells she has cast on Eric and Pam.  I have to say that it is ridiculous to have human guards target her and then not shoot.  This was clearly a mistake on the part of the writers, because any true leader would have simply signaled for the humans to shoot bringing an end to the standoff altogether. I get that they need to drag this storyline out for an an entire season, but they should not put the characters into a position where the conflict could be summarily ended.  When Pam attacks Tara, Bill commands her to stop and tells her that she is never to hurt Tara.  

Once again, most unfortunately, the doll and the haunted baby show up again.  According to some of the chat rooms the ghost is Lafayette's great grandmother but I am not yet sure about that.  What do you think of that supposition?  At any rate she invades Lafayette's body and steals the baby.  I know that we got a flashback of her crying when the father of her child killed her baby and refused to allow her to bury it to hide the fact that the child existed but for me this was yet another one of those situations where I found myself saying who cares.  This story line needs to go.  

Speaking of story lines that need to go, Tommy shape shifted into Mrs. Hoytenbury and signs away her land for 5700 dollars.  He is absolutely desperate, now that Sam has washed his hands of him for raping Luna.  I find it impossible to drum up any kind of sympathy for this character, now that he is a rapist.

The episode ends with Eric on his knees in front of Antonia, and Alcide carrying Sookie off, with Debbie giving them the death glare.  I think that Eric as a weapon might be very interesting to see.  Watching him rip out the heart of the witch earlier in the episode, reminded me of the vampire he used to be and I could use a lot more of that. 

For me, this episode wasn't bad, but it also wasn't great.  What did you think of it?

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