Saturday, December 31, 2011

Being Human U.K. Season Two Episode Three: Long Live the King

This episode begins with a flashback to Bristol 1665.  In an underground tunnel some religious men travel with torches until the run into what looks like a group of people living underground.  A man opens a scroll and says, "Demons, blood suckers, incubi, spreaders of the great great pestilence, you have been tried in front of God and this country and found guilty of witchcraft, heresy, satanic ritual, collusion with Beelzebub and of bringing disease and pestilence to the land. You are to be destroyed so that our kingdom might be cleansed of your devilry and the plague will be washed from or soil and taken from the air. Is there an order?  Should we start with the infants?  Your teeth will be smashed from your skull, and your head will be removed from your body."

In present day a woman is jogging in the park, and she stops when she comes across a shoe.  On the grass their are signs that someone has been dragged in their own blood and she follows the trail until she sees a young man and a young woman lying in the mud covered in blood.  At the hospital Lucy and the orderlies are rushing one of the victims down the hall, as Mitchell is mopping the floor. The police later announce that there has been a brutal attack on a young couple leaving one of them dead.

Mitchell walks into the room to the hospital room to see that the young man is unconscious and hooked up to a ventilator.  He imagines unhooking him when Lucy walks in and asks what he is doing.  He covers by claiming to be praying.  Lucy says, I suppose the bad conditions in the hospital has lead you to believe in a monethestic deity.  She tells him that the victim was a student and that this is murder inquiry because no one asks to have this done to them.  She gets paged and says that she has to go because an anal abscess burst in geriatrics.  Before she leaves, Lucy asks what happened to her drink and Mitchell tells her that he is busy tonight.

Back at the house, Annie brings George a cup of tea and opens the blinds. When he takes a sip he spits it back into the cup and asks what the hell is this. She tells him that there is no coffee, tea or milk in the house but that there is a shower. When George asks why no one has gone shopping Annie responds, "I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been struggling with the whole ghost thing the last couple of days.  Strangely, being invisible, makes purchasing pyramid tea bags a touch awkward."  When George asks where Mitchell is, because apparently, it's his turn Annie answers, "He hasn't so much as purchased a pint of milk in weeks. I can't remember the last time he washed up and as for cleaning the bathroom George, I don't think he's ever cleaned the bathroom."  George tells her that he will handle it and Annie asks him if he wants to talk about Nina dumping him.  George says that all he needs is tea.  Annie tells him that he is depressed and that he needs to let out his emotions but George tells her that she has no idea what she is talking about.  

They hear a knock on the door and when Annie looks out the window he sees Hugh.  George goes downstairs and tells Hugh that Annie is gone and that she left a note saying that she is never coming back.  He tells Hugh that Annie said that it was not his fault.  Hugh says that this is exactly what happened with his ex girlfriend Kirsty.  Hugh asks, "what's happening with me George?  Why does every woman I love run a mile when I get just a little bit serious?"  

Mitchell is underground at what looks like a tube station and sees Cara the woman that used to work at the hospital cafeteria.  He asks what happened and where everyone is, and she responds that she is an orphan now that his pet, meaning George killed Herrick.  Mitchell tells her that the two people were attacked by the waterside and that the killing has to stop because they cannot cover it up right now because there is no process anymore.  When Cara says, "so," Mitchel responds, "so they'll find out about us. They'll come after us."  When Cara says that she thinks that she would like that, Mitchell tells her to round everyone up at the old church.

Back at the house, George is sitting on the toilet when Annie barges in saying that she has been thinking about what happened to Hugh and has decided to get him back together with Kirsty. When George tells her that she cannot go interfering in peoples lives like that, Annie tells him that this is a regime change and that he is essential to her plan because he is another broken, rejected man. She tells him that he is the only one that can understand what he is going through.  When George tells her that he is glad that his misery can be useful, Annie tells him that they are going to come from her, the men from the other side and that she has to be of some use and make the most of everyday that she has left.  She tells him that after everything that happened with Saul that she feels cursed, or tainted somehow and George answers that he knows how she feels and so Annie proposes that he needs this too.

Mitchell meets Chief Constable William outside who greets him saying, "I see you're the new Herrick."  Mitchell says that he is not the new Herrick and that he is not even standing in.  He claims only to be a representative. Mitchell goes on to say that they have a situation and that he hopes that they can come to a similar agreement like the kind he had with Herrick.  William responds, "I need to know that the people I'm deal with are reliable. Herrick was a despotic ginger ass but he had backbone and I don't see that in you."  When Mitchell asks what he intends to do, William tells him that maybe it's time to start rounding up all of the vampires.  Mitchell counters by reminding him that he is implicated already.  Not one to be easily defeated William responds, "I'm chief constable.  I'm on a first name terms with shitting home secretary and you're a bloody monster. Who the fuck is going to listen to you? No, if you want this deal work, you're going to have to come up with a lot more than you're implicated.  You boys have access to money don't you?"  Mitchell responds that they made some good investments in the 1800's and William tells him that not only is he going to need it, without coroner Quinn, that this is all academic and he walks away leaving Mitchell alone.

Later that evening Mitchell walks into the meeting he has Cara set up.  He says, "Okay guys, two bodies came into the hospital."  The vampires are not interested in listening to him and they start yelling and cheering.  He says, "Things have got to stop.  The killing has got to stop. The old system that allowed you to kill has changed and you have to accept that." Cara immediately pipes up asking what they are supposed to do and Mitchell responds, "go clean, renounce blood."  This only leads to loud laughter and jeers, Mitchell screams, "do you people have any fucking idea who I am? My name is John Mitchell and I've killed more people than you've met. If I can do it so can you."  Cara yells back, "If we don't, are you going to force us into rehab?"  "Quiet", Mitchell yells back. "The only reason we have lasted this long is because we have hid, we've covered our tracks but carry on killing and we will all be discovered.  Do you know what that means? Mass persecution and execution towers in Trafalgar square.  Daisy pipes up to tell Mitchell that he is not going to get restraint from the likes of Cara and that this is the vampire nature.  She points out that for most of them, becoming a vampire was not choice and that this life is something that was forced on them.  When Mitchell again counters that he did it, Daisy reminds him that he had a few rough starts and that when he messed up, someone would come in and hose down the walls, straighten the paintings, and wash the blood off the walls.  "The betrayal of your race was aided and abetted by your brothers and sisters", Daisy says.  Did you ever think about that? You stand here today, telling us about your big achievement, like you did it all on your own. Besides the only reason we are having this conversation is because of you and your vendetta with Herrick, once again a circumstance forced on us.  Honey, you spend all day clearing up other people's  messes, maybe now you should clean up your own."  Mitchell says that there are people that he needs to talk to but in the meantime no one should feed and that if anyone steps out of line that he will kill them himself and he stalks out of the room.

Mitchell walks into the house and George and Annie are waiting for him.  George tells him that they are having a house meeting and that he is not pulling his weight around the house.  When Mitchell asks what that means, George responds, "you never buy any food, you don't hoover and I don't even think you know what a pair of marigolds are". Annie says that I think that we have all just lost sight of each other again.  George asks if Mitchell is okay and he says not quite and Mitchell suggests that they should go outside and get hammered.  Mitchell asks if he wants to watch television and then gets upset when the show that he wants to watch is not on.  George starts to cry, and Mitchell puts on rubber gloves and saying that he is doing the washroom.

In the mall, Cara is watching some young girls play.  She meets them outside and feeds on one of them until she is dead.  

George and Annie are sitting in Hughes pub where she is rambling on about how she remembers the bar and misses it so much.  George points out that it has only been a week, just as Hugh brings him over a beer. George asks Hugh to tell him about Kirsty and he tells him that they moved into together when they were 18 and that she is a florist.  They go back and forth complaining about women not appreciating their neat freak tendencies. 

Under an underpass, Mitchell hands William some money, but he tells him that he is too late because the coma guy woke up and is talking about his attack at they speak. William tells him that he can deal with him but that they have to do something about the death of the girlfriend and for that they need Quinn.  Mitchell reminds William that Quinn won't cooperate and William says, "Yeah, me and Herrick always had our doubts about him.  William reaches into his car and gives Mitchell an envelop and says give him this.  

Outside of the florist shop Annie is excited and says that she and George are like Crockett and Tubs. Yeah that was a terrible Miami Vice reference.  He asks Kirsty to give him a nice floral arrangement and she grabs a bunch of flowers and tells him that she can't be assed now

When Mitchell returns to the hospital, Lucy is talking with the man.  Mitchell watches as Lucy hands the man a crucifix. Back at the florist shop, Annie watches as Kirsty does dishes and sees as she checks the singles advertisement that she has placed in the newspaper. When Kirsty begins to cry, Annie is heartbroken that she cannot comfort her.

Mitchell and Quinn meet by the docks, and Quinn tells him that "this is wrong and that sanctioning the death of innocent people can never be a moral act".  Mitchell says that they will be exposed and Quinn responds, "so be it. Mitchell asks, "how can you say that? If we're exposed there will be huge suffering on both sides, history has shown us that."  Quinn tells him "no, it's the assurance that the ends never justifies the means.  That's always the road to hell. Think again about what you're doing."  In frustration, Mitchell hands him an envelope containing pictures of his grandkids.  Mitchell says, as long as you comply nothing will happen to your grandchildren.  I cannot abandon my own kind just so that I can feel better. I'm sorry that it had to come to this."  Quinn agrees to be part of the cover up, and as Mitchell walks away, Quinn yells out, "those girls at the shopping center were only 15."  When Mitchell asks what girls, Quinn tells him that their deaths add up to three deaths this week. When Mitchell says that he didn't know that there was another attack, Quinn tells him that he has no control at all.

Mitchell approaches the vampires and asks who was it?  When he says they were 15, Cara tells him that they were delicious and that she can still taste them.  Mitchell punches her in face saying, "we had a deal." He goes on to ask who there has a suit.  In the next scene, vampires have gone to work cleaning up the old funeral home that Herrick used to operate out of.  

In the hospital, the victim is injected with some kind of poison and the area is set up to look like a suicide.  Quinn is given the paperwork to sign on the two girls that Cara killed as the heart monitor sounds on the victim of the earlier attack.  Lucy tries to save him and she discovers an empty pill bottle on the table.  William announces that there was a suicide pact between the students and that the police are closing the case.  That evening Mitchell and William meet, and William tells him that he is pleased that he is choosing his targets will because the girls had a criminal record and that next time they need to pick an area that is more private.  "The main thing is that the system is in place. What did you expect it to be pretty?"

Back at the house, Annie tells George that Kirsty needs to meet someone new to find out what she is missing out with Hugh.  They compare worst dates ever and George points out that there is a 3 1/2 hour film on the watershed that he can take Kirsty to.

Back at the hospital, Lucy tells Mitchell that she was there when he woke up and that there is no way his death was a suicide.  Mitchell says that the police found fingerprints but Lucy counters, "so he detached himself from the monitor, pulled out all of the wires and things without setting off any alarms, walked through the ward without being seen, got the pills got back into bed, reattached all of the wires and then killed himself.  Is that what you're saying?"  Mitchell says that he is not saying anything and Lucy says that the police are idiots.  Mitchell then asks her about having a drink and she asks, are you asking me out in a mortuary, and he responds, 'well I did meet you in the toilet."

George meets Kirsty outside of the theater and she asks if he really wants to see Watershed and he responds, "Look, I bought the tickets and nothing is going to stop me."  This excited Kirsty because apparently she has been wanting to see the film for quite some time but had been unable to convince anyone to go with her.  So much for George being her worst date ever.

At the bar, Lucy and Mitchell settle down for a drink. Lucy asks Mitchell to tell her about himself and he says that in his spare time he hangs out with his mates and watch tv.  She answers, "you're either the dullest person I have ever met or you are keeping something from me."  She then goes on to ask about his family and why he is a cleaner.  He is very short tempered with her and tells her that he likes the anonymity.  Mitchell then asks why she is asking so many questions, and she responds I'm just trying to find out something about you.  That's generally what people on dates do."

Outside of the film, George and Kirsty stop to have kebobs.  When it is clear that he cannot scare her off, Annie tells him that there is only one thing left to do and so he recites the poem he wrote for Nina to her, only to have Kirsty kiss him.  In frustration Annie says, "sod it, maybe you two are meant to be together."

Outside of the bar, in the parking lot, Lucy makes it clear that she is pissed off with him, because he barely spoke to her.  She tells him that it has been a long day with lots of dead people and that the should just forget it." 

The next day as Mitchell is leaving he runs into George.  He says that he is headed to the funeral parlor and that he had no choice because the whole system had imploded.  What they don't know is that the technician is listening and he quickly calls Kemps attention to the conversation.  Vampires in strategic positions, sympathizers a whole system to keep it secret but now that Herricks gone, the whole system is fucked, Mitchell says."  George starts to wash the grease off of his glasses and this causes disturbance in the feed to Kemp.  Mitchell tells them that he is going to try and persuade them to get off blood because the alternative would be a blood bath and that he is doing the best he can. George asks what about us?  It seems that he could really do with having his best friend back because Nina was the love of his life and now she is gone and that under the circumstances he feels that he could have used support from him.  When George says he will let it go this time, Mitchell responds, "I know it's hard George but you need to take responsibility for yourself.  You need to stop with the self pity and the sulking and the feeling hard done by and just pick yourself up and learn from this. I can't hold your hand through it no one can."  When George responds, "cheers," Mitchell says, "that's what mates are for, to tell each other the truth."  Mitchell walks out leaving George alone in the kitchen.

Mitchell enters a room and picks Cara off a bed saying, "it's time." As he pulls her out of the room, Daisy says, "we all want to know if you've got the balls for this.  Justice has to be seen to done Mitchell, or what's the fucking point? Do it properly, you'll never have to do it again."  

At the flower shop, Annie tells George that they have had some set backs but that they can do this. George walks up to her and says, "I'm lying to you.  The things I'm in love with someone else and my inside are like needles. I wanted to do something to help, to take my mind off of this wound but it's pointless.  Maybe this is how people learn. I think it's time we were honest with ourselves it's our own lives we need to be concerned with, no anyone elses. Do you know what's valuable, the most covetable thing in the whole wide world? A second chance.  George walks away and Kirsty picks up the phone and calls Hugh.

Mitchell takes Cara into the tunnels and she begs and says that she is never going to be bad again.  He tells her that he is sorry and that he does not have a choice.  He bases her head in a rock a rock which knocks out her fangs and leaves her down in the pit.  Back upstairs he slams Cara's fangs on the table and announces that she has been executed.  As Mitchell leaves  a chant of long live the king begins, but Daisy sits silently looking at him.  

Annie watches as Hugh and Kirsty holds hands.  Inside the house the phone rings and when George answers it's Nina.  "I can't talk for very long, I'm ready to say goodbye properly. There's somethings I need to say to you," she says. You need to stop using the curse as an excuse not to live your life.  You're a wonderful man, you can make a go of this. You can get a better job and find love again one day. I want you to promise me that you will start to live your life now." George asks if she is going to come back and she responds, "George I need you to promise me."  He says, I promise you and I love you Nina and she says, "I love you too and I always will."  When he asks her what she is going to do, she simply says, "something wonderful," and hangs up the phone, leaving George crying.

Nina thanks Kemp for letting her call George and  Kemp tells her that God loves her.  Kemp then turns to professor Janet for confirmation and it turns out that professor Janet, is Lucy.  It seems that Mitchell's bad history with women continues.