Sunday, May 13, 2012

Grimm, Season 1, Episode 21: Big Feet

“He Stripped off his skin and tossed it into the fire and he was human form again.”

Time for the penultimate episode of Grimm! Let’s see if they start tying up threads of the long neglected story otherwise I may have to break out the snark.

We start with fools walking in the woods at night looking for Bigfoot. I believe that a Wesen eating him may actually improve the intelligence of humanity so here’s hoping. Or a bear, a bear would do, I’m not fussy. Then we get screaming, running, lots of those horrible shaky camera effects that the Blair Witch made so annoyingly popular, and a guy getting thrown pretty impressively against a tree.

Meanwhile Tom Curson calls out vet Juliette because something big and furry attacked one of his horses.  And it was very very big and very very strong and very very hairy and leaves large, bare feet – that is wounded from Tom’s gunshot. Naturally they go wandering in the wood, at night, after the savage, clawed, wounded, angry beastie. As you do. And they find a large number of dead bodies.

In comes Nick, Hank and Wu (who has the perfect snarky lines and there really needs to be more of him) and they find the video camera and a survivor. She’s covered in blood, hysterical and blames it on Big Foot. The video shows a man wearing clothes though but also massive strength

Eddie is woken in the middle by Larry, a Wildermann, who has been shot in the leg. Naturally Eddie calls Nick. He can’t take Larry to a hospital because he can’t Voga – retract his monstery-ness, every would see him for what he is, not just Grimm and other Wesen. Eddie is also extremely doubtful that Larry is violent and he’s part of Eddie’s support group to control their issues and impulse controls.

The police have call in police dogs  who come near Eddie’s house – but not in because Eddie marks his territory and the dogs know better. Eddie puts on Larry’s shirt and runs through the woods, leading the dogs away. Ok, so they’d track Larry’s scent, but we’ve already established that the dogs are afraid of Blutbaden and won’t enter their territory – but they’re willing to chase one? At least when they corner him Eddie gives a fantastic roar (that Hank hears) and the dogs go running. To escape, Eddie knocks Hank over while looking all Blutbadey.

At that point Larry wakes up and rips something out of his own neck – and dies. Eddie does an amazing job of portraying restrained grief here – that’s some stellar acting. Eddie and Nick dump Larry’s body in the woods – but Eddie still doesn’t agree that Larry could have killed normally.

So Nick goes to speak to Larry’s therapist – Brinkerhoff. Who instantly starts asking Nick about being a Grimm and who knows, not that Nick answers. He had twice weekly therapy sessions, that helps with identity issues. Brinkerhoff has “creepy” and “villain” written all over him

The police find Larry’s body – though Hank is still shaken since he saw something different (a fuzzy Eddie) and the mechanical drug dispenser that was in his hand that he tore from his neck

Then some homeless people are attacked by another fuzzy Wesen – one man is ripped apart the same as Larry’s victims, but the other man manages to kill the attacker (causing him to Voga in death as Wesen do) and he also has an implant site on the back of his neck.

Eddie talks to some of his friends – and it seems Larry found a “fool proof” way to cure their impulse control issues with Brinkerhoff. A quick, fool proof way to control their urges. And 2 others have also got the same cure – including the latest wild Wesen who went rampaging and the other died tearing his house apart and jumping out a third storey window. But 4 drug pumps were ordered by Brinkerhoff, not just 3.

The last one was for himself. And Eddie is most annoyed and goes to confront him – and Brinkerhoff loses it and fights Eddie – just before Nick and Hank arrives and the good doctor runs for it and goes on a rampage ending with Brinkerhoff being shot – and Hank seeing him Voga back from Wesen to human…

Juliette does her own investigating with the hair she found – taking DNA samples. And her results don’t make any sense at all – pointing to parahumans (human/animal hybrids).

So we have the whole secret falling apart – both Juliette and Hank now staring the supernatural world in the face.

Nick was playing with his key – that special key that we all forgot about for many many many episodes of monster the week – and superimposing it over maps.

While I can understand and agree with Eddie explaining why it’s important Wesen stay hidden from humanity since humanity has a habit of killing things that are other – appropriating cross burning that way was grossly unacceptable and appropriative. Grimm is making a habit of this and needs to stop

I’ve said for a while that the secret needed to finally be revealed – and I am beyond happy that it’s finally breaking and, in the same way, allowing hank and Juliette to play a larger role in Grimm./ but I have a whine – the pacing. You could have had weeks of slow revelations rather than a single incident to open their eyes, it would have worked better and be easier to pull off and look realistic. I’m curious to see how they manage this, whether they both become ardent believers after one issue and how Nick works with it – but Grimm’s pacing is truly awful – either ridiculously slow or sprinting