Monday, May 14, 2012

Face Off: A Tale of 2 Henrys

This is a tale of 2 Henrys.

Now, it’s a little fluffier than usual, but I was hit by a realisation watching Blood Ties (which we’re reviewing on Thursdays and you can find in our archive) - and the character of Henry Fitzroy, the sexy sexy vampire

Uh-huh, not throwing him out of bed for scattering crumbs. In fact, he can have a full 3 course meal with gravy, screw the sheets. How Vicki Nelson resists that or even thinks Celucci is a match, I do not know.

Now, I look at Being Human (US) where we have another Henry

And it’s the same actor! I actually never realised until several episodes in. What happened?! That’s just depressing! Oh dear gods, did the make up department fear that he’d eclipse Aidan and decide to tone him down any way possible? Or did he insult the make up artist’s mother?

Yes, it’s shallow and, of course, subjective since beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. But daaaaamn guys, that’s a transformation and yes, it depresses me.