Monday, September 24, 2012

Misfits Season One, Episode Five

The crew is sitting outside and Simon is taking video of them, when Nathan grabs the phone and asks, "did you ever have sex with a piece of fruit." Simon manages to get the phone back. Sally is inside the locker room with Pete and she says that she found Tony's credit card in Simon's bag. Pete says that it doesn't prove anything and the best they can do is charge Simon with fraud.  He then warns Sally that she has to stop or she is going to lose her job.  Sally watches as the gang comes inside and turns to follow Simon with her eyes.  Clearly, Sally has determined that Simon is the one who can tell her what happened to Tony.

Sally pulls them into the office one by one and asks if they have learned anything from community service.  None of them have anything to offer or take the question seriously except for Simon, who she asks how he gets along with the others.  Outside, Kelly wants to know why Simon is in there longer than the rest of them.  When Sally asks Simon what he would like to do when his time is over, Simon says that he likes making videos and editing them together.  Sally claims she knows someone in the business and is willing to ask him about helping Simon to get some work experience.   When Simon goes to leave, Sally thanks him because it's nice that there's someone she can have a conversation with.

Outside, the crew is scraping posters off the wall and they start talking about who left the notes. When they leave for the day, Alisha asks what Curtis is doing that night and Curtis claims that he has to babysit his cousin.  Simon is on the sidewalk and Sally pulls up and to ask if he wants a lift.  Simon is shocked, so she opens her car door.  Curtis meets Sam who greets him with a kiss. It seems he didn't have to babysit, he was just hiding his relationship with her. Curtis says that he wants to break up and Sam starts to get upset, starts to cry and begs him not to do this to her.  Curtis once again shifts back in time. Curtis and Sam leave with their arms wrapped around each other.

In the car, Sally asks Simon what's going on with Curtis and Alisha. Simon gives her a shocked look and Sally says, "come on, I'm not blind. Are they seeing each other?"  Simon answers, "I suppose so." Sally asks what else they get up to when she is not around and Simon replies, "nothing".  When they arrive at Simon's, he says that he is just going to go online and Sally says she is going to watch tv and go to bed.  Clearly she is trying to build up a rapport with Simon.  That night, Simon goes online and tells Shygirl that he met someone.  Shygirl asks him if he is lonely and he answers yes and so she advises him to go for it. I have to admit that Sally is good.

The next day at the community center the are crew are cleaning windows, as Nathan wonders if he can talk to animal.  A bunch of young women are walking in holding babies causing Nathan to announce that this is why he always uses condoms, and if the girl looks dirty he uses two.  Curtis and Alisha are masturbating again when Curtis gets a call.  Sam has shown up at the community center looking for him and to distract Alisha, he asks her to go again.  Sam says that she is Curtis; girlfriend and wants to know where he is and Nathan, Simon and Kelly cove for him.  Curtis is sitting on the roof when Nathan approaches saying that they saw Sam but they covered for him. Nathan replies, "I always wanted to be a cheat, but I've just always been to disorganized. I struggle to remember one girl's name." Curtis says it's not like that and tells Nathan about going back in time and that every time he tries to breaks up with Sam, she starts to cry and then she goes back in time. Nathan suggests that he needs to get Sam angry so that she won't cry and says that Curtis needs to tell her "that she's got nasty snatch junk." God how I hate this character.  Did we really need another rendition of how dirty the vagina is?  But then what is more sexism coming from this man.  Curtis says that he cannot do that because it would hurt Sam.  Nathan replies, "it's these powers, no matter what you do, the ones you love will be the ones who pay."

Nathan gets up and walks away but stops when he hears a baby crying.  He walks into the center and sees a little boy walking towards him.  The boy beckons him forward and Nathan picks him up.  The boys mother comes out and takes the baby back and Nathan says that he is beautiful. Nathan asks if he can hold Finn or play with him for awhile, after he learns that Finn's father is not around.  Sally stops Nathan and asks him if he is taking the piss.

Sally is leaving the center and sees Simon.  She calls him over and says that she has spoken to a few people about getting him some work experience.  Simon builds up his courage and asks her to go for a drink with him and Sally says, "Simon, I'm your probation officer, I can't."  Simon starts to walk away but Sally calls him back.

Curtis and Sam meet and this time he says that he is breaking up with her because he is gay.  Really?  Seriously?  There has not been a single gay character on this show, but of course they can bring up same sex sexuality as an excuse. How very progressive of them. Sam says that it was all lie and starts to cry, causing Curtis to go back in time.  This scene plays over and over again as Curtis tries various excuses until he finally says to her, "no matter what I do, the ones I love will be the ones who pay."  Sam recognizes this statement as a line from Spiderman and she becomes pissed and starts to tell him off. Though Sam slaps Curtis, he is happy that the break up finally took.

At a bar, Simon and Sally get a little flirty and she suggests that he is quite cute when he gets drunk.  A young man that Simon went to school with walks by and stares at them causing Sally to ask who he is.  Apparently, he lives right next door to Simon and bullied him through school. Simon says he told his parents and teachers but no one ever did anything. Sally asks if it was his house that Simon tried to burn down. Simon says that he received a text from the guy, but it turns out he was texted by mistake. Simon then proceeeded to get drunk, went to his house, made sure his family was out and then lite some tissues and stuffed them through the letter box.  When Simon noticed a cat, he put the fire out by peeing through the letter box. Sally starts to laugh then excuses herself to go the bathroom.  When she returns, Sally asks Simon to walk her home and says lets give them something to talk about, as she takes his hand and walks by the group.  In front of the house, Sally asks Simon if he wants to come in and he kisses her.  She pulls away saying, "maybe this isn't such a good idea." Simon apologises but Sally says it's her fault.

Simon goes invisible and enters Sally's house to watch her.  I guess he just had to get his creepy on yet again. Sally goes on the computer as shygirl while Simon is in the kitchen, but when he does not respond, she closes it down. Simon watches from the hallway as Sally changes her clothes for bed and when she gets into bed the little creeper watches her sleep.

The next day, Nathan asks Curtis how it went and Curtis asks about the line Nathan gave him from Spider Man.  Nathan tells him not to complain because Alisha didn't find out and the job is done.  As soon as Simon sees Sally enter the center he follows her in.  Nathan stops scraping the walls when he hears a baby crying.  He asks if anyone can hear that but no one does and Nathan takes off into the shelter looking for the baby. Inside Nathan sees Simon, who also does not hear the baby.  Nathan follows the sound until he finds little Finn playing on the floor. He grabs Finn but when he sees Simon, Nathan takes off running.  Simon runs out and tells the others that Nathan just stole a baby.  Nathan starts running down the street and Simon is caught between helping Nathan and talking to Sally.  They finally find Nathan on the roof with Finn.  They ask for the baby and Nathan says they're not taking him.  Kelly hears the baby saying, "be my daddy," repeatedly and realizes that the baby has power and is using it on Nathan. Nathan says that he is going to be his dad and the crew points out that he has no money, job, place to live, a criminal record and can barely look after himself. Alisha says, "seriously, the kid deserves better, way better."  Nathan counters saying that they can come and live with him in the community center and he will steal from other babies to raise Finn if he has to.  Suddenly Nathan comes back to himself and asks what he is doing with the baby. "I'm not being sexist but one of you girls needs to take this baby before I drop it on it's head." Kelly takes the baby and returns him.  The mother wants to know why Finn keeps running away and Kelly suggests that he needs to see his dad and that once Finn's father sees him, he will want to be his father again.

Simon is walking down the street when Sally again pulls over and asks to see him.  He takes her back to his place and she notices how tidy his room is. Sally sees the stuff that he recorded and says that she would love to watch something.  Simon puts on a video of some guys doing bike tricks and then the storm from a few weeks ago shows up.  Simon asks Sally if she wants a coffee and when he leaves the room, she searches his videos until she finds one. When he returns Sally says she has to go.

At the community center Sally watches the video. Curtis approaches Alisha to tell her about what happened with Sam and she gets very upset and even points out that he is the first man she has ever been faithful to. Curtis tells her that there are several versions of history and that he didn't mean to cheat on either of them and is telling her even though he didn't have to. They realise that they are getting serious.

Simon is in some sort of storage room when Sally approaches and apologises for having to leave early. What he doesn't know is that Curtis saw.  Simon begs him not to tell anyone. Nathan is busy beating on the vending machines to get a drink and crap food, when Kelly asks him if he would like to have dinner with her, pointing out that he cannot live on this rubbish.  Nathan of course believes that Kelly is asking him to come by for sex.

Simon approaches Sally saying that he saw the light was on.  She says, "seeing you like this, I could lose my job." Simon promises not to tell anyone.  Sally asks if he wants a drink and then she hands him the keys and tells him to get a bottle from the kitchen while she locks up.

 Kelly asks if it is true what Nathan said about his dad not being around.  Nathan says it was and thanks her for her help.  They sit down and share a plate of chicken nuggets.  Back at the center, Simon and Sally share a bottle of wine and she asks if he has ever had a girlfriend and if he has ever had sex.  Simon says he met her on holiday and all they did was hold hands.  Sally takes his glass away and says that she wants to kiss him.  She asks him to go and get more wine and Simon takes off quickly.  While he is gone, she searches through his jacket until she finds his phone and locks herself in the bathroom. When Simon returns she is not there.

 In the bathroom, Sally discovers that they killed Tony, just as Simon is realizing that his phone is missing.   Simon goes invisible enters the bathroom and sees what Sally is up to and appears suddenly. He tells her to give him the phone and admits that they killed Tony because he was trying to kill them.  When Sally says that Tony wouldn't hurt anyone, Simon responds, "the storm changed him."  Sally says that he has to tell the police. Sally slips up and says that he told her he was lonely and Simon realizes that she is shygirl.  Sally tells him that she just wanted to find out what happened and that he is the only one who can help her and then smashes his head into a mirror.  Simon goes invisible and starts after Sally who tries to escape but the doors to the center are all locked. Simon starts to break the lights and shoves Sally, who drops the phone.  He actually looks like a serial killer with blood dripping down his face.  They struggle over the phone and Simon accidentally smashes her head against the door handle killing her.