Thursday, January 3, 2013

Terra Nova: Season 1, Episode 11: Within

 Taylor and Jim are examining the portal exist – before the 4th Pilgrimage when the exit arrived, the portals used to open in a fairy wide area – including a pilgrimage opening in the middle of a lake. The portal opening fixes the exit in place. And the 11th pilgrimage is due very soon, and Taylor wants the spy. Which involves questioning more of the women in the infirmary – including Skye, the spy – and she makes playing chess with Josh her alibi.

Back at the Shannon household sibling annoyances continue and Maddy’s little hand-held tablet thing breaks. Alas, until the 11th Pilgrimage arrives, it’s going to be ahrd for her to get a replacement part and there’s a colony wide shortage (yes, these little machines that everyone uses needs parts they can’t produce and have a shortage of. This is because Terra Nova is run by people who are as capable of organising this colony as I am of setting up a moon base).  Josh has advice on where she may be able to get a new chip (possibly illicitly) before leaving to his new apprenticeship. On the way he meets up with Skye who wants him to lie for her. While he’s originally reluctant, she manages to talk him into it.

That night, Skye leaves Terra Nova, goes to an outpost where she picks up a gun and goes to see the Sixers with further intel. She goes to see her mother, bringing food – and Lucas Taylor is there waiting for her. He has a job for her (and is being suitably menacing about it), he needs his equations to be finished, he could do it by hand in months or in Terra Nova’s futurewiki in an hour. And if Skye doesn’t co-operate, her mother dies.

Jim is walking around ordering Washington how to secure the perimeter (yes, it’s official, Jim is well and truly above Washington on the ladder) and checks Skye’s alibi with Josh – Josh lies for Skye. And Skye goes and does Lucas’s coding in the Eye and returns with it to him – he’s happy and dismisses her, nice guy.

But, after weeks of Skye going out to visit her mother/illicit still/just for shits and giggles, Washington and Jim have finally decided to check for quiet ways in and out and have footage of Skye sneaking out through a drainage ditch. Jim realises that Josh has been lying and goes to confront him about it and he admits he lied.

Jim takes the new to Taylor – who has been raising Skye as his ward almost since her parents died (as far as he knew, since her mother is still alive and with the Sixers)  with lots of proof of her leaving, her faked alibis, her stories not adding up, the patches in her times. Taylor is shocked and wants Jim to check it with Connor – his man in the Sixer camp (assuming Connor did actually become his mole and not just join the Sixers…) because when it’s someone Taylor likes he needs overwhelming, beyond any doubt at all, reasonable or otherwise proof – not just a vague suspicion  which is normally all it takes for the Supreme Leader to pass sentence.

Taylor plays chess with Skye with lots of totally-not-subtle “I didn’t see that one coming” and “your move” significant references while also discussing a convoy he intends to lead. He goes off on the convoy and Skye leaves Terra Nova quickly. Jim and Taylor set up to ambush them (yes, Jim’s even leading military operations now) but nothing happens. The Sixers don’t attack. Taylor can’t understand why Skye didn’t tell them and Jim realises that none of their really important patrols of military manoeuvres have been attacked (really? Because I seem to recall once or twice when they were) and makes the leap that Skye is working under duress and only giving the Sixers unimportant information

Switch to Skye trying to bring food for her mother and Mira threatening her with the bad intel she’s been giving the Sixers – especially since the Sixers saw the convoy and Skye didn’t report on it. She also gets to see the increasingly creepy and disturbing Lucas who is very excited about his calculations being finished. He warns her that she shouldn’t go back to Terra Nova because his employers are going to come through the portal and flatten the place because “to control the past is to control the future.” He also doubles up his daddy issues and is gleeful that he gets to beat his father, something he’s wanted to do since he was 14.

Skye goes to her mother and confesses and cries because the bad people she gives information to are going to do bad things. Her mother tells her to stop being a spy and if she had known she would have stopped it long ago – she tells her to go see Taylor and tell him everything.

She runs to Taylor who is, obviously not happy with her, and tells him everything. He refuses to believe her but she convinces him by handing out a significant date that Lucas gave her for when he and Taylor first had a rift.

At the portal, the guards kindly line up directly in front of it so Lucas can knock them all over with a blast of portal energy. Leaving Lucas alone to greet Jim and Taylor and Lucas to spill his special brand of unstable ranting before he steps back into the portal – going back to the future.

At terra Nova Skye cries on Josh’s shoulder about abandoning her mother when she’s called to the infirmary. Her mother is there – rescued by Curran at Taylor’s instruction and a supply of the cure for her illness which Elizabeth and Malcolm can now study.

Taylor reveals to Jim that Lucas hates him because he never rescued his mother in Somalia and they both prepare to defend Terra Nova against whatever forces Lucas’s employers bring through the portal. Taylor rallies Terra Nova making a big grand speech to them about being under attack (you know, if he hadn’t adopted supreme secrecy all along then he could have been more ready for this – and his people).

In rather classic Terra Nova fashion, while everyone else is involved in the plot, Maddy is doing something else (Maddy and Elizabeth are quite good at this) and is trading around to try and get her tablet fixed – which means trading a wheel to Casey for a core. She gets a wheel but he’s already given the core to Boylan. She goes to Boylan to trade for the core but he gives it to her when he realises that she’s Jim’s daughter and hopes she’ll tell Jim what a nice guy he is. Maddy, having the sense of a concussed dodo and not having the slightest idea about corruption, accepts in confusion.

Washington has now been completely sidelined by Jim – as Mira has by Lucas. This is extremely unimpressive.

Do I even have to express how ridiculous it is that these tablets – tablets everyone needs and uses – are dependent on Hope Plaza imports?