Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Being Human (UK) Season Five, Episode Five: No Care, All Responsibility

This episode begins 15 years ago with Domenic giving a tour of a makeshift vampire created blood bank.  All the humans are dead and lying on filthy mattresses. Domenic tells the trainees that the vampires like to think that they are in control but "no matter how civilized the arrangement, the monster is simply lying in wait." They continue to make their way through until they come across a little girl who is cuddling a teddy bear.  Dominic first checks to make sure the girl has a reflection and then he holds out his hands to her, promising that he won't hurt her. Vampires appear and kill the two men he is with and Domenic holds out a cross to protect himself.

In present day, Hal is in the middle of doing his routine push ups when he gets an urge (thanks BBC3 for the topless Damien Molony). He doesn't try to fight it long, before getting up and grabbing a bottle of blood and drinking it.  Alex pops in to announce a house meeting, and Hal quickly hides the bottle.  Tom knocks on the door, opens it up and says that they have to get through this quickly because he is late for work. Alex says that Bobby didn't want to kill himself and that she remembers Bobby speaking to Hatch.  She also says that she is 99% sure that Hatch looked at her.  Alex then has Tom recite a question that she wants him to ask the captain about his belief in the occult and if he has ever had a near death experience.  Tom takes off as Hal sighs.  Alex asks what Hal's deal is because apparently the last two days, all he has done is work out and sing show tunes. Alex believes that what is really bothering Hal is what Crumb had to say about the two about them.  She suggests that they both need to talk about this some night when Tom is at work.

Hal and Alex go to see Domenic to talk about Bobby's death. Domenic says that he believes that the suicides are the work of  type one - a ghost.  Alex grabs the file and disappears. Hal then puts the empty bottle of blood on the desk and asks for a refill but Domenic says that they don't have anymore blood, now that they no longer have human donors. Hal walks away quickly.

Domenic has gone to see Hatch and says that he needs more time to get the piece into place.  Hatch tells him that having a vampire and a werewolf living in the same building means an opportunity that won't come again soon. Hatch encourages Domenic saying that it while t may seem that his department is dying, there's plenty of life left in it. Domenic tells the captain that he is a real boon to him. Hatch tells him not to worry about the ghost because they have a habit on fading away.

Hatch and Tom are outside and Tom tries to ask Alex's question but he keeps stumbling through it. Tom stops asking questions when he sees a young woman struggling with a man.  She makes her getaway and runs into the hotel.  When the man moves to follow, Tom blocks the entrance to the hotel and threatens to call the police. He follows the girl into the hotel and she reads the message on his hand.  When she starts to leave, Tom tells her to stay so that he can take care of her hand.

They are in the kitchen when Hal walks in.  Hal is overwhelmed by the smell of blood as Tom announces that they are hiring Natasha. When Natasha holds out her injured hand, Hal refuses to shake it, though Tom tells him not to be rude.  Hal heads out to the front desk and runs into Alex who is looking through the files.  She discovers that these suicides go on for years and as far back as 1987, Hatch was mentioned as a witness.

Hal is freaking out, so he drops a jar of paperclips on the ground and starts lining them up by their colour.  Tom and Alex stay out of view and peep at Natasha.  Alex declares that Natasha is not a ghost and asks if she tried to bite someone. Tom says no and that she is not a werewolf. Tom admits that Natasha made him feel things and asks what happens if she is a succubus or something. Alex asks if Natasha came on to him and Tom says no, so Alex suggests that Tom just has the hots for Natasha. Tom denies this and says that he likes Allison but Alex says that she can like more than one girl.

Alex heads over to Natasha and waves her fingers in front of her and then lifts her skirt.  This shocks Tom who yells out her name, thus catching Natasha's attention so he lies unconvincingly to cover it up. Tom leaves the room and starts to sing about Tom having a crush. Tom says that he can't do the whole pants thing because Natasha is not the one - Allison is. Alex tells him that he and Alex are the one and that people test the water and that this is just what people do.

Hal has colour coordinated all of the paper clips, when Natasha walks in and asks him if he is alright. Hal leaves the room and at the front door, a man shows him a picture of Natasha and asks if he has seen her. Hal lies and says no.  Later, Hal sits down with Natasha and says that he doesn't mean her any harm but that his priority must be the hotel. Natasha says that she stole some money from his boss when she was a kid but that she is straight now.  Tom stands and says that he will make sure that she is paid for the rest of the week. When he gets up to walk away, Natasha says that it's her hand and that he must have it bad if he wants her out this quickly. "I know what withdrawal looks like and you're in the worst of it," Natasha says. Hal asks her how, and she says the mirror and that he would have noticed if he wasn't so out of it.  Hal sits back down and asks if Natasha knows what he is.  Natasha says that she has been around his type before and that Hal is not like the others.

Hal says that he is worse than the others but Natasha points out that Tom trusts him. Natasha tells him that he is killing himself trying to do the right thing. Hal begins to focus on the blood and says that he can smell it and when she is close enough he can almost taste it.  Hal again says that she needs to go and so Natasha asks what he is going to do if the chef cuts his finger and points out that he just can't fire anyone with a paper cut. Natasha tells him that he is going to hurt someone and offers to help him if he lets her stay there. Natasha offers to allow Hal to drink from her.  Hal tells her that she doesn't know what she is offering but Natasha says that she knows what will happen if that guy catches up with her again.

Hal and Natasha go into a private room. He takes off his watch and tells her to let him feed for ten seconds.  He then hands her a stake and says that he if refuses to stop that she has to stake him. Hal sits next to her on the bed and then moves to bite her neck but she stops him saying that people are going to see if he does it there and then offers up the vein in her thigh.  Hal gets on his knees and looks once more to Natasha for permission before biting her. Hal feeds until Natasha pushes him off and he says that it's good and not to tell Tom.  Natasha agrees before walking out.

Tom is downstairs at the locker, and Natasha asks Tom to get something to eat to say thank you for the job.  Tom takes her out to a restaurant and they get on well right from the start. Natasha says that everyone is looking at them like they are going to steal something and so she suggests that they head to the arcade and eat ice cream until they are sick.

Hal returns home and Alex is going over the files again, so Hal goes to sit down next to her.  Hal leans in and kisses her and she asks if he is on blood again. Hals lies and says no and she says that she has seen him like this before.  Alex says that she thought they were taking things slow and he apologises.  Alex says that it was not a case that needed apologizing for. Alex asks, "I thought it was dangerous for you to feel things to much?"  Hal says that he has learned to keep things at bay and that he has to feel things otherwise there's no point existing. They lean into kiss again and Tom comes walking in.  Tom brings up sex and he asks how to go about doing this.  It turns out that while McNair taught him a lot, what he didn't do was teach him about sex. What follows is the funniest scene to date as both Alex and Hal instantly become awkward and embarrassed at the prospect of having "the talk" with a 21 year old werewolf. When Tom leaves to go research at the library, Hal asks what this is all about and Alex informs him of Tom's crush on Natasha.

In the hotel, Tom runs into Natasha in the hall and he tells her that the deal is off.  She asks him what changed her mind and he says that Tom is his friend.  Tom and Natasha see a couple leaving a hotel room and he declares them honeymooners, but she says that they are having an affair.  They then bet that when they clean the room about finding a wedding ring left behind on the bedside table.  They each check a side and both declare that there is no ring but when Tom crosses to Natasha's side he finds that she lied about not discovering a ring. Tom tells her that it's alright and that everyone things that he's an idiot.  Natasha tells him that he is not stupid and that he always thinks the best of people.  Tom says that he has been thinking and wondering if his dad gave him the best advice about his future and pants and such. Tom tells Natasha that he really likes her and asks her to come over for dinner. Natasha agrees to come and Hal gives her a quick kiss.  Natasha then gets a call but she rejects it.

Hal is at the front desk when a group of women walk by and one of them is bleeding from the leg.  Hal moves away to try and escape but Alex makes an appearance. Alex takes Hal to see the captain for questioning.  First, she throws his newspaper on the floor and then not satisfied with his reaction, Alex pitches him out of his wheel chair.  Hal escorts Alex to the door and tells her that the witch hunt is now over. Alex asks Hal what has gotten into him and Hal tells her to stop and asks if she knows how important this hotel is to him and Tom. Hal says it's not just about paying the rent but that it's a reliable safe routine, which keeps them sane. Alex agrees to drop it.

Hal is at the front desk when the woman with he bleeding leg walks by again.  He moves to get away from her when he runs into Natasha.  Hal tells Natasha that he needs help one last time and so she asks about Tom but Hal says that he wouldn't ask but he's not safe.

Alex has gone upstairs to spy on the captain and as she looks through his room, the captain suddenly turns to look at her.  Alex pops out right away in search of Hal and then pops into the room where Hal is feeding quite intimately from Natasha. When Hal notices Alex, he stops feeding and goes to join her outside. Hal says, "last time I went cold turkey they had to board up the doors and the windows. I couldn't look outside because I would see veins and I would see an end to the pain."  Alex replies, "so, it's our fault then, we let you out too soon." Hal says no but that he had to do something. He chose to feed the monster a little to stop him taking control, to stop him from losing everything. Alex replies, "what a fucking hero." She says that she doesn't have any idea how he managed to convince Natasha and says that she is not going to tell Tom.  Alex then asks if Hal was on the blood when he kissed her.  Alex then instructs Hal to go now and informs him that he is not to return to the house, not even for his stuff because it's over.  She tells Hal that it's over because he didn't even ask them for help.  Hal says that he was ashamed and he wanted to fix it himself.  Alex tells him that he didn't ask for help because he didn't want to be clean and walks away saying that if she sees him again that she will stake him.

In the hallway, Domenic stops Natasha and hands her a phone. He reminds her that she has been begging to join their organisation since she was a child.  Natasha tells Domenic that he isn't like he said he would be. Domenic assumes the him is Hal and so replies that beneath his pretty manners that he is no different from the monster who killed her mother. Natasha replies that she meant Tom. Domenic is shocked that Natasha likes Tom and says that he is not human but a dangerous monster.  Domenic adds if no for these monsters that she wouldn't have to be there or to have lived in foster homes or shelters. Domenic says, "did you force Tom's friend to betray him? No, that is simply Hal's nature and it was going to happen anyway and soon." Natasha says that there has to be another way.  Domenic answers that he didn't expect this and that after all these years he thought that they were something like family.

At the house, Tom is sitting at the table and has a romantic place setting arranged. Natasha goes to the house and she she spreads her legs to show him the bite on her leg from Hal.  Natasha lies and says that Hal threatened to turn her in to the guy who was chasing her if she didn't allow him to feed.  Hal grabs some stakes and tells her that she cannot stay there because it's not safe.  Tom storms off, just as Hal shows up at the house.  Alex then straps him to a chair.

Natasha returns to the hospital and tells Domenic that she is going to fix this and that she can't do this. Domenic tells her that she should see what happens next.  Natasha then says that Domenic sent her to the hotel as bait, though he told her that they are like family. This means that either he doesn't believe that Hal is that dangerous her he doesn't care about her. Natasha starts to walk away and Domenic brings up her tendency to wreckless behaviour.  Domenic calls Ray into the room and says that he does his job and that this is what he has always done.  Natasha says that she is human and that it is his job to protect him.  Domenic and Ray leave and the Captain calls to her.  When Natasha enters his room, Hatch whispers in her ear.

Alex catches up with Tom and says that she only found out tonight. Tom tells Alex that Natasha says that Tom forced her but Alex says that this doesn't sound like Hal. Tom suggests that this is what Hal might be like when he is on the blood and add that McNair never would have trusted him. Alex says that she doesn't want Tom be like his father and that they don't have to be Hal's friend but they do have to get him clean properly this time. Tom suggests staking Hal but Alex says that if he kills Hal that it will change him and she doesn't want him to change.  Tom says that he has killed loads of vampires and that it doesn't change a person.

Hal is tied to a chair and he is reciting show tunes when Natasha walks in holding a knife.  He tells her that if she wants to kill him that she will need wood.  Natasha cuts his restraints and then slits her neck. Hal rips off his shirt  but cannot stop the bleeding.  He bites his hand and offers to save her but she rejects his offer of blood.  When Tom and Alex return, they find Hal cradling a dead and bloody Natasha. Tom and Hal start to fight and Hatch's eyes go red and he starts to feed off of the energy from the fight. Hal throws his arms wide and tells Tom to stake him, if he believes that he did this. Alex asks who did this, and Hal replies that Natasha did this herself.  Alex uses her power to throw Tom across the room. Tom calls Alex a coward and storms out of the room saying that he will be back for Hal.

Tom stands up and thanks Alex but she does not want to hear it.  He points to the fact that her blood is still there and tells Alex to look at her neck because she won't find bite marks and says that there is knife around somewhere. Hal adds that this must be linked to the other suicides and says that he should have listened to her. Alex tells him to stop it and Hal says again that he didn't do this. Alex replies, "every time I think I know who you are, it turns out I'm wrong; usually because someone's dead."  Hal asks if she thinks he is capable of this and she says that she doesn't know what he is capable of.  Hal says that they are done and walks out of the house.

At the hotel, Hatch is laughing.  Natasha's ghost appears and Alex asks if Hal did this.  Natasha says that Hal tried to save her and that she was at the hotel with Hatch.  She tells him that she was ordered to charm Tom and feed Hal because Domenic needed supernatural chaos to save his department and Tom and Hal kept putting the fires out. Domenic knew that Tom was the only thing keeping Hal sane.  The conversation is interrupted with someone saying, "we will rise."  Alex realizes that these are the words that were written in blood on Hatch's wall.  Alex asks again if Hatch spoke to her and Natasha says yes.  Natasha's door then appears and Alex tells her that this is her ride.  Natasha asks about Hatch and Alex promises to go after him and make him pay.  Natasha points out that Alex doesn't even know what Hatch is but Alex is firm in her belief that because she is already dead that there is nothing he can do to her.

Alex heads to the hotel to see Hatch and he pretends not to see her. Tom is sharpening stakes in the kitchen and Alex has returned to the house where Natasha's body says repeatedly, "we will rise."  A bloody Hal walks into a pub as Tom loads weapons with his blood.  Hatch then appears behind Alex announces that he is the devil and then tosses her into a mirror and she ends up in her own grave.

 Once again, this is yet another episode in which we have a dead woman. We got to know Natasha just enough to care about her so that her death would mean something to her.  It says something that Being Human UK seems to have a penchant for dead women.  Not only did Natasha die, she died violently.

I know that the entire point of this show is to make a connection between vampirism and addiction but in this episode they absolutely pushed it.  It continues to be disturbing and is about the only thing I won't miss when the series comes to an end next week. I do however think they did make a salient point about an addict who is slipping not wanting to reach out yet again.  The first time around people are generally sympathetic but with each slip sympathy recedes.  Hal legitimately felt that by admitting to his weakness that he would lose everything he cared about.