Monday, May 20, 2013

Orphan Black, Season One, Episode Eight: Entangled Bank

Art is looking at a Beth's ID picture and comparing it to the pictures of Sarah.  He asks Angela if she believes in doppelgangers and when Angela says no, Art then asks about twins.  Angela asks if Sarah ever mentioned a twin sister and Art slams the photo of Beth on his table in frustration. Angela reminds Art that they identified Sarah Manning as the Jane doe and says that they have to make a house call. Art grabs his coat and asks Angela to keep it between them until they figure out what is going on.

Paul and Sarah are lying in bed and he says again that they cannot go back to the townhouse. When she doesn't respond, Paul adds that by now Olivier has told Dr. Leekie about what he knows.  Sarah gets up in frustration and says that for a second, she forgot she was a clone.  Paul reminds her that Olivier believes she is the one killing the clones.  Felix enters carry a latte for himself and says that he couldn't afford them for Bonnie and Clyde. Paul tells Felix that Sarah is going to have to stay there for awhile and Felix asks if he needs a place to stay to, to infringe on his creativity and shag in his bed.

Sarah's phone rings and it's Allison and Felix quips that they should invite her too, so that they can all cuddle up and watch Grey's Anatomy.  Allison tells Sarah that she came back early and that Cossima filled her in on what is going on. Allison adds that she is taking a break from Cossima and Sarah because she needs to get her house in order. Sarah points out that this is what marriage counseling is for. Allison tells her that she is divorcing Donnie but that she is fine with it and that it was her decision. Sarah says that she is worried but Allison replies that she can take care of herself.  When Sarah heads towards her door, she sees a shadow. Sarah reminds Allison that she does not know who her monitor is but Allison says that she is reclaiming her life and asks Sarah to respect that.
Aynesley Norris let's herself into Allison's home and Sarah catches her looking through her mail. Aynesley is surprised that Allison is home early and says that she just popped by to water the plants.

Kiera is painting when there is a knock at the door. Before she can answer, Mrs. S stops her and sends her up to her room.  When she opens the door, it's Art and Angela and they want to know if she is the legal guardian of Sarah Manning. They inform Mrs. S that Sarah was shot dead.  Mrs. S asks when and they tell her November 25th.  Mrs. S points out that this was two weeks ago and Angela replies that identification took some time. Mrs. S asks again if they are sure that it was Sarah and Angela nods her head and asks if Sarah had any problems with anyone, and women in particular. Mrs. S asks why they would ask that.  Art replies that they cannot be sure of much about the investigation right now.  Angela asks if Sarah lived there with her and she tells them that Sarah moved out years ago when she came of age and that they weren't close.  Angela ask if Sarah had a sister and Mrs.S tells them that Sarah was an orphan and if she did indeed have a sister, it would have been news to the both of them.

Sarah is on skype with Cossima and tells her that neolution is bullshit but Cossima believes that it is an applied philosophy with profound implications for what she does.  Sarah asks if Cossima goes around black bagging her subjects. Cossima assures Sarah that it was mistaken identity because Olivier thought she was killing the subjects.  Sarah tells her that  Dr. Leekie is on the way and asks if she can expect the same sort of treatment. Cossima reminds Sarah that she brought Helena into the mix and Felix yells that this all happened because she got the science wrong.  Cossima insists that she didn't but Sarah tells her that they knew she wasn't Beth from the examination and reminds Cossima that she said their DNA was identical.  Cossima asserts that their DNA is identical and suggests that it was Sarah's sunny personality which gave her away.  Sarah asks Cossima whose side she is on but before she can respond, Felix says, "hang up, she's a freaky Leekie."  Sarah closes the connection between her and Cossima and says that Cossima drank the purple kool aid. Felix replies to hell with Cossima and adds that they can still save Allison.  When Sarah suggests that Allison is fine, Felix tells her that Allison is not fine and reminds her that Allison is divorcing Donnie. Sarah says that it's everyone for herself but Felix suggests that divorces do really strange things to normals and that they lose themselves and come downtown to find themselves. Sarah says that Allison is obsessing that one of her "bitchy friends is her monitor."  Felix believes that Allison's monitor is indeed Aynesley.

Aynesley is sitting on Allison's couch and Aynesley asks how the kids are taking the news about divorce. Aynesley expresses surprise about the divorce and comments that she knew Allison was unhappy.  Allison points out that everything Aynesley knows is by asking questions and prying constantly. Aynesley gets up and offers to coach figure skating tonight, so that Allison can relax.  Allison is not the least bit open to this offer and says that figure skating is her schedule and that whether her daughter is in attendance or not, she will be there.  Aynesley tells her that she needs some me time but Allison demands her house keys back. Aynesley replies that she knows Allison is in pain, so she won't ask for her house keys back and promises not to abandon her. Allison opens the front door and the minute Aynesley walks through, she closes the door, cutting off Aynesley in mid speech.

Olivier is at the hospital with Paul and the doctor says that he cannot restore Olivier's tail  because it was too badly damaged. The doctor says that it's a fascinating case but between the blood loss and the risk of infection in that area, he expects to keep Olivier a few days to a week. Paul thanks him and says that he will stay with Olivier until he regains consciousness.

Delphine gets into Dr. Leekie's car and he asks where she is with Cossima.  Delphine says that she is closer and says that Cossima made a pass at her.  Leekie leans into Delphine and says that Cossima's safety is at stake and adds that he needs to know which subjects she is in contact with.  Delphine reminds Leekie that Cossima needs to initiate disclosure and Leekie says that Delphine has to dig deeper and faster because this is a direct threat.  Delphine then gets out of the car.

Helena is eating candy and she pulls out an envelope addressed to mummy.  When she opens it, she fins pictures of Kira and a letter, which she reads.

Felix is sleeping when Sarah puts her foot in his face.  Felix warns that he is not going to hole up with her if she cannot sit still. Sarah gives up trying to call Allison but her phone rings and it's Art again.  Sarah does not answer saying that Beth doesn't live there anymore. Mrs. S enters Felix's apartment and comments that Sarah is alive and tells her about Angela and Art  notifying her of Sarah's death. Sarah says that she doesn't want to lie to her and asks what they said.  Mrs. S replies very little and adds that if whatever is going on, gets one stop close to Kira, that Sarah needs to yell fire.  Mrs.S says that they will burn the house they built for themselves in this country if they have to.  Sarah says that it's a promise.

Art goes to see Angela, who says that the facial reconstruction of the Jane Doe is going well.  Art then hands her a report saying that Sarah Manning jumped in front of a train.  Art tells her to check out the time of death and Sarah realises that this is four days before Sarah Manning was shot.  Angela says that Jane Doe cannot be Sarah Manning but Art reminds her that the prints match.  Angela says that twins brings it close enough to flag a match, even though environmental factors can usually differentiate. Art reminds Angela that Mrs. S said that Sarah had no relations but Angela says that Sarah is an orphan and Angela theorizes that they were triplets, separated at birth.  Art says that there is only one left to clear it up, just as Sarah walks into the station.

Sarah asks what this is all about and Art tells her that some questions came up about her work on the Jane Doe case.  Art says that she said there was no print match and Sarah asserts that there wasn't.  Art says that they ran it again and got a match.  Sarah feigns surprise and Angela walks in and hands her a picture of Sarah Manning. Sarah asks if this is a joke and Angela asks if she has ever seen her before.  Sarah answers in a mirror.

Allison is at the arena when a mother approaches to say that if she needs anything to just call.  Allison keeps walking without comment and walks straight up to Aynesley and Chad.  Allison asks Aynesley what she is doing there and Aynesley responds that she has this covered and that Allison is in no condition to be coaching kids.  Allison says that she is perfectly fine and tells Aynesley to leave. Aynesley reminds Allison that she is mad at Donnie not her.  Allison tells Aynesley that she told her to stay away but Aynesley is convinced that Allison is not herself. Allison warns Aynesley that if she wants to mess with her life, she will mess with Aynesley's before walking away.

Back at the station, Angela accuses Sarah of burying Jane Doe's fingerprints to hide her connection. Sarah asks what connection and brings up the fact that she doesn't have a sister.  Art says that Sarah Manning was an orphan and Angela adds that she had the same prints as Jane Doe but she killed herself days before Jane Doe was murdered. Art calls Sarah Beth and says that he just wants to know where she fits in.  Sarah asks to see the file but Angela reminds her that she is a civilian. Sarah quips that this is what Angela has always wanted. Sarah asks Art if she needs to lawyer up and Art replies, "I don't know Beth, do you?"  Sarah gets up and leaves and Art grabs the photo that Beth touched so that forensics can run her prints.

Allison walks out to her mini van and notices Chad, who is smoking a joint in his.  Allison sneaks up on Chad, who begs her not to narc to Aynesley because Aynesley will go ape shit.  Allison picks up the joint and takes a drag from it and says that this is the first weed she has had since college and asks Chad if he has anymore.

Olivier is now conscious and Paul tells him that Leekie texted and will be there in a couple of hours. Olivier says that Paul is conspiring with at least two clones and asks if he is crazy.  Olivier adds that despite appearances, he is not the one in a compromising position. Paul leans in and reminds Olivier that he blackmailed and ex military intelligence officer to do his dirty work and adds that he knows Olivier is not his real name. Paul tells Olivier that he knows his real name is Kevin and that he has a raft of unsavory arrest warrants.  Olivier says that the organization knows that but Paul reminds him that the police don't and adds that this is why Olivier is going to listen when Paul tells him what happened last night.

Chad and Allison are now smoking a joint in his mini van and they toast her getting rid of Allison. Allison points out that Chad and Aynesley aren't exactly booking nooners.  Chad says that he and Allison are both sharks and that when they stop moving they die.  Allison tells him that he has certainly got that down with his late night runs.  Allison adds that she bets he could bounce her like a ball but Chad says that she has had too much.  Allison points out that Chad may not have had enough and says that she is objectifying him sexually to get back at Donnie. Chad undoes his seatbelt and the two start to make out.

Delphine shows up at Cossima's and she says that she has this thing for jumping to conclusions.  Cossima apologises and says that she knows Delphine is not gay. Cossima says that she wants to do some crazy science with her. Delphine brings up Leekie and pulls out a pamphlet and the two start to talk.  Delphine says that it's good to meet someone who gets her and adds that she cannot stop thinking about that kiss.  Delphine says that she has never thought about bisexuality for herself but as a scientist, she knows that sexuality is a spectrum but social factors codify the attraction, contrary to biological facts. Cossima says that it's oddly romantic and totally encouraging.  Delphine leans in and the two start to kiss.

In the parking lot, Chad and Allison have sex and the parents pull their kids away to protect them.  Allison drives home to Bitch blaring and singing along, when Aynesley stands in the middle of the road and screams for her to get out of the car because everyone knows that Allison had sex with Chad. Allison rolls down the window and tells Aynesley to pay more attention to Chad and less to her. Aynesley again demands that Allison get out of the car and says that she has no idea who she is dealing with. Allison says that she knows exactly who she is dealing with and that Aynesley is a sleazy backstabbing watcher. Allison gets out of the car and the two women start to fight in the middle of the street.

Art and Allison head to the morgue and demand everything he has on Sarah Manning.  He asks if there is a problem and Art says that the finger prints from the gravel crusher are spookily close to two other women.  He pulls up a picture of Sarah Manning and Allison tells Art to look at the name and the address of the person who identified her.

Colin calls Felix and tells him that Art and Angela came to the morgue.  Sarah grabs her things and tells Felix he can handle this.  There's a knock on the door and it's a drunk Allison.  Allison says that bad things have happened to her and Felix pushes her out the door with Sarah. In the minivan, Sarah assures her that this is for one night and Allison confesses to sleeping with Chad and adds that she degraded herself and disgraced her children.  This surprises Sarah and she says that she hopes Allison kicked Aynesley's ass.  Allison admits that she did and adds that she doesn't want to divorce Donnie but doesn't want to keep lying to him either. Allison asks how they can sustain this insanity and Sarah replies that they can't and that she doesn't know whether Art's going to throw her in jail, or if Cossima is going to narc them out to the nearest neolutionists.  Allison reminds Sarah that they still have Helena to worry about.  Sarah says that she came back to fix things and to be a real mother to Kira.  Sarah asks what if they tell them and Sarah asks if she means "come out." I get what was meant in the phrase but it would have been better had they not appropriated this term.

Helena is lying on her side looking at the picture of Kira saying, "I miss you mommy," over and over again and then she reads off the address on the envelope.

Paul tells Olivier that he replaced his security footage to show only one clone.  Leekie walks into the room and Paul introduces himself.  Olivier whines that his tail was taken and Leekie tells him to shut up.

Cossima and Delphine are lying in bed and Delphine is crying but she explains that she always cries. Delphine asks for some ice cream and Cossima gets out of bed and says that she is going to go and get her some Eskimo Pies.  The moment Cossima leaves, Delphine starts to through her things and she finds a hidden file on Cossima computer along with the names and pictures of other clones.

Olivier is lying face down and tells Leekie that if it were not for Paul, Helena would have killed him.  He says that Helena had a slavic accent and that she killed Beth and took over her life.  Leekie looks up at Paul and says, "welcome to the big picture."  Leekie tells Olivier that he should just rest.  Leekie and Paul walk out of the hospital and Leekie tells Paul that tomorrow he would like to talk about the next step.  Delphine calls Leekie and asks him to promise that Cossima is safe and so Leekie tells her that he is protecting Cossima.  Delphine tells him that not only is Cossima researching her own biology but that of eight others and she has had contact with.  Delphine starts to read the list of the names of the clones and Leekie fixates on Sarah Manning.  Delphine gets off the phone saying that Cossima is coming.

Sarah shows up at Mrs.S house and says that it is time she told her what is really going on.  Sarah then brings Allison into the room and introduces her.  Over a bottle of wine, Mrs. S says that it can't get any stranger than human cloning. Allison tells Mrs.S about her education and her life.  Mrs. S realises that Allison came to see Kira once and Sarah admits that this happened but says that Helena was after them. Mrs. S is going down the list of clones and Allison says that they are all messed up except Sarah.  Allison says that tried to say F it but she blew up her whole life. Allison starts to cry and Mrs.S asks if Allison would like to see the guest bedroom.

Art and Angela knock on Felix's door and he says that he was so shocked when Sarah killed herself.  Angela asks Felix if his foster sister had any other sisters and Felix says no and that he keeps asking himself what he missed. Felix says that he never saw the signs and Art brings up Beth.  Art thanks Felix and says that he is sorry for Felix's loss.  When Angela and Art leave, Art tells her that he has been there before and uses his phone to make a call.  Felix's phone starts to ring and he answers it. Art tells Angela about the call he got from a punk with an English accent, who said that he wanted to talk about Beth, before hanging up. Angela says that they should bring Felix in but Art says that it's too early and he wants to get a better picture of this whole deal first.

Olivier is still lying face down when a doctor enters the room and injects something into his foot.  As the doctor leaves, he tells Olivier that Dr. Leekie sends his regards.  Olivier starts to foam at the mouth and his vital signs become erratic.

Sarah is looking at a newspaper clipping of the Brixton fire and says that she knows that there is more going on. Mrs. S asks her what she needs and how she can help. Sarah says that Allison, Beth and Cossima's mothers all wanted babies enough to do invitro and she wonders why her mother gave her up.  Mrs. S tells her that there were rumors that some of the kids they were hiding were undocumented and were the subject of medical experiment. Sarah asks what kind of experiments and Mrs. S says that she doesn't know. Kira is making her way down the stairs and Sarah says that Carlton brought her to Mrs. S and wonders if he would know who her birth mother was. Mrs. S says that even if he did, he might not tell her.  Sarah asks if her contacts still know Carlton and Mrs. S replies that it's possible. Sarah asks Mrs.S to get in touch with him and she says that it was 15 years ago and the last she heard, Carlton was in prison.  Kira pushes the drape on the door aside, and Helena peers into the house. Helena and Kira both touch their hands to the glass.  Kira then unlocks the door.  Sarah says that she just wants to know who she is and Mrs.S tells her that she is a survivor.  Sarah gets up from the table and calls out for Kira and when she sees Helena's coat, she realises that Helena has taken her.  Sarah takes off running and Kira asks where they are going.  Helena tells Kira that she is taking her to meet someone and asks how she could be Sarah's child. Kira comments that Helena looks like her mother but Helena assures her that she is not like her mother, as they walk through an alley.  Helena tells Kira that Sarah is not real and Kira asks her what happened to her.  When Helena says that she doesn't know, Kira hugs her in the alley.  Kira hears her mother screaming for her and says that she should go home now.  Helena asks her if she knows the way and Kira answers I know.   When Kira steps out of the alley, she gets hit by a minivan.

At this point, since Kira is the only one who has a biological child, I assume that this makes her the original and everyone else are clones of her.  I think it's the only logical assumption at this point.   This means that Leekie's influence is very far reaching.  I would however like to know more about the group which is using Helena to kill the clones.

Alright it's clear now that we have to GLBT characters.  I am not however impressed with the nature of the relationship between Cossima and Delphine.  I know that Cossima believes that Delphine is her watcher but it would be nice to see a simple relationship not complicated by the conspiracy. 

The police investigation is get closer to finding out the truth.  The only reason for Sarah not to come clean with Art is her impersonation of Beth which of course is illegal. It can only help them for the police to know because genetic cloning is clearly highly illegal. The benefits of having Art and Angela in the know far outweigh any consequences the clone would face, particularly given what they know, so it makes no sense that they continue to hide the truth.

Another thing that bothers me is if Paul knew about Olivier why didn't he blackmail him before and get himself out of this situation?  Know he is acting out of love for Sarah - a woman he just met.  We know that he is skilled but are somehow supposed to believe that he never used his skills for his own benefit?  Yeah, I think not.