Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Revolution, Season One, Episode Seventeen: The Longest Day

At a Monroe camp, they have managed to use technology and get the satellites up and running.  At the rebel coalition in Ashland, Kentucky, Nora is lying in bed with Miles.  When she gets up to dress, he wakes and asks her where she is going. When Nora says that she has patrol, Miles asks her about leaving a twenty on the night stand, claiming that she is making him feel cheap. Nora tells him that this was a mistake but Miles says that it didn't feel like one and asks her what's wrong.  Nora believes that though they are winning, the odds suggest that one of them is going to watch the others die and she doesn't want to make it harder. 

Neville approaches Jason and says that Jason owes him an apology for leaving him to die on the boat. Rachel watches their interaction, as Neville picks up a gun and tells him to finish the job.  Neville places the gun in Jason's hand and tells him to do it, but Jason responds by telling him to back up. Neville grabs the gun from Jason's hand and says that no matter how hard he tries, Jason will never be able to get rid of him. Neville adds that they are going to be together for a very long time before walking off.

Jason heads off and Charlie catches with him and he says that his father is insane.  Charlie says that she gets it and that she didn't have smoothest relationship with her mother.  Charlie tells him that sometimes she thinks it's just easier being alone.

Aaron and Rachel are sitting together and he asks why he is in the book.  Rachel tells him that she didn't want to tell him because she knew that he would obsesses about it. She then adds that she doesn't know and that it doesn't make any sense. Rachel claims that Ben must have known because from the moment Ben met him, he kept Aaron close, no matter where they moved or what they did.  Rachel points out that Ben could have given the pendant to anyone and he chose Aaron.  Aaron says that he is being creeped out and adds that they need to get moving. When Aaron tries to pick Rachel up, she cries out in pain. Rachel realises that Aaron really isn't going to go away and asks him to hand her, her pack. Rachel says that she has an idea for something that might fix her leg.  Aaron asks her why she didn't say so before and Rachel replies that it probably won't work and will get them both killed as she pulls a capsule out of her bag. 

Charlie is drawing water from a well when she hears a sound. A jet flies over head and Charlie runs off and sounds the alarm bell.  Nora yells incoming and then a jet shoots off a missile.

We get a flashback to Rachel turning herself over to Miles. Miles reveals that they were looking for Ben for quite sometime and wanted him to join him and Bass. Miles asks if Ben can get the lights on and Rachel admits that they both can and is not impressed that he has ignored her skills. Rachel says that Ben has no interest in turning the lights back on but she does.  Miles says that he thought Rachel didn't want to see him again and she admits that she has been thinking about a lot of things.  Miles says that they are going to go and get Ben any way.

In the present, Miles is injured and slowly comes back to consciousness after the bombing.  The area has been destroyed and he hears Nora asking for help and runs to her.  Miles pulls the debris off of her and asks where Charlie is.  Miles starts to frankly yell for Charlie.

Aaron has found a computer and is working with it, as Rachel pulls off the damages to look at her wound.  Rachel tells him that what he is doing is impressive and Aaron admits that he has no idea what he is doing. Rachel says that the capsule is first generation nanotech and that it kept Danny alive because it fixed his lung tissue and that it can be reprogrammed to do almost anything.  Rachel adds that it can fix her leg if it works.  Aaron asks what happens if it doesn't and Rachel replies that it will cook her from the inside out.

Miles has looked at the damage and tells Neville that they had 300 men minutes ago and now they have thirty.  Neville asks how Monroe found them and Miles replies that they have a mole. Nora runs up and says that Charlie and Jason where together.  A rebel soldier interrupts them to say that militia soldiers are headed their way and Neville comments that it looks like Monroe is out to finish the job this time. Miles orders everyone who can still walk to head to the river and Nora asks about the ones who can't walk.  Miles tells Nora to get out while she still can and says that he is going north because that is where Charlie is.  Nora tells him that he is not going alone and when they start to leave, Neville tells them to wait because Julia would never forgive him if he allowed Jason to die out there alone. Charlie is covered by wreckage and she calls out for Jason and screams in pain.

At Monroe headquarters, Jeremy Baker tells Monroe that this is better than what they could have hoped for because the drones are mowing down rebel forces. Bass asks about Miles and Baker tells him that he doubts Miles survived. Bass replies that he will believe it when he sees it and so Baker reminds him that even if he did, Miles is not going to have the men to command.  Baker says that there are men celebrating across the street and that it would mean a lot if Bass joined them for a drink.  Bass immediately says no and claims it's because he has his hands full. Baker reminds Bass that he is one of his oldest friends and asks for the liberty to speak as one. Baker tells Bass that he has worked for his and that he should enjoy it and have one drink. Bass and Baker head out with security and shots are fired at them, taking out one of their security guards.

Aaron has the capsule in his hands and asks Rachel how they power it.  She tells him to plug it in and when he does so, it immediately goes active.  Rachel lies down flat on her back, and Aaron inserts the capsule into Rachel's wound, as she screams in pain.  Aaron wonders what he did wrong at first, until the capsule starts to heal her wound.  Two men approach them with guns, demanding that Aaron and Rachel go with them.

Nora, Miles and Neville are deep in enemy territory when they find Jason, who tells them that Charlie was in the lookout tower when it collapsed. When Nora says that Jason needs a doctor, Jason says no and that they should give him a gun.  Neville tells Miles that he will get Jason out of there and adds that he and Nora should go.  Before leaving, Miles says good luck to Neville.

Seven years after the blackout, Miles is looking through the former home of Rachel and Ben.  When he finds it empty, he asks Rachel where her family is and orders his men to search the woods. Rachel tells him that her family is long gone and that she doesn't know if she is ever going to see them again. Rachel adds that she made that sacrifice to keep them safe from Miles.  Miles asks Rachel again if she can get the power back on and this time she says no.  Miles asks if Ben can and Rachel tells him that it doesn't matter because they have heard the stories.  Rachel calls Miles "general Matheson the butcher of Baltimore," and adds that they are not going to give him the ability to kill more people because he is a monster and they are ashamed to call him one of their family. Miles grabs Rachel around the neck and says, "that's not what you used to say about me.  You thought you could just bat your eyes at me and I'd roll over, and take you away instead of Ben.  Rachel, I care about you and I always thought you felt the same way." Rachel tells him that they were kids who had a fling but not a day goes by that she doesn't regret it. Miles raises his fist to punch her and when Rachel flinches, Miles tells her that this is not the only thing she is going to regret.

In the present, Rachel and Aaron are being marched into a house where a child lies on a couch ill.  Lee Blackmore says that they brought Rachel and Aaron there because they are healers and asks if they can help the child.  Apparently, the child took a bad spill off a horse and cracked some of his ribs.  Rachel checks out the wound and it is clearly discoloured.  She tells the boy that she knew a kid like him once and that they have to go back to the store and get a few things.

Baker tells Monroe that the city is locked down and that they have a few suspects they are looking at. Bass pours a drink and hands it to Baker, who apologises and says that this is a mess.  Bass says that it's a miracle they didn't get hit and that he had cover but Baker was totally exposed with no cover. Baker claims that the man must have been a lousy shot but Monroe replies that he had amazing timing and adds that he was waiting right outside the bar.  Baker suggests that the sniper must have followed Bass, then thanks him for the drink and moves to leave. The guards refuse to let Baker leave and Monroe points out again that Baker led him there, and was totally exposed, yet didn't get hit.  Baker asks if it would have been better had he been shot and denies having anything to do with this. When Bass asks what he is supposed to think, Baker tells him that it was a Georgian or a rebel or anyone but the only friend that Bass has left in the world. Bass points out that it wouldn't be the first time a friend tried to kill him.  Baker replies that Miles did a number on him and then points out that Neville and Miles betrayed Bass because he made them. Baker adds that they were loyal to him but he was so paranoid and unhinged that Bass pushed them away.  Baker says that with officer dropping like flies, he stayed because he believed that Bass was trying to make a better world and that clearly he is the fool.  Baker tells Bass that he will take over the continent but he is going to suspect everyone around him. Bass thanks him for telling him the truth and leaves the room. As Bass walks away, we hear a gunshot.

Miles and Nora are still in a rebel controlled area and when they shoot a soldier, they immediately come under heavy fire. In the rubble, Charlie is struggling and manages to free herself.  She stays hidden however when she realises that she is surrounded by militia troops.

Neville is struggling to help Jason and Jason says that he doesn't understand Tom and asks why he is doing this.  Jason tells him that he doesn't want his help and Neville says that he knows what kind of man he is and that he has done every bad thing in the good book, including lying, stealing, murdering and that leaving his only son to die alone is where he draws the line.

Aaron, Rachel and Lee return to the store but before Aaron can completely explain how they can help, Rachel hits Lee over the head with a shovel.  Aaron says that he thought they were helping Lee's kid but Rachel asks how they would do that.  Aaron says that he was going to cut the nanite out of her knee but Rachel tells him that the kid is already gone because the infection has gotten to his organs and asks what Lee will do if the kid dies on their watch. Aaron points out that Rachel is not a doctor and that they might be able to save him but Rachel argues back that they cannot save everyone. Aaron says that the tower is important but asks what the point of having power is, if they can't at least help people.  Rachel asks what makes him think that she is in it to help people and then states that she wants power so that Monroe's enemies can wipe him off the map. Rachel says that she wants to kill the man who killed her son and Aaron asks if she is willing to kill someone else's son.  Rachel replies that she doesn't care what Warren thought about Aaron, or what is written in the journal and that if he wants to stay there, that she will leave him there.

Miles and Nora are still in the middle of the fire fight, as Jason and Neville attempt to head for safety.  Neville and Jason get surrounded by rebel groups and are ordered to hit the ground.  Neville pulls out his gun and shoots the soldiers but gets shot in the arm. Miles asks Nora to cover him but she tells him that he will be running into a firing squad.  When Miles asks her if she has a better idea, Nora suggests that they go south.  Miles quickly dismisses this and points out that Charlie is over there. Nora reminds him what Jason said and points out that Charlie could be dead and adds that she doesn't want to loose him as well. Miles says that he is not going to leave Charlie for dead because he did it to Rachel and won't do it to her. Miles stands and starts shooting and tells Nora to trust him. Miles sees Charlie making a run for it but when he looks over his other shoulder, he sees Nora moving the other way.

In yet another flashback to seven years after the power went out, Miles asks again where Ben is and Rachel says that she can't say because she doesn't know.  Rachel is tied to a chair when Miles squats in front of her and tells her that this is going to end badly for her and that he doesn't care about whatever they had, or that they're family.  In the present, Charlie is running when she is tripped by a militia soldier and she fights back, until Miles pulls the soldier off of her.  They hug and then the two take off looking for Nora. 

Bass is in his office when a soldier walks in and tells him that they caught the would be assassin, who  was a Georgian spy. Bass asks about his co-conspirators and is told that the spy was acting alone. Bass thanks the major but he has tears in his eyes.

At the Georgia Federation presidential compound, Jason is sleeping and when he wakes, he finds Charlie in his room.  Charlie tells him that he is in Atlanta and that it wasn't easy to get there.  Charlie tells Jason that Neville got him out and Jason apologises for leaving her and says that he thought she was dead.  Charlie tells him that it wasn't his fault and the two share a kiss. Neville approaches Jason's room and stops when he sees Jason and Charlie together.

In a separate area, Miles demands that a soldier find Nora no matter what it takes. The soldier replies  that they don't have very many contacts left because Bass took them all out. When Miles says that he has to go himself, the president enters and tells him that he is  not going anywhere because she has lost too many men as it is.  Miles asks the president how bad things are and she tells him that injured soldiers are streaming in from the north. Foster adds that she has lost over half her army in the last few days and that any minute, Monroe is going to come streaming into the city and carpet bomb the streets and lay claim to the rubble.  The president says that she has an obligation to save as many of her people as she can and that if he doesn't have any good ideas, that she will surrender.

Nora has been captured and when they take off her blindfold, she is on her knees in front of Bass. 

One of my favourite characters in this series continues to be Neville.  Though we are clearly to see him as troubled and dangerous, I love that he is so complex.  Despite all the anger and resentment between him and Jason at the end of the day, Neville loves him.  It was something I honestly wondered about but the scenes in this episode made it clear.  I do however wonder if this means that Neville's character is going to get rehabilitated?  This is something I absolutely would not support.

Okay so we have Nora as disposable yet again. Yes, Miles pulled her out of the rubble but his loyalty will always be to Charlie over and above everyone else no matter what the situation.  I know that this is being framed as guilt for how he treated Rachel but what it comes down to is a White woman being lifted onto a pedestal, while the only major WOC is reduced to disposable.  Now that Foster has explained the situation, clearly it is going to be up to Nora to save herself yet again.

I find it interesting that Rachel is so cold and in many ways, it mimics the behaviour and thoughts expressed by Charlie recently.  I am however not surprised that her only motivation is revenge for Danny's death.  The problem of course lies with the fact that Rachel is responsible for the death of thousand, perhaps millions for knocking out the power in the first damn place. It will clearly be up to Aaron to humanise her and I am not sure if I like that.