Monday, May 13, 2013

Orphan Black, Season One, Episode Seven: Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner

Sarah is skyping with  Cossima and she tells her that Olivier called Paul in quite some time ago and Paul has yet to return.  Cossima asks if this is out of the ordinary but Sarah says that she has no idea what normal is.  Cossima suggests that as long as Paul is on their side that things should be okay, but Sarah is not certain that Paul is on their side.

Paul is sitting down with Olivier and he wants to go back to the time of Beth's shooting of a civilian. Olivier wants to know if Paul still perceives this as a normal reaction to what happened.  Paul says that Beth's decline lead directly to the civilian shooting and that she only got worse from there.

Back on skype, Sarah warns Cossima to stay away from her handler Delphine but Cossima believes that they must engage with their monitors.  Sarah tries again and points out what happened between Allison and her husband, and Allison's desperation now to save her marriage. Cossima promises to confront Delphine much more logically and points out that her situation is different. Cossima points out that Delphine doesn't know that she knows but Sarah asks Cossima to stay away from Delphine until she finds out whether or not Paul is selling them down the river. 

Helena is still under some sort of care and is awoken by Thomas.  She asks where she is and Thomas only tells her that she is getting stronger.  We see that Thomas is wearing a ring with a very distinctive signet.

Sarah and Felix drive to an underground club that Olivier told Paul to meet him at.  They find Paul's car and Sarah says that even if Paul's not ratting her out, the medical tests could still tell them that she is not Beth. Felix replies that Cossima said they wouldn't but Sarah is not convinced and suggests that Cossima is blinded by science. Felix says that from his research, Cossima is right and that because she is a clone of Beth, Sarah and Beth have identical DNA. 

Art and Angela are meeting with a pathologist and they learn that the DNA sample from the Jane Doe in the gravel crusher and the DNA sample from the killer in the bathroom are a match.  Art says that someone in the lab must have messed up.  Janice says that there was no mistake and wonders if the blood they found was planted.  Angela suggests that possibly someone with access tampered with the results. Art says that they are missing something from the very beginning. Hardcastle suggests that they need to do it the old fashioned way and asks about the facial reconstruction of the Jane Doe.  Janice tells them that it's coming and reminds Hardcastle that her face went through a gravel crusher. When Hardcastle and Janice leave the room, Art tells Angela that Beth would never tamper with evidence. Angela concedes that he might be right but reminds Art that he had questions with her run in with the killer. Art says that they need to return to square one like Hardcastle said.

Outside the club, Sarah says that she is tired of waiting and that she is going to go into the club to find out what Paul is up to.  Felix tells her that she cannot go in there with her recognizable mug and that club land is his world.  Felix enters and is told that the club is private but when a woman walks in, he says that he came a great distance to party there and was told to mention Olivier.  The woman tells him that he is dying and says that he is not familiar with neolotionism. Felix gets in and tells the woman that he is intrigued by evolution and self augmentation. He asks if Olivier is advanced and is told that he has no idea.

Olivier asks the last time Paul was sexually intimate with Beth and how he would charcterise it. Paul says that that he does not understand the question. Olivier then asks if Paul would describe the intercourse as intimate, aggressive, perfunctory, aggressive, sensual and Paul says passionate. Olivier points out that Paul has previously described Beth as a cold fish and Paul once again says that it would help if he knew what is going on. Olivier tells him that the problem with clandestine ops is that information and security rarely go hand in hand and this is why he has been told that someone is killing their subjects. 

Helena sits up and is offered a drink by Thomas, who asks why she let the imposter live.  Helena replies that Sarah is different than the others. Thomas asks how "it could be different" and Helena replies that she does not know and that they have a connection.  Thomas says that it's nothing and is just like one of Helena's fingernail clippings.  Helena tells him that Sarah said that she is not the original and that they are all the same. Thomas knocks the drink out of Helena's hand and asks her how she could believe such a thing.  Helena and Thomas embrace and Helena asks for forgiveness.

Felix makes his way through the club and follows Paul out. Paul surprises Felix, grabbing him by the neck and asks why Felix is following him.  Felix says that he is not following him but when it's clear that Paul does not believe him, Felix says, "I thought you might want a blow job."  Sarah shows up and pulls Paul away from Felix and tells Paul that Felix is her brother. Paul asks her what she is doing there and Sarah tells him that she was worried.  When she asks what happened, Paul tells her to meet him at home. 

Thomas tells Helena that her task is more difficult because the real Beth shot their friend Maggie Chen, as he dries her feet. Helena says that the copies are harder to find, so Thomas suggests that maybe the could use the imposter (read: Sarah).  Helena replies that she would like to see Sarah again and Thomas grabs her by the head and informs Helena that "it will say anything to justify itself." Helena promises to be strong and Thomas replies, "get back to the Sheppard is to the sheep." Thomas hands Helena a razor and tells her to bleed the imposter for what it knows and then kill it.  Helena uses the razor to cut her back and on her face is an expression of euphoria. 

Later, Helena opens a door to a freighter and Thomas tells her, "you are the original, you are the light." and Helena repeats his words. He opens the door widely and Helena steps outside.

Paul and Sarah are at home and he says that they should go over what she knows and that Beth said that there were nine of them. Sarah corrects him and says that there is only one of her, just like there was only one of Beth.  Paul replies that this is not what he means and Sarah concedes that Beth said that there were nine altogether but she has only met Allison. Paul asks who else knows besides her brother and Sarah replies just her and Allison.  Paul then asks about Allison's husband and Sarah tells him that they have been together since high school and that Paul is not her monitor. Paul tells Sarah that they don't know that and informs Sarah not to lie to him.  Sarah asks what is going on and if Olivier is on to them.  Paul reveals that Olivier told him that someone is killing the subjects and asks if she knows anything about that.  Sarah says no and asks who and Paul tells her that Olivier said that he is to watch her closely and make sure that she is not aware. Paul tells her that this is high level shit because cloning humans is illegal and asks Sarah if she is the least bit worried that someone might be trying to kill her.  Sarah says yes and adds that at least it's not Paul. Sarah then says that she still needs to see her daughter and Paul hands over his car keys saying that his job is to keep her safe.

Sarah heads to the underground parking garage and she sees Helena in the window.  Helena says that she is not there to hurt Sarah and that she just wants to talk.  Sarah tells Helena to stay away from her and Helena says that she has an offer for her and that they should do lunch.  Helena and Sarah head to a restaurant and Helena tells Sarah that she dreamed that they were friends.  Sarah makes it clear that they are not friends but Helena informs her that they will be because she has seen it. Helena shifts gears and says that the restaurant is nice and asks what Sarah's name is. Sarah tells her that the relationship is not there yet and asks if Helena is Russian.  Helena tells her that she grew up pure in a convent in Ukraine. Sarah asks if the nuns made her kill the others and Helena says no and that the nuns saved her from abandonment.  Helena says that she wants the knife back that Sarah took from her and informs her that she is supposed to kill her as well.  Helena adds that Sarah saved her, so Sarah suggests that they should call it even and go their separate ways.  Helena tells her that they will never be separate but she will spare her. Helena grabs a pen and tells her that she has until midnight to tell her the names and hands her a phone number saying that if she doesn't, Sarah will die first. Helena then leaves the restaurant. 

At the station, Art is looking through the evidence when Angela walks in carrying Beth's paperwork and announces that it's a mess and that that it's like she's never done it before.  Angela adds that Jane Doe's fingerprint isn't even on file there. Art says that they ran them and that there was no match.  Angela replies that she remembers Beth running them but adds that even if there's no match, they should still be there. Art replies that Hardcastle said to rerun everything and suggests getting forensics to get the hand and rerun the prints. 

Olivier gets a phone call and is told that he has a problem. The voice says that he just received the results of Beth's medical examine and it turns out that it's not Beth. Olivier asks which one she is and Dr. Leekie tells him that it's not his concern and to bring her in.  

Sarah is leaving the restaurant and she calls Cossima and tells her about Helena's demand and promises not to give her up.  Cossima suggests that Sarah give her up to Olivier and Sarah reminds Cossima that she said that if her blind subjects suddenly became aware that she would terminate. Cossima replies that she is beginning to rethink that because their creators have a huge investment in them and she believes that they would try to protect them from whatever was hunting them. Sarah informs Cossima that they know someone is killing them and that Paul told her that the word was to observe their lab rat and keep them stupid. Cossima brings up Leekie and neolution and Sarah tells her that Olivier owns a club named Neolution and that it's filled with modfreaks. Cossima says that the neolutionists have a philosophy and that she went with Delphine to one of Leekie's lectures  Sarah interrupts and reminds Cossima that she promised to stay away from Delphine, but Cossima counters and says that she didn't and that Sarah just told her to.  Sarah points out that Cossima is going to end up strapped to a gurney with doctors giving her the probe but Cossima points out that she probably already has been. When Cossima asks if they can get back to Helena, Sarah tells her to stay out of her lane and promises to stay out of hers and hangs up the phone. Delphine knocks on Cossima's door.

Paul gets out of the shower, grabs a gun and it's Olivier sitting on the couch.  Paul asks him how he got in there and Olivier reminds Paul that they bought the place so that he would appear moderately successful to Beth and attractive.  Olivier then asks where the subject is and Paul tells him that she is visiting Christine.  Olivier reminds Paul that he was supposed to keep a close eye on her and Paul replies that it's a girls lunch and he couldn't force the issue. Olivier holds up a picture and tells Paul that the subject isn't who he thinks she is.  Paul points out that he saw her just a few hours ago and Olivier asserts that it wasn't Beth. Olivier tells him that the person killing their subjects looks exactly like Beth and Paul asks if he means like a twin.  Olivier says yes and tells Paul to get dressed.

Helena breaks into Paul's place and looks at pictures of him on the fridge.  In the meantime, Sarah and Felix have gone to see Kira, who is playing the piano.  Sarah is clearly distracted and not listening.  When Kira notices, Sarah apologises and says that she never learned to play piano.  Mrs.S tells Kira that Sarah just didn't work hard enough at it. Felix tells Sarah to move over and announces his attention to teach Kira Queen. Helena is continuing to go through Paul's apartment sniffing Sarah's clothing. Mrs.S is going through newspaper clippings from Thatcher's time in England and asks Sarah what she remembers about Brixton, which I assume is a shelter in which Mrs. S found Sarah. Apparently, a man brought Sarah to Mrs. S as a child and asked her to hide Sarah. Mrs. S says that she didn't ask what she didn't know and that she had a chance to legitimize a child, so she became Sarah's legal guardian. The last time Mrs. S hard from Carlton, the man who brought Sarah to her, he begged Mrs. S to hide her deeper and so they moved. 

Cossima and Delphine are having dinner. Dr. Leekie enters the restaurant and Delphine asks if they should ask him to join them. Cossima points out that Delphine is single now but Delphine says that he is too old.  Delphine does however add that Leekie's mind is sexy and gets up to invite him.

Art and Angela are in the lab with Janice and another tech. They pull out the hand and Art tells them that they are looking at the whole process again.  

At the restaurant, Delphine points out Cossima to Leekie.  They then sit and begin to discuss Cossima's research and he asks if either of them are familiar with the work at the institute and he says that they have created a stem cell line from human baby teeth.  Delphine interrupts but Cossima carries on and points out that they have developed a number of proprietary cloning techniques. 

At the club, Paul is being questioned by Olivier, who tells him that Beth is dead and that he suspects Sarah has killed a number of other suspects. Paul says that to him, she's still Beth and Olivier tells him that regardless of what he thinks, Paul needs to bring Sarah in.  Paul asks where in Europe Sarah is from and Olivier tells him that it's irrelevant and that loyalty is proven in the moment.  Olivier shows Paul pictures of him in the military and promises that if he helps to make it right, what he did in Afghanistan will go away and then he will be free of his debt to them.

Leekie asks Delphine and Cossima about how they would feel about applying to the institute. He tells Cossima that she could be on the cover on Scientific America because she has a unique perspective.  Delphine is clearly uncomfortable watching them talk.

Sarah is getting ready to leave and Mrs. S tells her that if she has to go back to go forward that Sarah should inform her because it might still be dangerous. Sarah says that she think it might be and Mrs.S promises to keep Kira safe and the two women hug. 

Olivier sits down in front of Paul and Paul is handed back his phone and told to put it on speaker.  He calls Sarah and when she answers the phone, Paul calls her Beth and then tells her that they know she is not Beth and instructs her to run.  Olivier and Paul face off and Paul is knocked unconscious.  In the car,, Sarah tell Felix that she can't just leave Paul in there because it's her fault that he is in there in the first place. Felix asks how she knows that Paul is still there and Sarah says that she doesn't but she has to try. Helena is in the apartment talking to a picture of Paul, when she gets a call from Sarah, who gives her Olivier's name. Sarah informs Helena that Olivier is a shepherd and asks her to come meet her.

Sarah prepares to sneak into the building and tells Felix that if she is not back in fifteen minutes, that he is to call Art, tell him everything and make sure that Kira is safe. Felix tells her not to die because her first funeral was agonizing enough.  Sarah sneaks downstairs but she is being watched on camera. A modified woman approaches and asks who Sarah is, as Olivier is punching Paul and demanding to know where Sarah is.  Paul says that he is not working for anyone but Olivier does not believe him and asks why he is protecting Sarah. The modified woman opens the door and announces that she brought Beth to see him.  The modified woman hands over Helena's knife and says that Sarah was carrying it.  

Outside the club, Felix is clearly getting tense.  Olivier tells Sarah that in all of the years, he's never seen one of her in the flesh.  Paul tells Sarah that Olivier thinks that she is the killer and Olivier confirms that they have genetic evidence which proves she is not Beth. Sarah asks how he can tell that if they are genetically identical and then reveals that he has the wrong girl and that the one who is killing them is blonde, Ukrainian and a religious nut.  Sarah again says that it's not her and asks what they want. Sarah tells him that if he wants to grow a tail that it's his business.  Olivier tells her that his modest enhancement reminds him of what he can achieve.   Olivier starts to undo his pants and says that it's performance art compared to Sarah. His phone rings cutting off the conversation and it is Dr. Leekie.  Olivier informs him that they have the killer and Leekie commands that he get Sarah ready to travel.  

Sarah is taken to another room and Olivier tells Paul that Sarah is irresistible.  Helena attacks the mod woman and tells Sarah that she wants the name of a sheep for her freedom.  Olivier puts a knife to Paul's neck and tells him that he offered him a way out and that he made a fool of him.  On the monitor, Olivier notices something wrong and when he goes to check it out, he finds Helena who demands to see his tail.  Olivier pulls down his pants and Helena asks how this is possible and if Olivier lay with a beast.  She then informs him that she has a message for his master from Thomas and then she cuts off his tail.  Sarah runs back into the room with Paul and tells him that there are a few things she should have told him.

Outside, Felix picks up the phone and calls Art.  Felix tells him that he needs to talk to him about Beth Childs but hangs up when Sarah and Paul bang on the window of the truck.  Inside the club, people continue to party and Helena has joined them on the dance floor waving around her knife. 

Back at Felix's, Sarah admits that she gave Helena her name because that was the price of her freedom. Sarah admits that Helena has a thing for her.  Paul takes her hand and Felix excuses himself.  Paul says that they can't go back to the townhouse because it's not safe and the two kiss.

Cossima is looking at a card which says Dyao, when Delphine walks into the room and tells her that working with Dr. Dr. Leekie could be the opportunity of a lifetime.  Cossima says that she knows, so Delphine asks her why she is being so coy. In response, Cossima tells her that it's time that they admit what this is really about and she kisses Delphine.  Delphine backs away and says that she has to go. 

At the station, Art tells Angela that he is going home but before he can leave, Angela tells him that the Jane Doe print matches Sarah Manning. When Art sees the photo, he wants to know why Sarah looks like Beth.

I have to say that each week, I get more and more drawn into Orphan Black.  The meta is moving swiftly and we learn more about the mystery of the clones each week.  Now we know that there are two different factions interested in the clones and that each group has different goals in mind.  We have learned a lot about Leekie but very little about Thomas. 

I still have a problem that Felix is still Sarah's go to gopher.  It would be nice to see his character developed and for him to have a separate life than to follow her around and do her bidding constantly. This week we had a kiss between Delphine and Cossima and it makes me wonder if Cossima was just playing a game, or if she is indeed a lesbian and attracted to Delphine. I think that this would be great because at least Cossima has her own life and interests.