Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fangs for the Fantasy Podcast Returns!

After many epic conflicts, surpassing hardship beyond measure, defeating terrible foes and creating an eternal enemy we have dubbed Sister Demon Nun, Renee has escaped from hospital. I do not know how many nuns, nurses, passing doctors, orderlies, patients or polar bears she had to slay to do this but I’m sure it’s considerable.

It does mean she is ensconced back home (with decent food at last!) and we will be resuming the podcast! (Unless Sister Demon Nun catches up with Renee, in which case she may be too busy loading the shotgun)

So tomorrow (Monday 5th August) at 6:30pm EST (11:30pm BST) we will resume our Fangs for the Fantasy Podcast

As ever, all of our previous podcasts are available through our archive.