Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 10: The Overlooked

After all the drama of last week, we open to an even more dramatic scene – a massive storm and the hospital being evacuated. Melissa is organising everything (healthcare would collapse without her – they’re not even pretending she isn’t the supreme ruler of all things medical any more) and heads to Cora’s room who still has to be evacuated – except Cora is being looked after by Peter so they have to have a little “you’re supposed to be dead!” moment. And Cora vomits black sludge. That’s not a good sign

At the werewolf loft, Derek gets a visit from Jennifer (Ms. Blake. The Darach). She has to tell him to ignore everything Scott and Stiles say and just trust her because he’s known her for, y’know, 2 weeks. She kisses him – but Scott and co are already there. Ms. Blake goes for a full denial with a side order of scorn tactic. She keeps protesting but Scott has a jar of mistletoe – something Deaton called both a cure and a poison – he throws the mistletoe dust on her and her illusion fades, revealing the Darach.

Well so much for the secret identity. She starts to run and Derek catches her with one hand but she hurriedly tells him that only she can save Cora from her nasty vomity goo disease. It’s more mistletoe-ness. Derek starts to strangle Darach with one hand while Scott and Stiles convince him this is a bad idea. Derek drops her and she starts cockily deciding everyone needs her. Hmmm yeah with that look on her face you could almost justify brutal, vile torture – someone call up Allison, she has practice.

Road trip! Darach tries to make lots of excuses to Derek who is not in the mood to listen to any of them. Stiles is suspicious though – he’s sure that the Darach is still in control. He’s also brought a bat (hey, everyone else has claws).  In the hospital they fill in Melissa and she briefs them. They go up to Cora’s room (everyone giving the Darach nasty eyes) and find Cora missing  - and Peter being thrown across the room. They have a Big problem – a big werewolf; the Alpha-Twins werewolf-Voltron.

Derek and Scott attack one at a time, because reasons, while Stiles and Peter check on Cora. Scott protests to Ethan and Aidan, why are they doing it and they say “all they want is her.” If they mean the Darach, she’s busy escaping in the lift. Derek, Stiles, Peter and Scott try to get Cora out of there while delaying Werewolf-Voltron (seriously – Derek, Peter and Scott together can’t bring Werewolf-Voltron down? That’s 2.5 Alphas!) The twins do split up so they can argue with each other (do I get to complain that Voltron-mode involves no shirts but their trousers miraculously reform?) over holding back and letting the pack live – but both want to kill the Darach before she kills them.

Downstairs, Kali and Deucalion also join the party, hunting the Darach – who briefly panics before remembering “oh yeah, super powers!” and sends Kali flying across the room. They run across Melissa instead.

Isaac, Allison and Chris all decide to go to the hospital to help protect Cora (well, for more drama at the hospital, mainly and getting the whole cast in one place).

The pack hangs around in the hospital basement, Stiles having a bit of a freak out since his dad’s still captured and they lost the Darach – Cora’s not doing so well either; and Darach arrives with her own deal – she will tell them where Sheriff Stilinski is and save Cora so long as they get her out of the hospital without turning her into Alpha doggy food. Has anyone considered checking with Deaton to see if he can cure Cora? Or, perhaps, asked Chris where Stilinski should be? Just throwing that out there before everyone decides working with their worst enemy is an absolute must.

Peter suggests torture but then Melissa has a message over the PA with an ultimatum from Deucalion demanding they hand over Darach or everyone gets sliced and diced into chunky mush. Darach drops the big secret – Deucalion won’t hurt Melissa because he wants Scott (which is news to Derek). He wants rare Alphas added to his pack – like Scott, the True Alpha; brief exposition while everyone explains what a True Alpha is.

Battle plan – Scott and Peter delay Voltron while everyone else runs with Cora and Darach. And to get an advantage, Pete charges himself up with epinephrine (don’t try this at home kids). Fight scene! Everyone else gets to the ambulance waiting – but there’s also a body of the driver there, killed by Kali who calls Darach “Julia.” Stiles and Cora hide but Derek and Darach run because Derek can’t beat Kali (I assume Kali is some other kind of special Alpha since Derek won’t even try to fight her even with super-Darach).

What happened to Darach of the super-powers we saw last week?

They reach the lift but Melissa shows Deucalion how to turn the power off. Deucalion lets Melissa go as a gesture of goodwill. Derek and Darach are trapped in the lift until someone gets the backup generator working - which they text Scott and Peter for who are now running from the Werewolf Voltron.

In the ambulance, Stiles realises Cora isn’t breathing and hurriedly performs CPR. He saves her and then has an angst moment – Scott has developed so much in this season that Stiles, the one who used to have all the ideas – often doesn’t have a role any more. He’s feeling pretty useless and is worried about his dad; the acting is superb, properly done angst that other shows should take notice of. Then Voltron enters the garage and walks past

But it’s Scott and Peter (zonked from the epinephrine) who bang on the door to be let in. Peter staggers in and Stiles quickly fills in Scott about Kali and the twins before Scott heads out. Scott runs into the twins who start battering him – until Melissa steps out with a defibrillator and shocks them into both separating and unconsciousness.

In the lift, Darach actually spends a moment hoping that Derek doesn’t hate her because she has scars and isn’t really pretty. Really? I actually think the reason he’s cold and unhappy with you is because his sister is dying because of you, you’re a serial killer and everyone he knows is now putting their life at risk protecting you because you’re holding the safety of people they love – people YOU imperilled – to ransom to force that. I think her scars are waaaaaaaaaaaay down the list.

In a dual scene, Kali explains Darach’s history to Deucalion and Darach explains it to Derek. Darach was Kali’s emissary – but Kali couldn’t kill her; she didn’t understand why she had to because she thought Darach was harmless, but she slashed her up for Deucalion – Deucalion mocks that and says she did it to be with Ennis. She left Darach to die “peacefully” rather than put her out of her misery. Deucalion’s line “my heart bleeds for you, Kali. Apparently hers could have bled a little more.” Deucalion wins!

The injured Darach clung to the Nemeton, the holy tree – until Derek killed Paige in the cellar among its roots – a virgin sacrifice. Recharging the tree and her, giving the police chance to find her (lead by Stilinski).  Darach continues storytime by telling the story of the Norse god Bladr. She uses it to lead in to how she will not be overlooked, how the Alphas overlooked the Emissaries and she “borrowed” the powers of the sacrifices to defeat the Alphas. She tells Derek he has killed people as well – and she wants him to not just save her, but let her save everyone the Alphas will go on to kill. He doesn’t think she can beat them but she counters – during the total lunar eclipse, werewolves lose all their power.

Scott and Melissa meet up with Isaac and the Argents; they fill them in on what’s happened and who the Darach is. Allison comes up with a plot.

This plan? Involves Allison running through the halls and Kali and the Twins chasing hair because she superficially resembles the Darach (let us forget for a moment that werewolves have a sense of smell, the plot demands it!) she manages to stay ahead of the twins despite werewolfness and silly shoes (the plot demands it!) and gets out of the hospital and reaches her bow, firing flash bangs while Chris unloads his pistols. The Twins and Kali pause dramatically rather than chasing then scatter rather than attack. Meanwhile, Melissa turns the power back on.

Plan is working, everyone’s ready to run – but the Darach uses her magic to knock Derek out and escape. Scott runs to check on him and Stiles follows after reading “parent or guardian” on a hospital consent form – Melissa could be a “guardian” sacrifice. Isaac, Peter and Cora escape the twins in the car

Scott reaches the roof and Deucalion confirms that Darach has Melissa. Deucalion offers to help if he’ll go with him. Stiles tells him not to; but Scott doesn’t know what else to do.

Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa are both tied in the Nemeton basement

Really? No-one thought to check here? Peter, Chris, Deaton, Merril, Derek all know about this place and even its significance but no-one is checking?

Ok this episode was more action than revelation-y but I think that worked. We’ve had a lot of knowledged dumped on us the last few episodes it was good to have an episode more focused on battle and some lesser revelations – the plot keeps moving but we’re given chance to digest everything a little more.

But… there are plot holes creeping in. Several of the Alphas – Ennis, the Twins and Kali – have seen Ms. Blake, especially during the killing of Boyd. None of them recognised her? Not by sight? Not by smell?

As is pretty clear, I think the resolve of the action was pretty dubious as well (Allison’s plan should not have worked). But I also found it a little odd that they tag team Voltron rather than ganging up on the twins. And it beggars belief that no-one is checking on the Nemeton basement. I also think the Darach’s powers seem to come and go – she’s teleported before. She faced off casually against Scott, bullets from Sherriff Stilinski and more. Was she cowering from the Alphas or just waiting for her chance?

There’s a vague hint that Kali and Darach may have been very close – it’s possible or it could have been platonic. But if they were lovers then that means – per Deucalion – that Kali killed her female lover so she could run off with a male lover which is so beyond not OK.