Sunday, November 23, 2014

Grimm, Season Four, Episode Five: Cry Luison

"A liar will not be believed,
even when he speaks the truth"

This episode begins where the last ended. Juliet is informed that in order to give Nick back his Grimm nature, she needs to sleep with Nick, in the body of Adalind.

In Austria, Adalind  moves from drowning, to an empty hallway with Hoffman remonstrating her for waking the voices.  Hoffman informs Adalind that she heard what she wanted to hear and they begin to move slowly forward, until Adalind hears a baby crying and takes off running. Adalind runs around the castle getting nowhere.

A nervous Ava questions her husband Gabriel about whether or not all of the doors have locked and is then encouraged to take some sleeping pills.

Back in Portland, Elizabeth tells Juliet that she has to breathe in the potion and then do everything that Adalind did as her. Elizabeth says that everything Adalind did has to be done in reverse and Nick is quick to say that he is not putting Juliet through that.  Elizabeth makes it clear that it might be just as dangerous to do nothing and Juliet questions if she would still know who she is while being transformed into Adalind.  Monroe points out that Nick would also be aware that he was sleeping with Juliet.  Rosalie suggests that Juliet think of it like wearing a costume and Nick points out that it would be a costume of a woman who tried to kill him.  Truble argues that this is about getting it done and Elizabeth suggests a very dark room.  Nick is adamant that he doesn't want anymore potions and Juliet reminds NIck that if he wants to be a Grimm again, this is the only way.  Nick asks for some time to think about this and Elizabeth makes it clear that Nick is short on time because she is going to be leaving soon.  Ever supportive, Juliet points out that a normal life sounds pretty good but questions if they can go back to that.  Nick calls it their chance to find out.

Ava is still awake and gets out of bed leaving her husband fast asleep.  Ava makes her way through the house, buttoning up her robe.  Ava heads downstairs and is confronted with what looks like a Wessen in wolf form, assuring her that he is there because she wants him to be.  The Wessen offers Ava a drink saying that it will calm her.  Ava breaks the glass and the noise wakes Gabriel.  Ava manages to grab the cars keys and runs outside to the garage, only to see the monster in the side mirrors.  Ava starts to drive away, only to see the monster now in her backseat.  Ava runs over a man, though she tries to push the breaks and ends up crashing into a barrier, only to see the monster staring at her through the now broken windshield.

The next morning, Nick and Truble meet in the kitchen and Truble is clearly disturbed.  Truble tells Nick that while she understands why he doesn't want to be a Grimm anymore, she doesn't believe it is a good idea for her to stay in town as the only Grimm. Truble believes that if she sticks around, she will only be putting Nick in danger.  Truble suggests that Nick and Juliet cannot have a normal life if she is there.  They are interrupted when Bud knocks on the door to offer his condolences about Nick losing his Grimm nature.  Bud then asks to speak to Truble to introduce himself and ask Truble to help him now that Nick can't.  Nick suggests that if it's a police matter, he is more than willing to help but Bud says no and that it's a small matter of his kid being bullied by a Wessen kid at school and he thought Truble could talk to the kid.  Truble agrees to help and Nick leaves for work. The moment Nick leaves, Bud says that he lied and Nick is in big trouble.  It seems that Bud broke his promise about not telling anyone that Nick isn't a Grimm anymore and now Shaw knows.  Shaw made it clear that he is going to teach Nick a lesson.  What they don't realise is that Juliet heard the entire conversation.

Elizabeth and Renard are in his new home and when Renard talks about the added security, Elizabeth calls it a good thing, saying that she could only save him that way once.  Renard acknowledges that his mother's efforts cost her and moves on to talking about Truble, whom Elizabeth calls capable. Elizabeth questions who has her granddaughter and Renard says Nick's mother but that he doesn't know where she is.  Elizabeth vows to find her granddaughter and asks Renard to Vogue to ensure there are no lingering effects from what she has done.  Renard complies and Elizabeth smiles.

Hank and Nick arrive at a crime scene and Hank tells Nick that sooner or later, Woo is going to figure out that there is more going on with Truble and that it will open a huge can of worms.  Nick questions if  heshould tell Woo that he used to be a Grimm but isn't because he slept with a hexinbeast, who changed into Juliet because they took her baby away.  Hank simply replies that they have to start somewhere.  Woo explains the accident that Ava Diaz got in last night and that Ava was apparently adamant about a wolf.  Woo says that he doesn't judge anymore and a lot of things are open for interpretation. 

Adalind is still running though the halls chasing what she believes is a woman.  When Adalind finally finds the woman, she is holding Hoffman's head on a platter surrounded by rats.

Truble and Bud arrive at Joe's shop, where Truble immediately confronts Joe about telling Shaw that Nick isn't a Grimm anymore.  Joe denies it and then says that he was telling Wayne and Shaw overheard.  Truble questions where she can find Shaw.

Nick and Hank arrive at Ava's hospital room to find her husband Gabriel at her bedside.  Gabriel tells Hank and Nick that Ava was sedated when she found out the man she hit died.  Nick brings up Ava's statement about being chased by a wolf and Gabriel informs them that Ava was diagnosed with severe mental illness about six months ago and that last night she had a psychotic episode  before he could stop her. Gabriel says that he couldn't get to Ava in time.  Hank asks if Ava was drinking and Gabriel replies that Ava is not supposed to because she is on heavy medication.

Gabriel, Nick and Hank are now at Gabriel's house and he starts to walk them through what happened last night.  Gabriel explains that the creature Ava saw looks like a man with a wolf's head and he says that he is trying to help her but Ava is terrified of him.  It seems that Ava first reported the wolf citing six months ago when they first moved to Portland.  Gabriel says that the housekeeping staff quit after Ava became ill, leaving him with no help.  Gabriel however is a doctor but is struggling to establish his practice.  Nick asks for contact information for Ava's psychiatrist.

Outside, Nick and Hank question if Ava is "really out of her mind."  Hank suggests that Ava is seeing a Blutbot and Nick agrees, adding that he wishes he could see it, instead of just thinking it.  Hank suggests they head to see Ava's doctor.

Joe, Shaw and Truble sit in a truck watching Shaw's home, as Shaw exits his house.   Joe starts to panic, so Truble hops out of the truck and heads over to see Shaw. Joe suggests that Shaw is going to kill Truble, as Truble ascertains Shaw's identity and introduces herself as a friend of Nick's.  Shaw questions if Nick is sending a little girl to solve his problems and Bud intervenes to warn Shaw that he should listen to Truble.  Shaw taunts Bud about being a Grimm lover, adding that he is going to teach Bud a lesson, as soon as he is done with Truble.

Shaw attacks and Truble tells Shaw that he has a big mouth.  The fight is on and it takes a moment for Shaw to realise that Truble is a Grimm.  Shaw immediately gets scared and Truble pulls out her cutlass holding it to Shaw's neck.  Bud asks what happens if Shaw promises to leave Nick alone but Truble points out that Shaw also threatened Bud and she doesn't believe Shaw.  Shaw whimpers and begs and Truble swings her cutlass, just missing Shaw, threatening that next time it will be closer, adding that if Shaw or any of his friends get any other ideas, they won't be so lucky. Truble walks away and Bud follows, saying that it was great.  Truble continues to walk, saying that she should have cut off Shaw's head and that there will be others.

Nick and Hank are now sitting down with Ava's doctor, who explains that Ava's episodes have increased in frequency and that Ava's descriptions of the wolf are consistent and detailed.  Nick asks if the doctor believes Ava sees the wolf and the doctor says that she has no doubt and though they have tried several anti-psychotics, none proved effective.  The doctor makes it clear that if Ava is charged with a crime, she will testify that Ava was mentally incompetent at the time of the accident.  The doctor adds that Ava should be institutionalized rather than incarcerated and then hands over Ava's drawings of the wolf.

In Philadelphia, Josh Porter gets out of his car carrying an urn containing his father's ashes.  When Josh enters his home, he finds it completely trashed.  Two men rush down the stairs and Josh throws his father's ashes and runs.  The two assailants vogue as Josh runs for his life.

Nick and Hank show Rosalie and Monroe Ava's drawing, explaining that they believe it is a Bludtbot. Monroe plays Wessen expert again, explaining that there are many different kinds of wolf Wessen and that the one drawn by Ava is a South American wolf, likely a Luison. Nick says that Ava is very wealthy and suggests that "her husband is trying to drive her mad."  Hank adds that Ava is about to be institutionalized.  Monroe points out that "the truth would sound even crazier" than what Ava thinks. Nick however points out that there is no way for him to find out if the husband is involved and Monroe offers to take a look for him. Hank gets a call to say that Ava is awake and Nick and Hank decide to head back to the hospital.

Ava's face is covered in lacerations and she says that she does not remember hitting anyone. With Dr. Burns by her side, Ava brings up the wolf, adding that she had one of her episodes.  Ava explains that she tried to get away but the wolf made her drink and so she ran outside.  Ava starts to panic, saying that she is losing her mind and adds that the wolf pretends to be kind. Ava is certain that the wolf is trying to kill her and Dr. Burns calls an end to the interview.

Nick and Hank talk over Ava's case with Renard, revealing that Gabriel has no criminal record.  Hank chimes in to add that Ava is the sole heir to her family's import/export business, worth fifty million. Renard question if Gabriel is involved because he has the most to gain but Nick points out that when Gabriel tried to stop Ava, the wolf was already in her car. Hank suggests that Gabriel is either innocent or working with someone and Nick adds that there is a hearing tomorrow to determine if Gabriel gets control of the estate.  Renard suggests using Truble to ascertain if Gabriel is the wolf in questions and Nick balks.  Renard says that Truble saved his life, so he is feeling protective of her and Nick replies that he is trying not to involve Truble too much in what they do because Truble has a lot to learn. Nick adds that he is using Monroe.  Renard tells Nick that he has to make a decision or stop investigating Wessen related cases, adding that he believes that would be a mistake. Renard also informs Nick that he has to deal with Woo because he doesn't want Truble taken down.

Nick and Hank head back to his desk and Nick gets a call from Josh Porter, revealing what happened when he returned to his father's house.  Josh wants to know what to do, saying that these people could be looking for the key.  Josh makes it clear that he is not like Nick, or his father, or Truble, and is normal. Josh is frantic and Nick informs him not to go back to his house and  warns that if Josh goes to the police, talking about keys, Grimm and Wessen, he will be thrown in the drunk tank.  Josh takes off running when he realises that the Wessen are headed in his direction again.

Hoffman finds Adalind collapsed on the ground and helps her get to her feet.  Hoffman warns Adalind that it is very important that when Adalind enters the door in front of her she keep moving to exit the door on the other side in order to be free. Hoffman tells Adalind that he is the key to opening the door in front of her and then turns into a key.  Adalind enters the room and it looks like a child's play area with a rocking bassinet, large teddy bears, and bright colours.  Adalind slowly makes her way across the room and pauses when she hears a baby squeal.  Adalind looks in the bassinet and sees a baby and picks it up.  Adalind closes her eyes for a moment of relief and the baby turns into a pig.  Adalind drops the squealing pig and immediately tries to open the other door, but the handle comes off in her hand.  Suddenly, Adalind finds herself falling down a dark tunnel.

Nick and Hank talk with Monroe about the hearing.  Nick's big plan is for Hank to stand outside of the closed hearing and then check out Gabriel when he comes outside.  Monroe however has his doubts about this plan working.   Rosalie suggests that it would be better for Monroe to enter Gabriel's house while he is at the hearing.  Hank and Nick agree to this suggestions.

Outside of Gabriel's house, Monroe calls Nick to find out if he is good to go ahead with the search.  Nick says that Gabriel is in court, so Monroe lets himself into Gabriel and Ava's home.  Monroe steps inside noting that he can smell a Luison.  Monroe starts to look around and makes his way up to the attic, where he sees the suit that Ava's wolf wears hanging on a rack.  When Monroe looks out the window however, he sees Gabriel getting out of his car.  A frantic Monroe calls Nick to ask why he didn't call him when Gabriel was making his way home.  Nick is confused  because he is currently looking at Gabriel in the other room.

Gabriel enters the house and pauses to sniff the air.  Gabriel pauses to put his suit with the others hanging up.  Monroe hangs off the roof and drops down to the ground when Gabriel opens the window to look outside.

Monroe meets up with Rosalie, Hank and Nick to report that the guy he saw in the house was Gabriel.  Hank wonders if they are dealing with a case of twins, pointing out that it was listed in Gabriel's immigration file.  Nick suggests explaining it to Ava by saying that the man was wearing a mask.

Ava is back home and Gabriel assures her that she is safe, encouraging her to take her sleeping pills. Outside, Monroe waits for Gabriel's twin arrive. When Monroe confronts Gabriel's twin, the two men vogue and when Gabriel's twin Julio tries to run away, Hank cold cocks him.  Upstairs, Gabriel calls out for his unconscious brother Julio and when Julio doesn't answer, Gabriel heads outside.  He is soon joined by yet another brother, bringing to the total to three.  The men vogue when Nick makes his way out of hiding.

In the house, Ava awakes to find her husband gone, so she gets out of bed.  What Ava does not know is that there is another brother inside the house following her.  The wolf makes it's way down the stairs calling for Ava, only to see a wolf mask sitting on the kitchen counter.  Nick and Monroe make their appearance when the wolf picks up the mask. Nick explains that while the mask isn't an exact match, it's close enough.  Gabriel drops the mask claiming not to understand what is going on and Monroe tells Gabriel that not only is he lying, what he has done is against the Wessen council.  Gabriel switches tactics, telling Monroe and Nick that they cannot prove anything.

Later, the brothers have all been arrested and Ava is incredulous that they did all of this for the money.  Ava calls the brothers monsters.  Nick is interrupted by a call from Josh, who is on a bus, worried about what to do or where to go.  Josh questions if this is about the key, pointing out that Nick has the key.

Adalind finally lands and finds herself right back in her cell where she started.  Adalind slaps the floor crying.  Victor enters the cell asking if Adalind has had enough and she says that she will do anything to make it stop.  Victor tells Adalind that he wants to get their child back.

Nick is having a drink with Monroe and in the kitchen Rosalie and Juliet laugh.  Nick says he has a big decision to make and does not want Juliet to constantly have to worry about something bad happening to him, or to her, or to one of their friends.  Nick is thinking about packing up, moving and starting a family.  Monroe encourages Nick to do what he needs to.  Nick admits that he likes being a Grimm, misses it and is angry that it was taken away from it.  Nick adds that he wants his Grim nature back.

Rosalie, Hank, and Juliet join Nick and Monroe.  Nick says a toast, thanking Rosalie and Monroe for giving up their honeymoon, when they hear a noise and all head outside.  A Wessen cross is burning on Nick and Rosalie's lawn and Rosalie explains that it is because she and Monroe got married. Hank ushers Monroe and Rosalie back into the house for their safety and Juliet pronounces that she is ready and that Nick needs to be a Grimm again.

Grimm continues to disappoint me on the handling of Nick's rape.  His major concern for not going ahead with the spell as suggested by Elizabeth is because he is worried about what it will do to Juliet. Yes, Adalind at one point tried to kill Juliet; however, Adalind raped Nick.  In this situation the very idea that a rape survivor wouldn't be traumatized by having to sleep with the person who violated them is ridiculous.  Grimm is treating what happened to Nick, as a slip up in judgment rather than a violation of the worst kind.  This story had so much potential and they have let it all go to waste. Juliet is not the victim in this; it's Nick and he should be treated as such.

Can I get a woot! Am I the only one who loved watching Trubel kick some major ass?  Nick knows full and well that Trubel is a Grimm and what that entails and yet he routinely treats her like she is made of glass and will break.  It's telling that Trubel had to get away from Nick for us to see her awesome ass kicking nature.  I know that they are not related but I see a bit of mommy Grimm in Trubel and cannot wait to see how her character develops.

Speaking of Mommy Grimm, it seems that Elizabeth is going to seek her out.  This might just be a match for all of the ages.  Grimm has very few strong female characters who are not somehow cast as evil.  In this case, Mommy Grimm and Elizabeth are both incredibly strong characters and a showdown will be epic, if Grimm decides to show it.

Tell Woo, damn it. Just tell Woo.  After everything that Woo has been through, keeping the secret from him at this point is beyond problematic, as well as an insult to his obvious intelligence.  This episode Woo openly said that he does not judge anymore, leaving the door open for Nick to sit down and have a chat but Nick pulled out yet another strawman's argument and avoided the conversation once again.

Finally, I have to address the elephant in the room.  Clearly, the attack on Rosalie and Monroe is supposed to relate to inter-racial dating.  If you missed the no so subtle metaphor, Grimm decided to show a burning cross this week.  WTF? Seriously?  That kind of appropriation is not okay.  Today, an inter racial couple isn't likely to find a cross burning on their lawns but that doesn't mean it's okay to take the history and twist to match fictional creatures.  Furthermore, it's disrespectful to the issues people in inter racial relationships have to deal with.