Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Five: Red Door

Elijah wakes from a dream in which he stalked a young woman covered in blood, to find himself still in chains and Esther's captive.  When Elijah struggles, Esther tells him to stop struggling because her chains won't break so easily.   Esther then asks Elijah who he dreamed about ripping apart, and Elijah simply rattles his chains without responding.  Esther informs Elijah that she wants him to start over again by entering a mortal body and becoming a witch.  Esther of course believes that this will make Elijah part of the family again. Elijah demands to be let go but Esther taunts Elijah about the morals he has lost over the years.  Esther then brings up the doppelganger Tatia - Elijah's first love. Yep, a small cross over as the Original doppelganger is played by none other than Nina Dobrev.

Yes, it's flashback time.  It's Samhain and the villagers are celebrating, with Tatia right in the middle of the action.  Klaus steals a kiss from Tatia but it seems that it was Elijah who really caught her eye. Tatia explains that fate does not control her heart and that she has chosen to give her heart to another. Tatia makes it clear that she chooses Elijah, so Elijah takes the opportunity to steal his own kiss.

In the present, Esther and Elijah bicker about who and what brought about Tatia's bitter end.

Kol and Cami hover over an unconscious Davina.  Klaus enters and Kol immediately starts snarking about Klaus's anger issues. So much for Kol working under cover I guess. Cami has to yank Klaus outside when he threatens to kill Kol.  Cami reminds Klaus that he had the opportunity to kill Michael but didn't. Klaus hands over the white oak stake, telling Cami to get the car so that they can take Davina to the hospital.  Klaus then confronts Kol, informing him that he recognizes his brother.  Klaus warns Kol that he is making all of the wrong friends but Kol reminds Klaus of his promise to Cami not to kill him.  Klaus calls out for Cami and when she doesn't answer, he rushes to his car to discover both Michael and Cami are gone.

Klaus tries to call Elijah for reinforcements but of course Elijah does not answer.  Klaus tells Kol to wake Davina so that she can order Michael to return but Kol refuses to do as he is told. Klaus tells Kol that it is not over between them before disappearing.  Kol puts a pillow behind Davina's head, saying that it would be really useful if she woke up right now.  Kol's phone rings and it's Finn, who wants to know if Kol has the white oak stake.  Kol tells Finn that he has everything under control and that Davina is working to unlink Klaus's sire line, so that she can have Michael kill Klaus. Kol reports that Davina is working Esther's spells in reverse but Finn says that Esther wants Klaus alive, so if Kol cannot find the stake, he is to destroy the spell, or kill Davina.

Michael is dragging Cami through the woods with Tunde's knife in his hand, saying that he has fought through more pain than anyone.  Michael calls Cami leverage which will cause Klaus to hesitate long enough for Michael to kill him.  Cami calls the confrontation between Klaus and Michael ridiculous, stating that Klaus's fatal flaw is that he was fathered by another man.  Michael says that he hears music and surmises that this means that food is near by.They come across a group of humans partying in the woods and Michael drags Cami forward.

Kol looks through Davina's spells and finds what Davina is using as a binder.  Kol begins to say a spell and Davina regains consciousness.  Kol explains that Klaus destroyed the place and then left to hunt down Michael.  Davina asks about the white oak stake and Kol informs her that Michael took it.  Davina tries to summon Michael but he neither appears or responds.  Davina wonders why her bracelet has stopped working. Kol offers Davina some water to calm her but Davina says that if Michael kills Klaus, then her friend will die as well.  Kol questions how Davina is going to stop Michael because Michael has been trying to kill Klaus for eons.  Davina simply says that she isn't and will instead finish her spell now. 

Hayley and Marcel talk about the new relationship between the wolves and vampires.  Hayley and Marcel realise that Oliver and Elijah are both missing and decides to go look for them. 

Okay, flashback time, and this time it's a very disturbed Klaus looking at the dead bodies of his victims.  Elijah hands Klaus some clothing, as Klaus questions what he is and how many people he killed. Elijah tells Klaus that he slaughtered six villagers and explains that Klaus is cursed and  Michael is enraged. This is when Klaus learns that Michael is not his father and Elijah assures Klaus that this changes nothing for any of them and that all of his siblings are there for him.  In the bushes, Tatia sees the destruction Klaus has wrought and runs away, with Elijah chasing after her.

In the present, Elijah says that he compelled Tatia to forget but Esther reminds Elijah that he was a new vampire who still thought that there were lines he wouldn't cross.

Back to the flashback, with Tatia falling to the ground trying to escape Elijah.  Tatia asks Elijah to stay away from her, demanding to know what he has become. 

In the present, Esther rants about how special Tatia was and that she thought one day she would call Tatia daughter.  Elijah is emphatic that he did not hurt Tatia but Esther assures him that he did.

In the past, Tatia says that when Esther asked for her blood, Esther didn't tell her what the dark magic would do to Elijah.  Elijah swears to Tatia that he is not a monster but he has difficulty controlling himself when he sees her bloody hand. Elijah's eyes go red and he tells Tatia to run.  Tatia backs up but Elijah grabs Tatia and begins to feed off of her.

In the present, Elijah blames Esther, saying that Esther murdered Tatia for her blood and then used Tatia's blood to cripple Klaus for centuries.  A defiant Elijah says that he won't listen to another word but Esther is adamant that all Elijah has to do is remember.

Klaus continues to tramp through the swamps and pauses when he finds Michael's blood on a tree.  Klaus continues his stalking till he comes across a group of humans standing in a field.  One human tells Klaus that he cannot be held with Tunde's knife and that soon Klaus will know pain when the white oak pierces his heart. Klaus snarks about Michael compelling the locals to say to his face what he dare not.  Klaus then starts attacking the people.

Davina is working on the spell and Kol suggests that Davina hold off.  Davina is adamant that she has everything she needs and Kol comments that the spell is very advanced for "a wee girl" like Davina. Davina tells Kol that she has a list of people who have underestimated her and Kol offers to help Davina.  Davina says that the spell is to complicated for Kol to help but he recites a part of the spell and Davina agrees to his help.

Michael is still dragging Cami around and Cami talks about telling Klaus that there was good in everyone each time Klaus informed her of the darkness in Michael's heart.  Michael professes that at one time he did love Klaus because he had the eyes of a warrior.  Michael of course then moves onto the relief he felt when he found out that Klaus was not his son.  Cami tells Michael that Esther's infidelity was not Klaus's fault. Michael argues that everything bad happened because of Klaus's obsession with the wolves.  Michael then brings up Henric, who was murdered by the wolves and that Klaus murdered Esther when she tried to cleanse him of his beast like nature. Michael angrily screams that Klaus turned his entire family against him.  Cami stands yelling that she tried to convince Klaus not to kill Michael and that the bloodshed does not have to be an endless cycle.  Cami screams that the violence is pointless and tells Michael that he could do with some therapy.   Michael then says that what he really needs is food because his wound is not healing.  Michael then proceeds to feed on Cami.

Klaus has killed all of the people, when Hayley calls to say that something has happened to Elijah.  Hayley asks for help tracking Elijah but Klaus explains that Michael has Tunde's blade, the white oak stake and Cami. Klaus tells Hayley that if she does find Elijah to inform Elijah that he could use a hand.

Kol and Davina sit in the cabin reciting the spell, when Davina calls a halt saying that the spell is not working.  Davina instructs Kol to stop chanting and grabs his hands saying that she will chant using his power.  When Davina does this, she gets a flash to Kol going through her spelling herbs earlier, as well as Kol releasing Michael.  Davina draws back telling Kol that he is one of them.  Davina begins to use her magic on Kol and quickly overpowers him.  When Davina screams about her friends being killed, Kol explains that Esther ordered him to either destroy the spell, or kill her and since he likes Davina, he chose to destroy the spell. Kol adds that Esther cannot be disobeyed without consequences and though Esther brought him back to life, "she is mad as a hatter" and Micheal is a bigger, "lunatic" than Esther. Kol and Davina argue over bringing Michael back to life.  Kol raises his hands saying that though he is a Mikaelson, he has just as much reason to loathe his family as Davina does.  Kol then explains how he messed with Davina's bracelet and she asks him to show her.

Elijah is adamant that it was Esther who killed Tatia and Esther says that she used Tatia's blood to bind Klaus's werewolf genes; however, when Tatia was brought to her, she was already dead.  Elijah tells Esther that she cannot rewrite history and Esther is adamant that she didn't until she had Elijah's consent.

In the past, we see Elijah delivering a dead Tatia to his mother, who told Elijah that he was a good son and that she was going to make it all better. Esther dragged the lifeless Tatia away, as Elijah falls to his knees.  In the present, Esther reminds Elijah that she told him he would not suffer from this memory or be tortured by his misdeed. Esther adds that she told Elijah to clean himself up so that no one would know what he was, or what he had done.  Esther explains that this is when Elijah created an identity, believing that as long as his appearance was immaculate, he could look in the mirror and believe that everything was okay. Esther says that Elijah built a door to hide his one sin but then filled the room with body after body.  Esther questions how long it will be before Hayley is behind that red door, adding that Elijah must be afraid that loving him will destroy Hayley, like it destroyed Celeste, and Tatia.  Esther again asks Elijah to take her offer and become alive again in a new body.  Esther argues that Elijah will be able to gave Hayley a child to replace the one she lost.  Though Elijah is clearly emotionally hurting, he tells Esther that she will not break him.  But Esther tells Elijah that he is already broken and that she is here to fix him and all of his siblings.

Davina and Kol make their way through the woods and Davina reveals that her plan is to steal the power from the white oak stake.  Kol calls Davina's plan mad but Davina demands to shown the spell. Kol explains that the stake cannot be drained and says that all they can do is it disable it for awhile.  Davina demands the keys, saying that she made sure months ago that she would be able to find Michael.  Kol calls it Davina's funeral and gets behind the wheel of a car.

Klaus breaks off a piece of wood and walks in on Michael and a wounded Cami.  Klaus tells Micahel that he is going to pay for hurting Cami and Michael snarks that it is sweet that the cur would whine for "its bitch."  Michael promises to drain the rest of Cami before Klaus's eyes.  The two men begin to fight as a barely conscious Cami watches.  Davina and Kol pull up and Davina barges ahead, only to have Kol grab her and suggest that they work together because the lives of Davina's friends depend on it. Kol asks Davina to trust him and then offers up his power.  Cami gets to her feet and Michael attacks her, causing Klaus to act to save Cami.  Michael drives the white oak stake into Klaus, as Davina and Kol say their spell.  Klaus lies on the ground and an angry Michael questions why Klaus isn't burning.  Davina and Kol struggle to hold onto the spell, as Michael confronts them, demanding that they return the power to the stake.

Cami struggles to take the stake out of Klaus, as Davina struggles to hold Michael back.  Michael manages to separate Kol and Davina but Davina continues to say the spell. Michael then grabs Davina and bites into her, as Cami pulls out the stake.  Michael goes to confront Cami and Klaus to find Cami kneeling over Klaus. Michael says that he will keep Cami's heart as a trophy because she has a warriors heart but before he can attack, Marcel intervenes. Michael quickly gets the upperhand on Marcel but Hayley sneaks up behind Michael and wraps a steal chain around his neck.  Klaus stands and tells Michael that it's over but Michael says that having people doesn't make Klaus strong and takes off.

Outside, Davina looks over Kol's wounds and Marcel intervenes to tell Davina that she is lucky to be alive.   Davina tells Marcel that Kol is her friend and that she just saved Klaus's life trying to protect him.  Marcel of course points out that Davina is the one who brought Michael back.  Kol calls an end to the fighting and Marcel instructs Davina to stay there until he gets back.  Kol advises Davina that they need to leave because Klaus is not the forgiving kind.  Davina pulls out the stake saying that she is going to get even with Klaus and agrees to leave with Kol.

Cami and Klaus examine each other's wound and Klaus tells Cami that she pulled the stake out in the nic of time.  Cami replies that it is the least that she could do because she convinced Klaus not to kill Michael.  Klaus replies that Michael ran for the first time in a thousand years.  Marcel enters saying that after checking the perimeter he is sure Michael is gone. Klaus thanks Marcel for helping but Marcel calls it a selfish act because if Klaus dies, he dies,

Esther tells Elijah that he will remain chained up, forced to remember ever atrocity he has ever committed and as he remembers, he will grow weaker.  Esther asserts that Elijah will consider her offer as he rots.  Hayley makes an appearance, savagely feeding on Esther saying that she would have ripped out Esther's heart but Esther would have just body jumped. Hayley then frees Elijah breaking the doll that Esther was using to bind him.  Hayley bites her arm saying that Elijah needs to feed because he is weak but Elijah turns away replying that he cannot because he craves Hayley and could become overwhelmed.  Hayley tells Elijah that she is not afraid and then she kisses him passionately.  Hayley pulls aside her hair baring her neck to Elijah, who finally gives into his hunger.

Poor Elijah, he doesn't realise that this is all a dream and that Esther wants him to dream about a better world to come.  Esther tells Finn that when Elijah wakes, he will realise that the only way to find peace is her way.

Okay despite all of the angst (yes, I know I should expect it) this was a pretty good episode.  I do however have to snark about Cami's attempt to psychoanalyze Michael.  Really?  Did she really believe that trying to talk to him rationally, would make him give up on wanting to kill Klaus.  Because Michael is a cuckold, he sees Klaus as a leaving breathing representation of his failure as a man.  It's more than obvious that this is the case and telling him that Klaus is not responsible for the circumstances of his birth, is not going to change that. Michael is absolutely defined by the most aggressive form of hyper masculinity. Cami's attempts were almost laughable at times to be honest. 

Okay, on to the spunky and relentless Davina.  How many times can one person be played?  Davina has a strong independent streak and it's clear that she is absolutely done taking orders from anyone. I like that despite all of the rallying around Klaus, she continues to see him for what he really is and not the highly romanticized vision both Hayley and Cami have of Klaus.  That being said, Davina is still more of nuisance, akin to mosquito than anything else.  I really want her character to just disappear.

Esther continues to attempt to save her children.  I found the revelation about Elijah's perfect grooming habits to be fascinating.  It really gave deep insight into his character.  Elijah is just as monstrous as Klaus but he has clearly convinced himself that he is the honorable and moral one, always finding a reason to justify his violence. It will be interesting to see what remains of Elijah once his facade is ripped away from him.

There was a lot of ableist language in this episode.  Both Esther and Michael were referred to as crazy, several times.  Both Esther and Michael have very distinct reasons for their actions and none of those reasons make them "crazy".  The Originals is playing on the idea  that non neurotypical means violent and uncontrollable.  It is absolutely ridiculous when the supposed good guys i.e, the normal ones - Klaus and Elijah, are just as bad as their parents.  The ableism is a way of othering Esther and Michael and a way to justify the rage and feelings of betrayal on the part of Klaus and Elijah.  The ableism is an obvious cheap devise because the writers know that they have to find a way to separate the monsters from each other. To then have Cami, the expert in the field, also chime in to declare that Michael is mentally ill further legitimizes the separation.  This btw is from a woman who has been manipulated by Klaus almost from the moment he arrived in New Orleans. This btw is from a woman who has seen first hand the violence Klaus is capable of. I am not impressed at all.