Thursday, November 6, 2014

This Week in Book Covers 27th October - 31sth October

Midnight's Daughter (Dorina Basarab #1) by Karen Chance

Behold, Dorina Basarab, niece of Dracula, Dhampire, warrior… well, behold her arse anyway (she’s arching her back to make sure we don’t miss it). Of course, we have the super-tight leather; now some people would talk about how leather is useful because it’s tough and can act as some kind of armour. To which I point out she’s wearing a tank top - one that doesn’t cover the small of her back at that so I think the whole “armour” excuse is… lacking.

Also, that looks a lot like an orgasm face.

The Basilisk's Creed Omnibus by Eme Strife

Well it’s certainly different and interesting - a golden egg in a nest. I can’t say anything wrong with it per se - but at the same time I do kind of expect it to be a fairy tale.

Karma (Karma #1) by Donna Augustine

This cover is awesome. It’s sexy without being sexually objectifying. It’s dark, it’s menacing, it’s gloriously gothic. It’s beautiful. I love it - no question about it, love it love it love it love it. A truly brilliant cover

But I have not the slightest idea why it is on this book. Not one teeny tiny iota. It seems to have no resemblance to the actual characters or plot.

Fallen Eyes (Salt Lake City After Dark #4) by J.K. Walker

Ok this is not exactly an art style I like, it suggests a comic-book style that I don’t think is really realised in the book itself. If I picked this up, I’d actually expect a graphic novel. I think Jazz must also have invested in some industrial breast tape - and Jazz is Asian which isn’t very apparent by the cover