Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sleepy Hollow, Season Two, Episode Seventeen: Awakening

Abby and Crane are at a book store hoping to find copies of the books they blew up to save the world from the monster guarding Thomas Jefferson's the rapist's collections. Crane is shocked to learn that a man out of time has a strong literary history.  Abby however assures Ichabod that he is the only one in the nonfiction section.  Outside the store, the witnesses discuss  a  potential code of conduct that they should follow and agree that nothing should come above their relationship with each other.  Yep, it's about damn time.

Parish makes his way into the street and says a spell which causes the town bell to ring.  It results in a woman strangling her husband without touching him, another woman in a funeral home speaking in her dead father's voice, and a man electrocuting another after being hit by a car. The affects of the spell don't last long and Parish is frustrated with the results. 

Abby and Crane discuss what happened in downtown and are interrupted by Jenny who says that Frank is lying and is evil.  Crane is shocked because of Katrina's declaration that Frank was fine.  Jenny reveals that she has sworn to protect Frank's family and suggests that though Frank is evil, they shouldn't hurt him again. At least someone is willing to take Frank's needs into consideration.  Ichabod's solution is to freeze Frank in stone using the Gorgon's head.  Jenny is rightfully appalled but Abby reveals that she has been searching for a way to bring back one of her ancestor's who has been frozen.  They agree to split up, with Jenny working on Frank and the witnesses dealing with what Henry unleashed.  Once again, Ichabod and Abby are more than willing to put Frank on the back burner.  I am so sick of them treating Frank like this, particularly given all that he has sacrificed for them.  I for one am all for Frank telling them to go to hell.

Abby and Crane head downtown to try to figure out what happened.  Crane is quick to realise that the symptoms are a supernatural phenomenon that they have encountered before.  They realise that witchcraft is involved and that the tone of the bell had something to do with it.  Abby and Crane examine the bell and realise that it is not the one that customarily hangs there because it looks like the liberty bell. Crane concurs and reveals that he is the one responsible for cracking the original Liberty Bell. 

Okay flashback time.  Crane creates a diversion and then prepares to blow up the liberty bell but he is discovered.  Crane blows up the box containing the liberty bell.  Crane surmises that the bells cause people to display powers of witchcraft. Abby suggests contacting Katrina, since they are dealing with a witch problem but Crane says that since Katrina's encounter with Solomon Kent (where she was useless btw) she has been distant.

At Corbin's cabin, Katrina has drawn a circle and is working on blood magic.  Katrina does a spell looking to be connected with her blood (read Parish).  Parish enters the cabin  and is impressed that Katrina is using blood magic.  Katrina of course does the whole fruit of the womb and I love you thing, bringing up her dream where Henry claimed that he killed Moloch to save her life.  Parish says that he saved Katrina from instinct and so that they could fulfill their destiny.

At the archives, Abby and Crane continue to research the bells. They learn that the ceremony sparks the power of people with witch heritage. When Crane points out that there was once a thriving witch community in this area, Abby extrapolates that the ringing of bell could mean that thousands of people will turn into witches. They decide that the bell cannot ring again and that it must be cracked like the Liberty Bell. 

Parish and Katrina are at Frederick's Manner which Parish has redecorated.  Henry expresses regret for the things he has done and then shows Katrina John Dee's grimoire.  Parish assures Katrina that he doesn't seek destruction and instead wants to bring back their kind - witches.  Parish reveals that he tried the ritual this morning but because Ichabod is his father, he didn't have the power to make the transformation complete.  Right, we're supposed to believe that Henry is past his daddy issues right? Parish wants Katrina to accomplish this because she is a full blooded witch. Parish wants to raise the most powerful coven ever known with him and Katrina as their leaders.  Parish adds that their kind won't be hunted and burned anymore. Ummm, yeah when was the last witch hunt?  Katrina brings up Ichabod but Parish is quick to declare that Ichabod is not one of them and never can be.  Katrina realises that she being asked to give up everything she has fought for, for two hundred years.  Parish pleads that he cannot do this without Katrina and that it will give him the family he never had. 

Crane and  Abby make their way through a hardware supply store, picking up items for Ichabod's homemade bomb. Abby is concerned that the bomb will destroy half the town's square but Ichabod wants to enter the tunnels through alleyway off the town square to control the explosion. 

Later, Crane, Abby and Jenny are working on pushing the bell into the tunnels but are forced to stop when Frank starts taking pot shots at them.  Jenny takes off after Frank and advises Crane and Abby to work on blowing up the bell.  Frank calls out that when Henry sent him to guard the bell, he hoped that Jenny would show up so that he could find out where his family is. Jenny reminds Frank that he asked her to hide his family but this does not assuage him. Jenny steps out and shoots Frank center mass and then empties her clip into him.  Frank falls to the ground but then rises, with eyes gone completely black.  Jenny is forced to take off running.

Crane and Abby are trying to drag the bell into the tunnel, when who should show up but Katrina and Parish.  Crane's first instinct is to demand that Katrina be let go but she makes it clear that she is there of her own free will.  Crane points out that Henry has tried to destroy them but Katrina is adamant that Henry saved all of them.  Katrina adds that the witches have been wronged because Washington made a deal to reintegrate the witches into society once the patriots won the war but he never kept his promise. What more, Katrina is convinced that Henry (the freaking horseman of war) has changed.  For his part, Henry states that it was always meant to be the two of them and that he has always needed Katrina.  I don't know about you but Henry is even less appealing as a mommas boy.  Ichabod warns Katrina that she is on thin ice when Katrina says that the truth is that she cannot be in a relationship with a mortal man and doesn't belong here in this time.  Ichabod declares that Katrina and Parish shall not have the bell.  Katrina throws an electrical pulse which causes Crane and Abby to dive for cover and then she bricks them up in the tunnel.  Well, I do believe that is the most competent thing Katrina has ever done.

Abbie and Crane make their way through the tunnel and Crane says that they only have hours until Katrina performs the spell. Abbie questions if Katrina is under some sort of spell and Crane with his eyes open for the first time, tells Abbie that there is no need to soften the blow.  Crane declares that Katrina has chosen to side with the enemy.  Crane adds that Henry is the source of all of their problems and that taking Henry out will solve a lot of problems.  Abby rightfully gives Crane the side eye and Crane promises that this time he will not falter.  Crane believes that the bell is now at Sleepy Hollow Town hall and they decide to create a distraction to destroy the bell.

At the town hall, Parish and Katrina talk about their grand plan.  Katrina tells Henry that she never should have left him all of those years ago and Parish tells Katrina that they shall create what they desire the most.  Katrina in her mommy mode declares that Henry has given her back her soul. I think my head hurts from all of the eye rolling I did watching this scene.

Outside, Ichabod shoots a gun into the air and calls out for Henry to join him.  Parish tells Katrina to take care of the ritual while he deals with Ichabod.

Frank is still hunting down Jenny calling that she cannot run forever.

Once Ichabod and Henry are in the street together, Abby drives up and points a gun at Parish.  Henry is confidant that Ichabod cannot kill him but Ichabod finally comes through and fires.  Proving that he still has daddy issues, Henry complains that Ichabod abandoned him, causing Ichabod to point out that he didn't even know Henry existed.  The car suddenly moves forward and Katrina uses her magic to stop the car and set it on fire.  Since when did Katrina get so damn competent?  It's worth noting that Katrina set that fire believing that Abby was in the car.  Crane snarks about Katrina nurturing her son and we have a moment of angst regarding their relationship. In the meantime, Parish checks the car and discovers that it was all a ruse and that Abby didn't explode.  While the drama has been going on, Abby has been setting up the bell to explode. 

Jenny is still running and she finally finds the container with the Gorgon's head in it.  Frank calls out that there is nowhere left to run but Jenny is adamant that she won't let him hurt his family. Frank rightfully says that he has been used and that Jenny didn't visit him in Tarrytown, or bring his daughter. I know that this is evil Frank but you have to admit that he has a point.  Frank tells Jenny that he doesn't care about his family and threatens to tear Jenny apart.  Frank believes that when the bell tolls, his family will know what's in their blood.

Parish has Abby and Ichabod tied up, as Katrina works on the spell.  Katrina tells Parish that they shouldn't stop at Sleepy Hollow because they can have so much more.  As Parish and Katrina work, Ichabod reaches into Abby's coat pocket to retrieve the flint and steal she has buried there.  The bell tolls and the witch descendants of Sleepy Hollow begin to become aware.  Ichabod is determined that Parish must be made a target as well, adding that duty come before all else.  Ichabod pulls his gun and fires it at the bell and Henry stops the bullet.  Abby uses Parish's distraction to shoot Parish.  Parish lands on his back and Katrina rushes over. Parish instructs her to save the bell but a crying Katrina says that the coven means nothing without her little boy.  Parish is dying and asks what his real name is and is told by Katrina that it is Jeremy.  Ichabod joins mother and son, expressing sorrow that it had to end like this.  Parish's last word is father and then he disintegrates.

In the tunnels, Frank drops to the ground and some kind of black smoke comes from his mouth as Jenny watches.  Frank then collapses promising that he is back to himself.  Jenny is not convinced, as Frank asks how he got there and if his family is okay.  Jenny heads to Frank's side and the two embrace.

Katrina is distraught at the loss of Henry and Ichabod tries to comfort Katrina, saying that this is not her fault because they tried everything they could to save the freaking horseman of war.  Katrina tells Crane that he is the source of her sorrow and then she uses her magic to choke Ichabod.  Katrina blames Crane for being unable to raise Parish, declaring that she never should have saved Icbaod's life, or put him to sleep. Katrina screams that she should have let Ichabod die and declares that this time she will.

Katrina says a spell from John Dee's book and a portal opens. Abby rushes to Katrina's side and gets swept into the portal, leaving Ichabod alone. 

When Abby comes to, she is in a wooded area.  Abby makes her way over to the road only to discover that it is not paved. Abby just manages to get out of the way as a horse drawn carriage races by. Katrina finds herself in a field hospital and realises that the traveler spell worked.  Katrina grasps her stomach saying that she will never leave her child (note: the freaking horseman of war) again.  In the meantime, Abby has made her way to the center of Sleepy Hollow and from the notices realises that she is in 1781.  In her modern dress, Abby is attracting a lot of attention.  Abby is stopped by two Patriot soldiers demanding to see her papers and she snarks about leaving them in her sock drawer.  When a soldier pulls out his gun, Abby is forced to back down.  The soldiers believe that Abby is not mentally competent and decide that she is to be put in shackles so that she cannot cause harm.  Abby is tossed in jail and she complains that her things were taken from her. When the soldiers start to walk away, Abby calls out that she has information which could help the war effort.  At first, the soldiers mock her but Abby reveals that she will only talk to Captain Ichabod Crane.

Well Sleepy Hollow, you have my attention.  I didn't expect the story to travel back into the past.  Having Crane and Abby working in the past will add a new dimension to the saga.  I like that Abby was immediately confronted with the reality of being a Black woman in 1781 and wonder if that means that Sleepy Hollow will confront the racism of the time, rather than the glorification of it that we have seen recently.  The downside however is that we will probably get more American propaganda with this new swing in the story.

Oh Katrina.  When did she become a competent witch?  All that it took for Solomon to defeat her is to say, hey, you totes have dark magic.  Since Katrina arrived on Sleepy Hollow, she has been incompetent and in need of saving constantly.  I don't like however that she is being empowered in the name of motherhood because it really is gender essentialist and let's face it, the bouncing baby is the freaking horseman of war.  Still, it's good that she has finally turned into the evil character I know that she was always destined to be.  I might be able to tolerate her a little more but still, I cannot wait for her to die off.

I really hope that this isn't the end of Parish, simply because I really like John Noble and believe he has brought something great to the show.  That said, it is my hope that if he does return, Sleepy Hollow will call an end to his parental issues.  Parish spent most of this time dealing with his daddy issues, only to turn into the most irritating mommas boy in creation.  I just wanted to scream, let it go already

I am glad that Frank is back to himself but perturbed that once again the writers found a reason not to have Abby and Ichabod actively engaged in saving him and instead let the task fall to Jenny.  This only served to highlight how separate Jenny and Frank are from the witnesses. Frank deserves so much more for everything he has done and in fact, I was totally team evil Frank when he was talking about the way that everyone abandoned him.  I don't want to see Frank immediately jump to try and save Abby either because she certainly didn't make him a priority.  I want to see more of Frank expressing exactly how he is constantly sacrificed for the sake of the so-called greater good.