Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Teen Wolf, Season 5, Episode 7: Strange Frequencies

We pick up where we left off – with Theo demanding Stiles’s silence in exchange for not telling everyone about Stiles killing Donovan. Theo explains how he knows (which, even more than the fact he was harassing a werewolf) convince Stiles to stop trying to manhandle a werewolf.

After some doubt and questioning, Stiles agrees to lie and hide the body (he’s wry, slightly sad note that he has a lot of practice lying to his dad is sad but true.

They take the body to Deacon’s vets and lie to Scott about what killed him – the plan is for Theo to stay with the body to see who is stealing them.

He stands vigil alone and a Dread Doctor checks in – the Dread Doctors don’t care who is taking the bodies and they don’t feel any special need to keep Theo informed, much to his irritation. Anyway, Stiles has a new plan – product placement cell phone cameras (and his new iWatch. Really? Stiles can afford that?)

Meanwhile, baby wolf Liam has just decided to tell Hayden everything and, to the surprise of no-one, she doesn’t take it well and thinks he’s the freakiest freak ever. He doesn’t exactly make things better by showing glowing eyes and fangs and growling at her. She has a good punch though. She drives off – and her fist magically heals. Then the Dread Doctors arrive – being horrendously menacing, communicating through her radio and stopping her car working.

Liam pulls her free from the car and they run.

Later Liam calls in the gang to report another chimera. She heard the Dread Doctors say “your condition improves” and is juuuuust a little freaked out. She’s tried to hide in a bathroom – because she’s getting steadily more feral, complete with fangs and glowing eyes.

When they’re alone, Liam tries to be all reassuring so we can get this love interest thing moving.

Kira is generously and gracefully helping her dad at school on a Saturday morning. And her mother decides to attack her with a katana before giving her a sword so they can duel. She keeps yelling at Kira in Japanese, asking who she is, demanding she show herself, until Kira gets her flamy Kitsune aura – and almost kills her mother. Something Noshiko blames on the fox inside her.

 The gang brainstorm a place to keep Hayden safe and due to woo-woo decide the best place is the school. They think up defences, including something involving frequencies (which has Parrish and Lydia continuing to be the Do Not Want couple). We also have awkwardness with Scott clearly being leery of entirely trusting the new foxy Kira and Kira herself having “lost” her belt – which feels like she’s deliberately leaving her sword behind. They quickly stop dancing around it and Kira honestly says that last time her Kitune-ness made things worse and she needs to understand what is happening with her before she can help, we then get a nice romance montage.

Kira goes home and Noshiko uses acupuncture to try and help. But that night they find her bed empty – and “115” spelled out on her headboard in pins.

Meanwhile Mason runs into Corey – who didn’t die of Chimera scorpion venom somehow. Well that’s a plus! And his survival may be down to a book of miraculous healing he’s reading.

Later Mason meets Corey at the club and Mason mentions his miraculous healing which pushes Corey close to tears.

At the school, the gang installs the electrical interference devices and prepare for the Doctors to arrive (and Scott plans to capture one). We do get an ominous moment when Scott hears something dragging – and Lydia wonders, if they’re expecting the Dread Doctors at the school, then what is heading to Theo and Stiles?

And Liam isn’t a big fan of the whole idea of capturing a Dread Doctor – since it makes Hayden bait. He complains and Scott, uncharacteristically, shouts him down (with sense, but still). Peace is restored when Scott promises to try and protect Hayden. Who needs her pills – so Scott has to go get them from her locker.

Parrish is alone in the car when he starts seeing the Lydia Queen of Diamonds card and a hallucination Lydia kisses him. Then they start ripping off clothes. Did I mention the “DO NOT WANT!” part of this relationship? I’m clearly not the only one – because Lydia becomes a charred corpse

Parrish leaves, heard by Malia – but she is then pinned to the floor by spikes and bear traps that suddenly appear as the Dread Doctors arrive.

Scott goes to get Hayden’s pills, hears the ominous dragging noise – and is stabbed and strangled by Kira, ominously talking about “being a messenger of death.” I’m sure that’s Lydia’s job. But Lydia is seeing Tracy – apparently alive. And she pulls out Lydia’s tongue before the dread Doctors arrive (now Lydia has been disarmed without her scream).


Which leaves Hayden and Liam alone facing the Dread Doctors who dismiss the attempt to block them with the devices they made.

And Scott snaps out of his vision (clearly not real) when Mason cuts his hand. He’s there to tell them that Corey is a chimera – but they’re too late when they come together Liam and Hayden are gone. Both taken to the lab by the Dread Doctors.

Stiles and Theo have a vigil on the body at the vet’s. Theo tries to convince Stiles he’s totally good guy honest. Stiles isn’t buying it so Theo brings out dead sister anecdote for lots of heart string plucking. And a rather out-of-nowhere explanation of how he found his sister’s body. We have a flashback of said sister dying – but Theo just seems to be watching. They do talk about Stiles issues and fear of the consequences of killing a Chimera – he fears he’ll lose Scott as a friend.

Theo points out how dubious that is – that Scott isn’t going to dump Stiles over self-defence and even shows off his yellow eyes. After all, werewolf eyes turn blue if they take an innocent life. Stiles doesn’t buy that because “innocence” is such a subjective term – he thinks the blue eyes is based on the guilt of the werewolf in question. Pushing further, Theo gets to the heart of Stiles’s guilt: when he killed Donovan he thought “good.” Theo has a nasty evil smile for this.

Which is when he smells fire and burning – and the door of the jeep is ripped off right before it’s turned on its roof. Theo is punched and knocked unconscious and bloody by a burning fist. Stiles is left unconscious in a burning jeep. Parrish steals the body.

Theo wakes up in time to save Stiles

Melissa and the Sheriff do their own investigations – the Sheriff is considering the book, particularly “dread doctors” and wondering if anything medical connects the chimera. Of course she would never show the police medical records without a court order. She will, however, demonstrate how her keycard words on the room that contains said records. Y’know, while I like all the characters, I think everyone disappearing and it becoming the Melissa and Stilinski show would not be a bad thing.

At the police station the sheriff talks about Donavon and why he was so upset and angry and generally not in a good mental place. This leads to a lot of prompts and research into the chimera’s medical history and finds all of them had skin grafts or similar donations from another person giving them all separate DNA strands. They were all already “chimeras.”

Melissa goes home to find a boy impaled on a sword on her kitchen table. That’s unhygienic. The body has long claws – and is impaled with Kira’s belt sword.

On Kira – I’m torn. On the one hand I don’t like that a source of her greater power is also making her weaker and less reliable and less involved. On the other hand, I like that she has her very own storyline here, something very unique to her and not an extension of anyone else’s. Also, I like the maturity with which it is handled. In so many other shows (and certainly books) the idea that Kira should stand back while her powers are freaky and unpredictable would cause a storm of outrage, tension and tantrums. Kira is very mature and very sensible about it – she’s reasonable and responsible.

Mason keeps being involved – tangentially, with a small amount of screen time, but he is involved in the plot. Again this makes me hopeful while, at the same time being afraid to hope after the last 5 seasons and, at the same time, recognising that I’m pinning a lot of hope and glee on very little (minor involvement in the plot and occasional brief screen time is not something I should be praising, not really – but damn it’s nice to see given the slim pickings in what I’m watching at the moment).

Stiles’s emotional journey continues to be impressive – but there’s no surprises there

Melissa is awesome, it is known.

Deacon has disappeared again. He spends so much time in his plot box I think he’s decorated it just to his taste by now.

Not impressed by Stiles's shiny smart watch, one of the pressing concerns of Stiles and Scott in past seasons is that, despite their cavernous homes, they don't come from wealthy families and struggle with bills. That kind of bling is nice for product placement (which, it has to be said, Teen Wolf is pretty infamous for) but it doesn't fit well with Stiles