Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Teen Wolf, season 5, Episode 4: Condition Terminal

Parrish has playing cards that are painted to look like Lydia. Why is this not considered intensely creepy? Why is this adult police man being so creepy over a high school student? Can someone please stop him?

Over to Lydia and Parrish testing his abilities by burning him. Which actually burns. Oh and flirting to distract him. Distracted flirty Parrish doesn’t feel pain from the flame at all, even though he has a layer of soot on his palm. He also had a strange dream – of carrying a burned body to the Nemeton. Which he doesn’t even know about (Lydia fills him in on it and how it’s making Beacon Hills super freaky and magical). Parrish puts the body on the tree and his dream ends before the good stuff happens.

Except we see him playing with his cards again – and this time one side of the Lydia-Queen’s head is burned. And in the unedited vision we clearly see Parrish place Lydia’s burned body on the Nemeton – and it’s not the only body there – the Nemeton is surrounded by bodies and they all burn in flames that surround Parrish.

Now back to the police station where Donovan is stuck in prison until the Bioshock villains rescue him. Everyone else is recovering from fighting the Kanima – and Lydia is badly injured, Theo stepping in to provide emergency first aid. And Natalie now has one hell of an introduction into the supernatural world. They go looking for Tracy and find her body with Malia (who quickly protests innocence) who tells them about the bioshock villain. Deaton points out they have to move Tracy’s body since she’s not returning to human form which Sheriff Stilinski objects to! It’s a crime scene! There are rules! Procedures! Deaton wants to know if the Sheriff is ready to hold a press conference announcing the presence of the supernatural.

Deacon and Stiles both talk sense into the poor out-of-his-depth sherriff. Covering up a teenager’s death is just too much for him

Donovan is now on the experimenting table of the bioshock villains who rip out his teeth… nasty – to have them replaced with newer sharper ones. Wendigo teeth

To the hospital with Lydia desperately trying to beg her mother not to tell anyone about the supernatural (Natalie seems to be at least a little in denial) and Liam joins Scott to tell him about the whole crawling-out-of-graves revelation from last week.

Melissa is just so much calmer around the Supernatural than Sheriff Stilinski – just asking if there’s anything medically relevant before diving into surgery. Unfortunately Lydia begins to see this villains as she succumbs to the anaesthetic (you’d think Melissa would be suspicious of the extra doctors – she is, after all, the only medical professional in Beacon Hills)

Interludds! Stiles and Malia go to his house and she sees “Who is the Desert Wolf?” on his mystery wall. She erases it, not wanting to know who her mother is

Scott and Kira go make out before Deacon interrupts – not cool Deaton. He’s been doing some research – he points out that the creatures they’ve faced are artificial creations: a werewolf with garouda claws, a werewolf with kanima bits – and Tracy can cross mountain ash which is not something anyone supernatural can do (easily). These aren’t natural supernaturals (that phrase is wrong on many levels), they’ve been created. Science! Which also involves burying people

Lydia wakes up in hospital to have Parrish waiting for her (stop trying to make this romance happen!) and she asks him to teach her how to fight

Deaton decides to go away on a research trip – but not before being extremely melodramatic, declaring “the rules of have changed.”

Back to school with the worst teacher in the world (who really has something against Scott) who happens to be lecturing about Chimera. She is the worst teacher ever and pushes several students to transfer out of her class. Scott takes one of the forms.

Research time! The gang basically recaps each other on the whole chimera thing while coincidentally looking at Wendigo entries. After a lot of research Malia decides to do her own investigations. She goes to Tracy’s bedroom to investigate and finds a book Tracy ked for – The Dread Doctors, with pictures of the Bioshock villains on them.

While Kira and Scott are called to the hospital – a guy came in with a terrible wound on his arm that isn’t responding to any pain medication. Scott uses his Alpha-pain powers – which seems to have nastybad side-effects for him before he can pull away. And the horrible injury is caused by scorpion venom- if scorpions were 10 feet tall. That is beyond not good – I veto giant scorpions right now! The stung guy, Corey, manages to gasp “it was Lucas”. How Lucas has changed completely – and Lucas is his boyfriend. And they go to club Sinema.

Let’s check in on Donovan again – firstly his disappearance was magically not caught on the CCTV much to the worry and determination of his deputy. Donovan is being experimented on – and the person working for the bioshocks is Theo. Yes, he’s evil – are we shocked? He has Donovan’s police file which has a damning psych-evaluation and winds him up to hurt the Sherriff – by going after Stiles.

Liam and Mason are going to a rave at club Sinema – and, surprisingly, Liam is apparently there to be Mason’s wingman. Hayden, the girl who hates Liam, is also there which is immensely irritating with extra awkwardness and antagonism from her. Lots of dancing and writhing people and Hayden, who works there, seems to be having money troubles as Liam overhears. I’m sure this will be relevant at some point.

Like the ominous footsteps Liam hears – because footsteps stand out? Liam asks Brett if he sensed any woo-woo. And Mason spots a guy called Lucas across the dance floor – who grows spikes. He takes Mason into a back room to talk zombies and kiss and for Lucas to go all spikey.

Kira and Scott alive - with a random declaration of love which I think Scott meant to be more casual than it actually was. Kira is stunned that he said love while he is all bemused about what he did.

Brett steps in to save Mason – then Liam to save Brett (though Brett is cut) and Scott and Kira join the fight. Together they knock Lucas unconscious – but Kira goes all shiny Kitsune again and Scott has to stop her from killing him. It’s still a very shiny power. But when they go to pick Lucas up the Bioshock villains appear (the Dread Doctors I guess) and kill him. They declare his condition terminal – and him to be a failure.

Back at the hospital Melissa and Scott have another weird body to explain. And Melissa has an excellent inspirational speech for Scott who is feeling down and a failure – because she’s awesome like that

After which Parrish takes the body - to the Nematon where he burns it with his flames.

And Donovan kidnaps Stiles

Lydia and Parrish – no no no no I say again no. Even if he is a phoenix (which is my bet, by the way), he is an adult cop (one who not only has lived long enough to be a cop, but lived long enough to join the military, leave the military and then become a cop) and a high school student. No no no.

I think Deaton’s speech was rather melodramatic about the rules changing but it is nicely in character for the man usually so calm and in control. He’s calm and in control because he knows the supernatural world, he understands it – that’s why they go to him for knowledge. And now it’s all changed, his knowledge is pretty much useless.

I hope they use this. Run with it – let us see Deaton grow and learn, hey, let him have his own storyline! And don’t plot box him with a trip to wherever it is he’s going.

Corey and Lucas were hyped to the media as new gay characters this season. As is their habit, they sold this as part of their pro-LGBT marketing and one of them is already dead seconds after being introduced. Yes this is a season with a lot of death – but when you expressly wave a character around for inclusion cookies (behold our gay black man!) when selling a show, try not to kill him as soon as he appears! And is Corey anything other than human? Is he going to even appear again (or survive his injury?)

A brighter side is that Mason is actually quite involved compared to many of the past POC and LGBT characters in the show… ok maybe “present” is a better word than “involved” but he’s present and present during plot moments. It’s still really tiny praise but it’s definitely an improvement to the sidelined characters and comic relief before. Of course, he’s still extremely periphery (and though he’s present in scenes he’s not exactly a meaningful presence in them) but he’s there and part of the supernatural stuff.

I also like that this show doesn't shy away from same-sex kissing and sexuality. Sure it wasn't more than a kiss and some dancing but that's still more than most. But I also think clubs with a large number of straight people making out also feeling safe enough for a number of gay people to do the same is a lot rarer than this show displays

Melissa is awesome – but bringing together both Melissa and the Sheriff we see a development over the series – both of them expect Scott (and Stiles) to get involved and even respect them for doing it. There’s a level of respect for their capabilities and drive and effectiveness you rarely get in supernatural parents (who are not dead) – an expectation their awesome kids WILL be awesome and that they can support that rather than trying to protect them from themselves.