Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Between, Season Two, Episode Three: Hope

It's been 53 days since the outbreak.  Ronnie covers the body of Renee's brother and drives it out to the location she gave him. When he arrives, he finds an armed community who don't seem in a rush to trust him. When Lamar, (who names a white character this) spies the body, he quickly orders Ronnie to get on the ground.  Renee heads outside and immediately starts to grieve when she sees her brother's corpse.  Of course, Ronnie hallucinates his brother standing there silently judging him.

Wiley awakens and decides to go to the orphanage to try and get some food for the baby against the advice of Liam, who feels that she should try and get some rest.  What I want to know is if Chuck was up all night with the baby, why didn't he show some common sense and attempt to look for food? Adam offers to accompany her but Wiley is no mood to spend anytime with him. I'm with her on this because Adam's needy ass is getting annoying.

Liam questions Adam about what happened to his father, pointing out that he came back to Pretty Lake to save Adam.  Adam however counters with the fact that his father told him that there's no cure and therefore he questions whether or not Liam did indeed work with his father. I don't know about you but I'm already sick of the pissing contest between these two.

It's interrogation time for Ronnie, who of course goes the sarcastic route, which earns him a punch in the mouth. With a gun to his head Ronnie explains that the Mennonites found the boy and they were devastated at what happened to the child. Ronnie offers to go back into town to dig up information but is told by Renee that he has done enough already.  Alone, Renee and Lamar argue about Ronnie and his involvement in the death.  It seems Lamar is worried that Renee's feelings for Ronnie might be clouding her judgement.

At the orphanage with Jason, Wiley doubles over in pain. Wiley brings up her need for formula and Gord brings up his visit to the Mennonites. It's only been 53 days since Pretty Lake got closed off from the real world, how is it that the entire town is out of formula already?  Formula has a shelf life of a year and there cannot be that many babies just drinking it down.  This is just one of the ways that this show fails to make any sense. As a matter of fact, how the hell are they struggling for food so quickly?

Bad Internet college humor no sense it makes no sense youtube red

Liam tells Chuck and Adam that the government wanted to destroy everything that tied them to what is going on in Pretty Lake. Adam explains that they didn't want him to blow the whistle and if the science works he's a hero.  The flip side is that if it doesn't work then he dies in Pretty Lake.  Adam asks about Art Carey and when Liam demands to know what Adam knows, Adam orders him locked up.

Mark is racked with guilt claiming that all he can see is the dead kid. He wonders if anyone other than Stacey saw him that night. Mark plans to leave and Melissa offers to help him. Mark reminds her that they are stuck in town until they die.  Mark wants to confess but Stacey says that some secrets are better kept quiet. Stacey suggests that she ask around before he confesses and that they should play this smart.

Chuck's big plan is to put a gun to Liam's head to get answers from the government.  Adam is convinced that the government will simply let Liam die.  As evidence, Adam points out that the government sent soldiers into town without the vaccine that Liam has. Adam points out that only the prison guard survived past the age of 22 and suggests they should start there.

Wiley is driving Jason out to the Mennonites but the car stops in the middle of the road.

Back at the orphanage, Gord has come up with the idea to grow an indoor garden to stretch their food supplies.  He thinks that watching something grow will give people hope. Again, how are these people starving after only 53 days?

Frannie makes her way through town with the dead kids backpack on her back, completely unaware that someone is taking a photo of her. Yep, you better believe Renee's people are involved.

Harrison has made his way to the bowling alley.  He hallucinates a happier time with his sister and scoring a strike.  In reality, Harrison is alone and the power is out at the alley.  Harrison throws throws the ball and gets a strike but this time, it brings him no joy.

Wiley gets out of the car and with no choice left, she decides to walk to the Mennonites.

Gord is busy bringing in supplies so that they can begin an indoor garden.

Back at Renee's compound, Ronnie eats as much food as he can before Renee knocks the plate away. Renee tells Ronnie that he can leave if he wants to but adds that if he leaves, he cannot come back. That's enough to get Ronnie to pause.  The sexual tension between these two is thick.

A frustrated Harrison throws a ball at the pins and is interrupted by Frannie.  Harrison is adamant that he doesn't need anyone checking up on him and that he can do whatever he wants in the bowling alley. Frannie tosses her jacket aside and suggests that the two of them have some fun.  They horse around riding bikes, playing basketball etc,.  Ah young love.  Harrison and Frannie kiss and then he starts to cry.  It seems that Harrison believes he is responsible for the death of Samantha and cannot get over the fact that she is dead. Harrison says that he feels so alone and Frannie tells Harrison that it's going to be okay because he has her.

cute aww aw awww awwww

Chuck and Adam have made their way inside the prison.  The prison stinks because it never got cleared of the dead bodies.  They find the body of the dead prison guard and Adam takes takes Ellen's security pass.

Renee gives Ronnie the tour and explains that her father bought this place when she was a child so they could live off the grid.  Now that her father is dead, the group follows what she decides.  Renee explains that they are ready for anything and that they don't follow the rules. This of course peaks Ronnie's interest, even as he is told he has to earn his keep.  The tour stops at the metal shop where Renee orders the workers to show Ronnie the ropes.

Adam tries the swipe card and learns that it needs fingerprint verification to work.  It's back to the kitchen and Chuck and Adam are forced to cut off Ellen's hand with a cleaver.  Back at the computer, Adam uses Ellen's hand to gain entrance.  They learn that she has a clearance level of ten.

A concerned Wiley rushes towards the Mennonites. Wiley begins to panic when Jason stops making any sounds.

Back at the bar, Stacey returns to say that not only is Gord ignorant about what happened to the kid, no one else knows anything either. Stacey tells Mark that Ronnie is taking the body to the family. Mark however believes that if Ronnie is involved, trouble is around the corner. When Mark moves to leave, Stacey grabs a shot gun but he only shouts at her to shoot him and moves towards the door.  Stacey then bashes him over the head with the shot gun. Don't you just love how television always portrays someone being bashed in the head as unproblematic. Yeah, she couldn't possibly have killed him with that move at all.

Wiley finally makes it to the Mennonites and John greets her with a shotgun warning that he told her people not to come back.  Thankfully, the women have more sense than John and rush to Wiley's side and help her with the baby.

Adam and Chuck make their way through the prison getting through barriers using Ellen's hand.  They find Ellen's laptop and Adam declares that it must be encrypted though the screen says that there are no files.  Adam points out to Chuck that he is acting like everything is normal no matter who dies.  At the mention of Samantha's name, Chuck grabs Adam and pushes him into the lockers, demanding to know what he is supposed to do. Chucks slaps back saying that Adam is worked up because he won't be the guy to save Wiley before storming off.

At the Mennonites, Wiley awakens to find little Jason being breast fed by the young woman who lost her baby.  Wiley gives the woman condolences to the woman for her loss and is told that she did the right thing bringing Jason there.  Wiley had to bring the baby here but it's clear that she's disturbed watching another woman bond with her son.

Gord starts everyone planting at the orphanage.

Lamar isn't impressed that Ronnie is sticking around.  Lamar explains that this is how he started and then warns Ronnie to be careful of Renee because Renee is a user.  Lamar warns Ronnie to keep up because they aren't exactly one happy family.

A fed and calm Jason is now back in the arms of his mother. John however has come to a decision. He has decided that Jason is an innocent but Wiley cannot stay.  Wiley explains that Jason will not survive in town because there's no formula there but John is adamant that they cannot afford to take care of the both of them.  Yep, John is offering to raise Jason as a Mennonite but Wiley has to leave.

Ronnie continues to work and is grabbed by two of Renee's henchmen and tossed inside Renee's bedroom.  It seems that Renee has decided that it's sexy times.  Ronnie tells her to stop in belief that Renee is grieving and she makes it clear that she isn't doing this for him before tossing him on the bed.

trippy psychedelic blue dirty sexy time

Wiley and Chuck make it back to the lab at the same time.  Riley explains that she left Jason with the Mennonites.  Chuck is mad and says that Jason was left with strangers. Riley explains that they cannot take care of Jason but that doesn't stop Chuck from screaming that Jason is his brother. Wiley tells Chuck he had his chance to help Jason and didn't.  Now that Wiley is back, she decides that it's time to let Liam out of the handcuffs.

Ronnie and Renee go through the food line and he's given a small amount and told that he has to earn more.  When Ronnie tries to sit next to Renee, he's sent to the other table.  Ronnie again hallucinates his snarky brother.  Renee is handed a picture of Frannie wearing her brother's backpack.

Adam continues to work on the laptop and gets nowhere.  He does however find a satellite phone with Liam's number programmed in.

Mark wakes up and finds himself locked in a storage room. He demands to be let out and Stacey says that he is staying put until Matt sees things her way.  Stacey tells Mark that this is about the two of them because they are both involved.  Mark is adamant that someone is going to get hurt.

Liam checks out Wiley and it seems that the tumor has started to shrink to a fraction of the original size.  Liam says that the cure is working.

Adam looks up Liam and learns that he is the research chief at Horatio pharmaceuticals. Adam declares Liam a liar and rushes out when the battery starts to die.

Liam is amazed at Wiley's results saying that it is more than he ever hoped for.  Chuck is convinced and volunteers for the next shot.

Gord is cooking up meat when Harrison enters to tell him that Frannie is outside waiting. Gord plates some meat for Harrison, before meeting Frannie outside.  Gord concedes that he didn't think about killing the cow from her point of view. The two hug it out and Gord asks Frannie if she would like to come home.  Frannie agrees. Of course, this is when Renee shows up and grabs Frannie.  Gord tries to intervene and Renee says that Frannie killed her brother.  Renee points to the backpack and says that Frannie is coming with them.  Gord attacks and tells Frannie to run but he's shot for his trouble.  Renee and her men drive off leaving two gun shots in Gord's abdomen.