Thursday, August 18, 2016

Glitch, Season One, Episode Three

Vic cleans up the next day but he seems confused by his own reflection..

James has done some research and we see that Maria used to be a teacher. He calls Elishia to demand to know where everyone is. The minute Sarah walks into the room James shuts down the computer, so she teases him about looking at porn. Sarah questions if James is making any progress on the break in and decides to print up some fliers about their missing dog. The conversation is interrupted by Vic knocking at the door.

James notices immediately that Vic looks banged up and Vic says he's fine.  Vic brings up the dead people and tells James that he believes him now. James explains that Elisha has taken them somewhere and Vic is adamant that they need to be found. When James says that he is trying to find them, Vic suggests that this be left to him now.

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 (Yes there will be gifs throughout because this show bores the fuck out of me) Naturally, James doesn't bother to ask why Vic suddenly believes or why he feels that he should be in charge. 

Anyway, Sarah interrupts and invites Vic inside but Vic says that he has to go. Sarah asks what was going on with Vic and James lies about another break in.  James asks Sarah to just lie down and rest because when the baby comes she won't be able to relax. I  get that James needs to keep Sarah distracted but this constant push for her to lie down because she is pregnant is getting annoying. Sarah is pregnant, she's not dying of some disease. 

Kate, Charlie and Kirstie approach Elishia to ask for supplies to change Kirstie's bandage.  Elishia asks about Maria, but the group has no idea where she is. John Doe makes his way over with two rabbits and tosses them on the ground in front of Charles. He's as warm as ever I suppose.

Maria approaches a house and simply walks right in.  She has a hallucination of herself in a different dress and sees her daughter playing the piano.  A little girl approaches and asks if Maria would like some chocolate to which Maria replies, "young ladies shouldn't eat chocolate. You'll get fat".
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 I guess when you have all of the casual racism, why not throw in a little fat shaming dialogue. The girl screams for her mother who charges in and demands to know what Maria is doing in the house. Maria asks who the woman bought the house from but the woman starts shoving Maria out of the house. For a parting shot, Maria tells the woman that she has no pride in her home and is not a good mother. Yes, more shame because a woman has to keep her house pristine damn it. 

John Doe looks up at the sky and is joined by Elishia, who tells him that he is looking at an airplane. Elishia questions if he has seen one before but John Doe says that he doesn't remember. Elishia promises him that his memories will return like all the others. John Doe however does remember hurting Elishia the night before and she is quick to declare that she isn't afraid of him.

Maria makes her way to a church but is told that the church is closed today. Maria says that she cannot wait another day and that she is God's miracle.  Maria announces that she has been resurrected like Lazarus.  The matron offers to make Maria a cup of tea and Maria sits to pray. 

James gets a call from the station about Vic being in an accident. When James reports that he's seen Vic, he's told that Vic crashed his car and didn't even call his wife to say that he's fine.  James is then told he has to head to a church because there's a disturbed woman there. Did nothing happen in this town before the dead people arrived? Every call or crime so far has to do with the dead folks. 

Paddy and Beau arrive at the home he hallucinated in the last episode.  When Paddy walks right in, Beau tries to warn him but Paddy is adamant that this is his house and Beau is his guest. The house is run down but Paddy still calls it his legacy. Paddy hallucinates someone running upstairs and so he follows. Beau follows Paddy upstairs, as downstairs two young guys enter the house.  A nervous Beau wants to leave but Paddy is determined to stay because he has something important hidden there. Beau sneaks downstairs but runs right into one of the residents. Beau claims that he thought the house was empty and so Rory Fitzgerald introduces himself and his cousin Angus. Yep, those would be Paddy's descendants. They invite Beau to join them for a beer.  Paddy lifts the mantle on the fireplace, as downstairs Beau is offered some pot. When Beau says no, Rory tells Beau he's not leaving until he smokes it and for good measure calls Beau a "pussy". Beau is really reluctant to take part but does take a toke and the guys goad him. Paddy reaches into the fireplace and pulls out a box.

James finds a praying Maria in the church. James asks where Elishia is keeping everyone but a rebellious Maria says that James wants to hurt everyone and hide the Lord's miracle. Maria wants James to accept God but James can only fixate on finding Kate. Maria starts to talk about her husband and the people who live in her house now. James agrees to take Maria to see her husband, if she takes him to Kate.

Vic is walking the streets and makes his way to the medical center to find it locked. Vic simply pushes down the door and enters. Vic finds a medical package in the fridge with an address on it.

Back at the batcave, Kirstie is starting to heal now.  Elishia starts looking for a way to get them out of town. Elishia suggests they start doing some testing to find a route out and Charles is quick to volunteer to be her guinea pig. 

Paddy starts to work on opening his precious box while downstairs his descendants play keep away with Beau's phone. Rory tells Beau that he has to act like a kangaroo if he wants his phone back. 


Beau complies until Rory's mother Lucy Fitzgerald calls out that she is home. Right so if you're a descendant of a douchbag racist, you too must be a racist. It's three episodes in and I'm already sick of the bullshit casual racism on this show which serves no purpose that I can see. The boys quickly try to hide the booze as Lucy enters the room asking what is going on. Rory points to Beau and says that he just entered the house. I guess the young Fitzgerald's are done using Beau as their plaything. 

James takes Maria to the retirement home where Leon is now living. Maria rushes in despite James asking for a chance to speak to Leon first. James knocks on Leon's door with Maria fast on his heels. James start to ask questions about Maria, as she walks through the door. Maria kneels at Leon's bedside and Leon starts to cry.  Leon pulls his hand away and calls Maria a whore. Leon starts to scream, so James has to drag her out of the room. Outside, Maria is adamant that she is not a whore. James tries to explain that Leon has dementia and barely knows where he is. James helps a distraught Maria back into his car and she hallucinates about a young man touching her leg. It's James who pulls Maria back to the present.  Maria looks at the picture that James printed and sure enough the boy who was touching her leg is in it.  Naturally, Donnie still lives in town, so Maria demands to see him right now. Maria now believes that what happened wasn't a miracle but is in fact punishment. Right brought back to life because she's a dirty girl. 

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Yeah, I know Maria is a conservative Catholic but they're laying it on a little thick now. She didn't keep her leg closed so God sentences hussies to come back to life as punishment? I guess Dante got it wrong. 

Vic heads to the address he found on the package but is told that no information on employees is  allowed to be given out.  Vic gets a call about his accident and agrees to meet the mystery person at the motel.

Elishia tells the group that they have to find an exit because if discovered, people will to dissect them and find out what is making their dead hearts beat and sending electrical impulses to their brains. Charles once again agrees to be the guinea pig, so Elishia takes his pulse and he starts moving forward.  Charles approaches the bridge slowly with Elishia by his side. Charles starts to collapse and Elishia has to help him move back from the bridge.  They rejoin the others and Elishia says that they will find somewhere else. 

Maria and James pull up to a car dealership now owned by Donnie.  Maria notes that Donnie has gotten old. Maria approaches slowly and Donnie questions if he knows her. James introduces Maria as a relative of the Massala's and Donnie remarks how much she looks like Maria. Maria asks about herself and Donnie says that he didn't know Maria that well. When Maria points out that Donnie was her student, Donnie calls Maria beautiful but again adds that he didn't know her very well. Donnie explains that he taught Maria to drive in exchange for a few piano lessons. Donnie claims that he made a move on Maria and she slapped him across the face.  Donnie then reveals that Maria died in a car accident which shocked the whole town. Maria walks away upset, saying that Leon never wanted her to drive and is adamant that Leon needs to know that she wasn't unfaithful. Yep, you guessed it, back to the retirement home now that Maria is sure she kept her legs closed like a good girl should. 

James calls Elishia and Kate answers but she's no interested in conversation. Kate says that she's trying to find a way out of town and hangs up the phone. A frustrated James demands that Maria take him to Kate right now.

Vic pulls up to the motel and meets Caroline Eastley. If I'm not mistaken, that's the same woman who now owns Maria's house.  Caroline is quick to tell Vic that he looks like shit and then suggests that he get his things. Vic lets Caroline into his room and she questions if this is his way of leaving her, adding that he should have done it ten years ago if that's the case. Caroline tears up and says that she was worried. Caroline then notices Vic's head injury and the two kiss. A shocked Caroline questions what's gotten into Vic but he simply responds by maneuvering her to the bed. 

Well, Lucy called the cops on Beau and she explains that fortunately her son and his friends were at home at the time. Paddy hides around the corner and listens in. The cops agree to bring Beau in but Lucy asks for his mother not to be notified. Beau pleads that his mother not be called because they didn't take anything. The cop questions who else Beau is with and he answers no one. Outside Beau looks up at the house and sees Paddy standing at the window holding his precious box. Okay, so Beau takes racial abuse from Paddy and his nasty ass descendants, he didn't want to enter the house in the first damn place and now he's taking the fall. I'm going to run out of racist gifs on this show. 

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The group are at the last exit out of town and once again Elishia and Charlie approach slowly. Elishia tries to force Charlie to push through as blood pours out of his eyes.  When he starts to collapse, Kate and Kirstie flip out.  Elishia drags Charlie back and she says that he is still breathing but clearly Charlie is not doing well.  

Maria and James and Elishia and the crew arrive back at the same time as James and Marie.  Charlie is still very weak from what he went through.  Kirstie is pissed off and yells and that Elishia just didn't give a shit. They help Charlie to lay down and Kirstie tries to offer him a drink. James is pissed that Elishia experimented with Charlie.  James heads outside to talk to Kate, who says that she understands that he moved on. Kate adds that she has to move on too and that it's okay because she's alive. Kate starts to cry, saying that she is not going to feel sorry for herself because maybe they weren't meant to be forever. James asks Kate to come with him so that he can show her something.

Now that the sex is done, Vic gets dressed. He touches Caroline, thanks her, says goodbye and leaves. 

James takes Kate to a cabin he bought after she died.  Inside the cabin are all of Kate's things and the memories they collected in their years together.  Kate is happy to see that he kept so many things. James explains that when he saw Kate in the coffin he felt that it couldn't contain her so he bought the cabin to keep her alive for him.  Predictably, after some super awkward head butting James and Kate kiss. 

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Vic shows up at Jame's place asking if Sarah knows where Elishia might be. Sarah explains that James is still at work because of some break ins. Vic brings up the cemetery and Sarah says that she was just there last week leaving flowers on Kate's grave.  Vic moves forward and touches Sarah's stomach and though she allows it, she's clearly creeped out by it.

Maria has made some osso bucco from the rabbits John Doe killed. They sit to eat and Elishia thanks Charlie for his efforts.  Maria suggests that they need to put their mistakes right.  Kirstie is adamant that she didn't make any mistakes. Charlie says that none of this makes any sense. John Doe continues to be silent, so Kirstie demands to know about him and he violently pushes Kirstie. Charlie intervenes and Maria screams for John Doe to get off Charlie.  John Doe walks out in a rage. 

Kate and James lie in bed together in the afterglow and confess their love to each other. 

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Maria is walking the streets holding a box. Yep, she goes right to Leon's retirement home and finds him in front of the television.  Maria offers Leon the osso bucco and caresses his face. Maria tells Leon that she was always faithful to him but Leon doesn't understand what she is saying.  Maria sits down at a piano to play for Leon. Maria has a flashback to having Leon attacking her, questioning what she was doing in the car with the boy.  Leon grabs Maria but she gets away and rushes to the car.  Leon tries to stop her but Maria drives away.  Maria doesn't realise that Anna is in the back seat and when she turns to acknowledge her child, she looses control and crashes the car.  Back in the present, Maria is now outside of retirement home.

Elishia comes across John Doe picking up a few things saying that he cannot stay there.  Elishia again points out that he will remember who he is and John doe responds that he knows what he is.

Maria is at Anna's grave and she cries and asks for forgiveness. Who should show up but Vic, who claims that he is there to help. 

Is this wretched story every going to go anywhere? At this point, we're half way through the season and they haven't managed to give us a single character who isn't a ridiculous trope.  Glitch also isn't helped by just how bad the acting is.

Okay so we have six people who have suddenly come back from the dead. We have no idea why they were chosen beyond Maria's ridiculous religious ranting. (Also, I could do without Maria's fat shaming).  The plot doesn't even look like it's going to investigate that because it's too busy making John Doe a bad boy and building up on the love triangle between James/Sarah/Kate.  

Well, at least I'm 1/2 done.