Thursday, November 17, 2016

Teen Wolf, Season 6, Episode 1: Memory Lost

Teen Wolf is back for a final season – so this had better bring the epic.

We begin with a continuation of the theme of Stiles from last season. He’s afraid of what he’s losing. College is looming, everyone is preparing to move on – and he’s going to be left behind. I think this is not just a comment on his insecurity and dependence on his friends but also worth noting that he’s the only non-supernatural there. If he’s separated from his friends by college he also very much faces being separated from the supernatural world, from supernatural reality

Which is probably why Stiles is super super desperate to try and stop supernatural threats in Beacon Hills… when, for one, there really isn’t one. He’s slightly irritating his friends though

Teen Wolf is also filling in time with lots of super dramatic slow motion reveals of supernaturalness.

Of course despite this, the supernatural is definitely real. Liam and Hayden discover a spooky car on a spooky road in the middle of a spooky night and they DON’T run for the hills

Really, some people are positively inviting serial killers to murder them

Instead they find a kid, Alex, in a car with a shattered windscreen and his parents missing. They call the police and Sheriff Stilinski, being a resourceful fellow, decides the best way to help the forgetful urchin be a useful witness is by stabbing him in the neck with werewolf claws

Not just for odd kiddy torture – remember one of the more unusual werewolf abilities on this show is for Alphas to be able to read your memories and risk complete paralysis by stabbing you in the spine. Could you at least wait an hour or two for the forensics to come back before we stab kiddies?

Reading memories Scott sees a horseman with a gun that shatters windscreens and enough strength to rip off a car door. He took Alex’s parents

Yet, all Scott seems to report from this memory is that a horseman with a gun took Alex’s parents. Which sounds very mundane to everyone…

Except Stiles, of course, who finds enough little clues to convince the rest of the gang who are trying to pursue some level of normality that something is afoot: namely that the shot windscreen shattered entirely from a bullet (unlike other examples of shot windscreens) and turned the glass green… which is not normal bullet behaviour

So time to examine Alex’s house (after school as Natalie, teacher and Lydia’s mother and made of awesome) won’t let Scott skip more class.

And it’s spooky. Very very spooky. So very spooky. Entire rooms are entirely empty, completely devoid of furnishings

Scott: Want to split up
Stiles: Absolutely not

Except on room – Alex’s room. Every room in the house but Alex’s own room. Yes it’s creepy. Pictures of the family only show Alex – his parents have been erased. So. Very. Creepy. They’re also joined by Mason and Liam who are following some weirdly acting compasses that are no longer pointing north – but to this house.

Where they shatter when the horseman appears again (with lots of creepy appearing and vanishing before hand – and my gods have you guys not watched a single horror movie? RUN!) to menace Stiles (who is alone. Why is he alone? He just rejected splitting up?!). We learn they are very creepy and really awful shots – as the horseman shoots repeatedly at Stiles and misses from not that far away. Then decides to vanish

Well, still creepy.

Stiles realises that Alex’s parents have been completely erased as if they never appeared. For more menace, Lydia, the Banshee keeps hearing music. And it’s really creepy music. I think this episode is now edging from creepy to “trying too hide to be creepy.” Putting together erased people and creepy music and Lydia announces that it’s the wild hunt

Which, a) is an astonishingly incredible leap of logic. I mean “creepy music and disappearances = wild hunt”? Really? And b) could banshee powers be more vague? Sorry your death omen failed because you aren’t familiar enough with obscure music which your powers liked before it was cool.

Hipster Banshees!

Stiles realises that the kid may be next because of knowledge of the Wild Hunt that he just has and he and Scott rush to the police station… where Alex has vanished. The Wild Hunt broke into his cell (where he was hiding out of terror of the Wild Hunt), took the child and then vanished – repairing the cell in its wake. When Scott and Stiles arrive, no-one even remembers that Alex even existed.

Back to Lydia for some ominous forboding. She knows something terrible is going to happen. She calls Malia to try and figure it out before realising, Stiles can see the Hunt. Stiles is the next victim. She runs to find him

While Stiles runs to the school… and no-one recognises him. Not Natalie. Not Mason, Liam and Hayden, not Malia.

Not his father

And when he calls… not Scott.

Lydia eventually finds him and she remembers him together. The hunt appears and they try to run together… before Stiles realises it’s useless and he’s putting Lydia at risk. He leaves her after making a beautiful goodbye and after telling her he love her (noooo don’t drag this up again it never works). He asks her to remember him… and the Hunt takes him

The next day at school, everyone is happy except Lydia is troubled… because she’s forgotten something

Whoa whoa, no Teen Wolf, no you are not ending this show by taking the actor who brought us super-creepy nogitsune and say “we want you to go for super tragic! Let her rip!” Bad Teen Wolf! No! Of course it may also be a way to not have Stiles around much this season since he has a movie schedule as well.

Points for some elegant foreshadowing though – and Mason actually managed to be present!

And we may have solved one of Teen Wolf’s mysteries – where did Danny and now Kira go? How did these characters completely disappear and no-one even notice them being gone?!

Seriously, this is like the only way they can explain that nonsense.