Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lucifer, Season Two, Episode Eight: Trip to Stabby Town

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For the last couple of weeks I've been complaining about the weekly police procedural shtick that Lucifer for some unknown reason seems wedded to.  This week, although the case was deeply tied to Lucifer, it was far more interesting because it helped to actually move the main meta along, making it fun and interesting to watch.  Thank goodness that Lucifer is back to what makes it good. 

A bold daylight murder has been committed and so it's up to Chloe and Lucifer to get to the bottom of things.  The murder weapon just happens to belong to the angel of the death. Oh Oh.  At any rate, Lucifer drags Amenadiel and Maze to the site of Uriel's grave only to find the angel's body still in the grave but the knife missing.  The blade tends to turn everyday grievances into capitol offenses to the person who possess the blade.

Even as Lucifer is tracking down the celestial weapon he's also back to work with Linda. Lucifer chats with her about the meaning of Chloe making him a sandwich in the previous episode but Linda's too distracted to offer much advise. The good doctor is amazed that Lucifer is indeed the devil and gets torture Hitler for an eternity.  I gotta admit in her place, I'd want to know what he chose to do with him as well. 

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I know I'm not the only who thought about this so just hush. 

The chase for the blade reveals some interesting things about the characters.  Lucifer is absolutely adamant that the blade be found because of what it is capable of doing.  This comes as a surprise to Charlotte, who is responsible for the blade reaching humanity in the first place.  It seems that after teaching herself law in a weekend and her husband some new sex moves, Charlotte also drew a map to Uriel's grave and gave it to several of her clients.  Charlotte thought that if her husband found out that a celestial weapon was in the hands of humans that he would communicate with her.  Charlotte claims that what she really wants is to grieve with God.  I would like to believe her but I said weeks ago, there's something not right about Charlotte.  Lucifer demands his mother's help with tracking down the weapon because while she may see humans as disposable, he clearly does not.  Charlotte notes how much his little vacation on earth has changed him.

Ella and Lucifer have to work closely together on this case.  This causes Chloe to experience some jealousy for the first time.  She tries to claim that she doesn't care who Lucifer sleeps with but doesn't believe he should be sleeping with a co-worker.  Chloe seems especially hurt because they shared a moment after her father's death. The one benefit of having these last few episodes be so written by the numbers is that we've stepped back from the will they or won't they aspect to Lucifer and Chloe's relationship.  I really don't want to see that part of their interactions return. I think Chloe and Lucifer are at their best when they caring for each other and sharing their personal secrets. 

When they do manage to track down the blade, it's none other than Detective Douche who picks it up.  Dan's first target is unsurprisingly Lucifer, who he blames for wrecking his marriage, stalling his career, and eating his pudding out of the fridge at the station.  I'm with Dan on this one, someone taking your food which you have clearly labelled is a downright piss off. Lucifer goes on the defensive because as you remember, the blade wipes you out of existence.  Luckily for Lucifer, Dan begins to fight back against the blade and admits that he and Chloe were already separated when Lucifer arrived and that he'd been a crooked cop before Lucifer arrived as well. 

Lucifer gets together with his family to celebrate tracking down the knife.  Charlotte is unimpressed that her little gambit to get God's attention did not work.  Charlotte reveals that her ultimate plan for them to all return home.  Lucifer is adamant that he will not return to hell and so Charlotte explains that the plan is for Lucifer to return to Heaven with them.  She believes that this is their home and where they belong. Charlotte' believe that if the three of them work together they can force God's hand.  Amenadiel is quick to step up and agree with their mother based in the fact that the knife getting loose is one step to far. Lucifer makes it clear that not only will he not return to Hell, he absolutely won't return to Heaven because it wasn't a good place for him. Lucifer wants to remain on Earth because he feels that this is the only place where he has ever truly felt at home. His rage sets off the knife which is all the warning Charlotte needs to back off and leave with Amenadiel. Charlotte however does mention to Amenadiel that Lucifer is going to be their key to returning home. 

Lucifer then meets with Linda who is still pretty stunned and so he agrees to tell her what she wants to know about history's famous bad guys.  Linda admits that the problem is that she doesn't know how to treat Lucifer anymore now that she knows he is not in fact delusional but the devil. Linda agrees to go back to treating Lucifer the way she would anyone else. 

I laughed a lot this episode.  Between the pudding and the glory hole most of the jokes hit their mark this episode.  For once, I didn't feel as though the episode of the week overwhelmed everything.  I loved watching Linda and Lucifer work out their problems and Amenadiel and Maze teaming up. Amenadiel is so not over her and they have amazing chemistry. I love that Maze isn't willing to drop everything to help Lucifer but needs a reason to participate in the search for the knife. I really want to know where things are going with Charlotte in particular. You just know that she's up to no good and is going to find a way to make Lucifer's life difficult.