Friday, July 14, 2017

Outcast, Season 2, Episode 7: Alone When it Comes

Kyle has made his break from hospital, though he’s still injured. But he’s clear, they have to escape, they can’t stay in town any more with all the demon people. Amber continues to be mature and sensible - it’s creepy. Small children being that maature and sensible is creepy. Very very creepy

Alison is still a bit shellshocked by all the revelations but is managing to run with it, though she’d rather run to a hospital on account of the big scary knife wound in Kyle.

Megan and Anderson catch up with them in time to say goodbye (and for Megan to acknowledge that Kyle exorcised her) before Kyle & co hit the road

But it’s pretty clear from the beginning they’re being followed. Alison goes from being paranoid to quickly realising how right Kyle is, as they grab a new car from the Junkyard guy and try to head out of town only to find road blocks and new Sheriff Nunez marshalling her forces.

Alison actually is really good here, she’s clear thinking while Kyle is more reactive, she has ideas, quickly assess the situation, points out ways out and gets them moving while Kyle is clearly floundering. It isn’t enough for them to get away, but definite points for navigating it well

Surrounded, they’re saved by Junkyard guy who drive in with a shotgun and a truck and helps them escape - Allison and Amber. Kyle stays behind to distract the horde - none of whom are eager to get in the way of his burning touch. But they don’t have to, since he heads back to town.

That’s a shame - I hope Allison will come back just as she’s getting good

Sidney is still being creepy and evil but his health is definitely deteriorating rapidly: sio is his reputation given the snark Dr. Park is throwing his way. With the Beacon he had now dead because of Aaron (and an autopsy finding nothing about Helen’s merge-speeding methods) and the Council getting inpatient, things are not looking good for him. He faces the council and gives them lots of promises about the merge - and they give him time, but it’s grudging and the impatience is clear. Dr. Parks is definitely done backing him up

He also suggests that, as immigrants to this world, maybe they don’t need to remake it, they can enjoy it as it is (a message fraught with implications depending on how it’s developed) - which Sidney thinks is impossible because apparently their vessels kill them. Presumably this is what is wrong with Sidney: the merge is his only chance of survival. Though Dr, Parks implies there’s another way - not that he’s sharing it

Sidney’s health is so bad he ends up crashing his car… though he survives and a good samaritan picks him up

Back to Megan who Anderson takes to the Lighthouse church so she can meet fellow depossessed people like herself. Megan definitely has mixed issues, she’s not a religious woman (especially after her experience with her parents) and it’s clear she already had long issues with Anderson who she previously viewed as having confused Kyle with his talk of demons

But she’s also scared - scared of being possessed again, scared that it changed her, scared that it’s still in her and scared she’s a bad person, responsible for what she did while possessed

Which makes talking to Dakota very reassuring, playing down the religious experience, she talks about being possessed herself, of the terrible things she did and how she’s not to blame. How she faced evil and “spat it out”. She thinks they’re stronger for it. Whether Megan buys that, it’s a definite line to cling to which absolves her for the death of her husband - she wants to stay with Amber

While Anderson follows Dakota and finds they have a guest - or prisoner - in a hidden basement. Sidney - the good samaritan was one of theirs. I think this would have been useful several episodes ago but Sidney is so undermined now…

Lastly we have Rose and Giles: and Rose isn’t settling for just killing one possessed friend, she hunts down another. But she underestimates the strength of the possessed and gets fairly banged up in the process

Meanwhile Sheriff Nunez uses Evelyn’s murder as a trumped up excuse to arrest Giles so she can menace him about going after Rose, after his family (and dropping the tidbit that exorcised people are immune to possession - which is good to know for the future). Nunez has underestimated his influence though - he’s been a sheriff for a long time and one of his officers lets him out. He returns to Rose who isn’t just hurt but deeply upset at having killed her oldest and dearest friend… even if she was possessed, it wasn’t easy

I’m glad to see Rose be more than a babysitter - now where is this plot line going? I’d rather not have her possessed, evil or victim either