Monday, July 10, 2017

Wynonna Earp, Season 2, Episode 5: Let's Pretend We're Strangers

We get some new players introduced - the Order. And they’re hot firemen who we frequently see exercise. Sadly we don’t see them do this shirtless. Or wet. Honestly why have hot firemen and not get them shirtless or wet? I object! I object!

Oh they also have axes and are killing people possessed by goo demons. They wear a robe while doing so so are still not half naked. Well damn.

They’ve got one more demon creature to hunt down.

That creature would be in Wynonna who is currently taunting Waverley, has tied her little sister up and is making the worst smoothie I’ve seen outside of youtube recipes Renee insists on sharing with me. Wynonna manages to fight off possession sufficiently to not kill Waverley

Doc arrives before she can torture Waverley and together they head into action with Demon Wynonna who has odd taste in pancakes and flirts constantly with Doc and tries to sabotage Waverley’s relationship with Nicole because demons have nothing better to do.. They get the plate from the briefcase to Jeremy who, through licking, realises the plate has a seal underneath so he heads off the Black Badge to show that around and figure out what it means while Wynonna and Doc head to the sadly-clothed-firefighters since their station has the same symbol on the door

There Euan, chief hot-fire-fighter-demon-hunter tells them the station is consecrated ground and people who walk in sin get the heebie jeebies. Wynonna is definitely feeling heebie-ish and threatens the guy with a knife

This pushes Doc over the edge, he knows Wynonna’s possessed because she takes her coffee black and she doesn’t bring a knife when she has peacemaker (and the acting’s kind of awesome since we can see who is in control just by facial expressions - kudos to that).

At least we don’t get a whole episode of everyone trying to figure out what is wrong with Wynonna

Meanwhile Juan-Carlo the guy who is totally an angel sees the still-fully-clothed-Euan and gently points out that Wynonna would make a great ally. Euan think killing demons is more important. He also talks about one of the broken seals - which is what Wynonna has been obsessed about

While Doc is busy bundling Wynonna into the boot of his car, Dolls finds Waverley tied up and they have an awesome scene of Dolls discovering whether this is the real Waverley or whether she’s possessed and Waverley disclosing her disgusting favourite food and apologising constantly. Before he can free her Lucado shows up and Dolls and Lucado wreck half the house fight - and does Lucado have super strength? Because if she can throw Dolls through walls or even match his strength equally I’m going to say yes

The fight is broken up when Waverley shoots a gun in the air and asks them to focus on the task at hand, damn it.

Doc brings Wynonna home to the police station and they lock her up and discuss next option. Well Lucado and Dolls discuss it after they get Doc and Waverley out of the way. They recognise this demon, it’s haunted them before and the goo-demon likes to multiply into “legion” and it takes lots of people down with it including entire Black Badge centres - it also seems to be following Dolls. Basically it’s bad news and Lucado would quite like to vivisect Wynonna to get her back in Black Badge good books since they’re not returning her calls. Since Dolls vetoes that option 2 is to deposess her but for that that needs some samples. Of blood, flesh and bone.

Dolls has to cut off Wynonna’s finger which is every bit as awful as it sounds even as Wynonna gains control enough to tell Dolls to do it despite the goo-demon’s distractions.

The goo demon does regenerate body parts at least.

Lucado tests the goo and it sings to her… so she touches it. And her head explodes. No, really. Dolls is left with one hell of a clean up job and another annoying character is removed.

Juan Carlo the not-angel appears to Doc and Waverley to get back in the action where they find Dolls mid cleanup.

They have a potion to exorcise Wynonna by convincing the demon that she’s actually dead. But after that they don’t actually have any real plan to kill the demon and stop it multiplying. For that they need Peacekeeper. And to use that they need an unpossessed Wynonna

So Waverley, always courageous, forces peacekeeper against Wynonna and takes the demon back into herself. Waverley is now possessed and heads to her barn full of shiny things in time for the storm which has been forecast. Why? Well apparently lightning strikes make possession permanent, who knew?

There she runs into Nicole and cries and tells her that she needs protecting from demonic Wynonna - please shoot my sister to protect me!

Doc and Dolls release Wynonna and they go after Waverley - and for extra fun, the order of robe-clad firefighters shows up with axes and a plan to kill anyone they think is possessed. They use the term “collateral damage” which Wynonna is not a fan of. She gets past them by gargling holy water (proving she’s not a demon) and offering up her plate which Jeremy licked which apparently the firefighters like. The plate, not the plate licking.

This buys her 10 minutes to go in the barn, convert Nicole to side (which is pretty easy because Waverley isn’t in the habit of screaming “shoot my sister!”) and depossess Waverley and shoot the little snaky demon thing she vomits up!

The weather clears which signals to the firemen cultists the demon is all good and they wander off hopefully to their cars because they have a long walk in bathrobes carrying medieval weapons.

Victory, Waverley storyline now closed - which is awesome because it needs culling

Wynonna checks in on the still-dressed firemen who says they’re the order who fight any demons in the triangle - which Wynonna has trouble with because where have they been?! This attempt to lampshade how she and Black Badge should have noticed them by now doesn’t change the fact it’s still a huge plot hole. They’re a bit demoralised after losing people to recent fights after Willa opened the whole triangle thing. He also wants to ally with Wynonna since not-an-angel guy advised him to. She’s sticking a pin in that

Jeremy returns from Black Badge and Dolls wants him to help cover up Lucado’s death - thankfully that’s not an issue because black Badge apparently doesn’t exist any more and their office was abandonned

Well… that was unexpected

Speaking of - Wynonna is pregnant

Well that’s mixed things up a bit!