Monday, December 11, 2017

10 Highly Bingeable Urban Fantasy TV Series

What to watch, what to watch hmmmmm…. The Netflix ponder. It’s always a toughie. If you’ve got a bunch of time on your hands then you might want to check out something where you’re going to be tuned in for 6 hours straight, glued to the edge of your seat, unable to take a break between episodes… a full binge upon you. Fantasy is our favorite genre, whether it’s TV series, movies, or games, the creative essence still remains.
In today’s article we check out 10 of the most bingeable fantasy shows, ranging from 80s titles right through until today. You’re sure to find something new to have you stuck on the couch in our list – check em out!

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When it comes to the blueprint for bingeable urban fantasy, it has got to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The vehicle that rocketed Joss Whedon to the top of everyone’s fantasy-writer wishlists, Buffy is the story of Buffy, a high school student with a bad-ass secret – by night she’s a demon kicking, vampire slaying “chosen one”. The show packs a punch with its quick quips and high energy action sequences that don’t get bogged down in gruesome details. Do yourself a favor with this one and - if you haven’t already had a watch - make sure to tee it up on your Netflix. There’s 7 whole seasons to keep you going for weeks on end.

2. Misfits

Don’t just look to the US for your fantasy TV cravings – head across the shores to the UK and check out their quirky offerings, too. Misfits oozes style and substance. The show kicks off with a bunch of young “misfits”, offenders who’ve been put together to do community service. However, it then soon comes to light that many of these outcasts have a unique magical or special talent. Queue them teaming up for the use of their powers both for good and also to get up to no good too – they are delinquents after all! Check out all 5 seasons.

3. The Magicians

An off the radar series, The Magicians is relatively new to the Syfy channel and is one that draws heavily on the quirky, witty wordplay of Buffy, but is way less G rated in its delivery. The Magicians is kind of like Harry Potter – where our cast are attending a magic school – however in this one they’re all grown up and in college, with plenty of swearing, innuendo, adult themes, and even steamy sex scenes. Featuring a hot young cast, the show now has three seasons under its belt and a fourth is slated for 2018.

Cult status beckons for this crossover show.

4. Supernatural

The boys are back in town! Sam and Dean, the Winchester brothers are the hunters who seek to address and banish all the supernatural bad guys that they come across. Each episode is a good old fashioned ghost story in itself, with the show maintaining enough presence across seasons for viewers to remain interested – and even on the edge of their seats! It doesn’t hurt that the two stars are major babe material. In terms of bingeability this show may not have you hanging from episode to episode, however with no less than 13 seasons at your fingertips (and more to come), it’ll be a long time before you run out of eps to watch.

11 Seasons of pure entertainment

5. The Ghost Whisperer

Here’s another one that is more on the supernatural side of things – and more with a soft touch than a spooky one. The Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, is a series that ran from 20005 to 2010, and is set in a gorgeous little town, with the other J Lo as a woman who discovers she can speak to ghosts, and to help them transition to “the other side” once they’ve resolved what’s necessary in the physical world. It’s a bit soap opera-ish, a little daytime TV, but to be honest, that’s what we like about it. A great show to binge watch when you’re home from work sick and feeling a little self indulgent.

6. The OA

A bizarre and compelling series, with just one season so far (and another to be released in 2018), the OA follows the story of Prairie – a woman discovered wandering who turns out to have been missing for 7 years. But something very strange has happened – she can now see, when once she was blind. Where has she been? Is it really her? How did she become cured? You’ll be on the edge of your seat wanting to find out her whole story in this highly original show. Be sure to tune back in next year for the follow up in season 2. Stars Brit Marling and Phyllis Smith.

7. Orphan Black

Another British offering on our list comes in the form of Orphan Black. Orphan Black is now in its fifth season, after a slow but steady start. If you like thrillers and strong female leads, then Orphan Black makes for great watching. The show starts off when Sarah, after witnessing the suicide of girl (who looks just like her) then assumes her identity, but she then finds out there is still more to the strange coincidence than there seems – she was actually a clone! And there are more where that came from! Actress Tatiana Maslany crafts such delightfully different characters for each of Sarah’s clones that you would think they are all separate actors playing different parts. Binge this one with abandon.

Truly stellar performance by Tatiana Maslany

8. Stranger Things

Haven’t gotten around to watching Stranger Things just yet? Well you must. Even if you think you won’t like it just because everyone else does, and maybe you’re into quirky things usually – you’ll like it anyway, just trust us. It’s the series that has been gripping the world with its “totally nailed it” 80s adventure vibe. Think The Goonies but less cheesy and more adult. With the second season released recently, it even has Goonies alum Sean Astin starring, as well as everyone’s favorite 80s babe Winona Ryder. It’s cool, it’s highly bingeable, and its available now. Can’t wait to see what happens in 2018!

9. The Twilight Zone

The remake of The Twilight Zone series ran from 1985 to 1989 – and if you can get your hands on a copy of this binge-worthy show you’ll be grateful you did. The series has standalone episodes, each featuring a very strange tale (or tales) with a twist. They’re creepy, they’re kooky, they’re altogether ooky – but they’re nothing like the Adams Family. The Twilight Zone has been referenced in pop culture since the dawn of time, so check this series out to make sure you know just what everyone is talking about.

10. The Stand

Rounding out our list is the TV adaption of Stephen King’s The Stand, a treasure from 1994. It’s technically not a series – but was a made for TV miniseries so has a super bingeable runtime of 6 hours – perfect for a Saturday or Sunday in. For those not familiar with the novel of the same name, it is one of those creepy “end of days” type scenarios – this time it comes about from a plague wiping out the majority of the human race. From the survivors, two different factions form, one good and one evil it seems. A thoroughly creepy and enjoyable ride, The Stand stars Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Laura San Giacomo, Rob Lowe, and more.