Thursday, January 4, 2018

Superstition, Season 1, Episode 9: Uncle Bubba

This week we have Uncle Bubba interrupting Bea and Isaac’s alone time… and Bubba?


He’s amusing but he’s such a bumbling buffoon that he kind of makes me cringe for every second he’s on screen

He’s interrupting Bea and Isaac’s alone time because he thinks he’s being haunted by an evil clock. He warns Garvey and Russ not to touch it because bad things will happen

Russ, who isn’t in on the big secret, of course touches the clock. He and Garvey are sucked into demon clock world. No-one is amused by Bubba over this. Bubba explains who may have a grudge against him (he owes someone money and slept with their wife) and Isaac and Bea have absolutely no time at all for him referring to women as “bitches”. Because this show is twice as aware on gender and race issues than pretty much anything else out there

Continued argument leads to Bubba and Isaac also being sucked into clock world

Clock world is spooky black and white with occasional clockwork people because they know all about the spooky. Russ wants to touch things and leap in while Garvey shows her far greater experience of random woo-woo - and of course Russ hears all about the family history so he won’t do silly things like not listen to Garvey

They grab the man who hated Bubba to fill them in about the clock. He’s not co-operative and Bea absolutely refuses to allow Calvin use violence to coerce him because that is not who they are. However she does use her cat to threaten him. What her cat does we don’t know but it seems to involve turning into a much bigger, scarier cat

Now more reluctantly co-operative the man explains that he trapped a poltergeist called Agnes in the clock and then fed her 80 odd souls to make her super powered. Agnes now thinks she’s god of her realm but still serves him

He’s right about all but the last part, as he too is sucked into the clock.

In clock world Garvey and Russ are confronted by a huge amount of spookiness and Agnes: Garvey manages to hold them off with her own magic for a time - and Russ is extremely co-operative and quick to help, cutting his own hand and offering himself up as a battery. When she collapses he also refuses to give her up to save himself

It doesn’t save either of them but he tries. They end up being forced to lure Isaac in because Agnes wants his super special immortal soul - and it looks like Isaac isn’t in a position to fight her.

But Bubba, communicating with the outside and drawing on his propensity to be struck by lightning (it isn’t really explained but I’m not questioning it because I kind of just want this to be over)

And so the say is saved, Bubba is duly kicked out with some nice words and Rus handles everything well. Sure he faints at the sight of blood but he seeks out Garvey to promise to keep her secrets and give her a necklace. He’s waaaay nicer than I expected

May and Calvin continue to have tension and worry over where they’re going and May decides to put the breaks on things. I’m not even sure why - I mean I can get her saying she’s going too fast but call it all off? Maybe I just have low tolerance for will-they-won’t-they-on-and-off-and-on-and-off relationships

I have to say I’m surprised by Russ - I like that we’ve taken a mortal exposed to the supernatural and had him fully embrace it, embrace the people he still cared about and not become hostile or fall apart. And, as a young man/older teen he seemed to fully leap in on trhe coolness of it all

And, for all the danger at al, thinking back to my own self between the ages of 15-21? I think “awesome” would be a more than reasonable reaction. I like this, especially since there was already an indication that Russ wasn’t a super good guy and May is already wary of him (while at the same time being so reasonable and understanding about how she can’t just forbid this relationship. Though the app on her phone is super creepy).

But on the whole I’m just not sure why this episode is here? Bubba? Russ?