Monday, May 28, 2018

Fear The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 6: Just in Case

This show is getting more of a split time line than Once Upon a Time and I’m torn because it’s very effective, it’s building a lot of new characters as they need to be rather than dumping a lot of stranger back story on us without any real reason to care. But it’s also really really annoying and I like my stories in order, damn it!

So my reviews always reorder them because otherwise my brain hurts

And this time in the distant past we focus on Victor and Naomi. Victor is now on the outs with Cole because Cole has realised he’s a pretty terrible person, but Madison in her weird messiah saintliness is convinced that Victor was worth saving. Even if Victor doesn’t entire believe it himself. Victor’s clearly dealing with a lot of guilt issues

And he’s dumping them all on Naomi. Because she apparently is trying to do another runner (which she’s alreayd tried and Victor is super condemnatory about despite it making him a huge hypocrite) and is only stopped because of another happy stadium resident with a gun. She hastily explains she knows somewhere with seeds and fertiliser and other supplies necessary to keep the stadium going since they’re on teeny tiny rations and need to do more to stop complete collapse.

They stop in a motel along the way and she explains they’re heading to a FEMA base. But she also explains she was going to run which gives Victor more chance to dump on her for being, well, him. He wants Madison to accept some people (him) can’t be saved (so stop trying) because they’re just cowards and selfish and awful (still him). But Madison refuses to accept that - we’ve all done bad things but we try to be better going forwards and change. To which Victor confesses to his getaway store and his plan to run if things went bad as proof that under it all, he hasn’t changed.

Naomi also appears not to have - since she hotwires the van and leaves without them, leaving a map behind. But when she gets to the FEMA base there’s apparently other demons troubling her. It’s full of zombies and as she infiltrates the facility she’s especially devastated to find empty child beds and cots. She does find some car keys and a book full of handy instructions on farming first aid and other wonderful apocalypse things I’m sure they teach in those nice places where people have more guns than teeth and who buy food in gallon tins

But then she sees something that devastates her and she falls making a noise and is surrounded by a horde she can’t bring herself to kill because she’s just so upset. She hides on top of a large platform, trapped, saying she’s sorry

When Strand and Madison arrives she tries to give them the keys so they can leave without her but obviously that’s not happening and they cobble together a rescue and she explains her story

She had a daughter, Rose, and when they arrived at the FEMA facility Rose became sick. When she realised Rose was seriously ill and needed antibiotics she went looking for them but hid Rose’s illness because they’d seen people be kicked out of other groups before for being ill - given that dead people rise as zombies. When she got back it was too late - Rose had died in the night and rose and bitten people. The zombies didn’t get in, her daughter turning caused the death of everyone there

Of course Madison and even Strand are quick to try and absolve her but guilt’s eating her a lot. They do find the truck marked “just in case” full of seeds and fertiliser and all sorts, prepared by the now zombie Ellen who was an expert in such things. And they go back to the Stadium where they tell the Vultures what they just found

For a moment I thought the vultures would attack but that’s not what they do. They wait until a community collapses - and the Stadium is just going to take too long now.

Still things aren’t all shiny. Suddenly filled with doubt, Madison has Alicia prepare a Naomi/Victor style Just in Case Truck…

And while Victor has listened to all the talk of growth and change and seems to have a better self worth, Madison isn’t happy with him after his most recent confession. She may have convinced him he’s a better person but maybe he convinced her that he… maybe no-one… actually is

Through to the future and John Dory is on the edge, he finds a Vulture and after some impressive display of gun skills he then nearly loses it demanding the Vulture tell him about Naomi. Only Morgan intervening stops John doing something murderous because he’s become the Dalai Lama of the apocalypse.

No he’s worse - he’s gone full on Stupid Good and decides to WARN the Vultures that Alicia & co are on their way so they can run away. Or, y’know, set up an ambush because ye gods, REALLY?! I do not believe Morgan, after what he has seen, can not see the problems with this.

Unshockingly when Alicia & co arrive at the rendez-vous spot expecting lots of Vultures to shoot and instead find Morgan who really needs to start dressing in Tie-dyes. They are not amused. Morgan insists the Vultures aren’t coming because they warned them

And an army of Vultures arrives. Hey, anyone not predict this?

There’s a tense stand off with lots of guns as Alicia faces off against Mel and both of them having dead brothers when a car arrives.

Honestly I expected Madison to step out as the new Vulture leader - but no, it’s Naomi, apparently a Vulture member

Alicia is enraged and shoots at her and of course, John, nicest guy in the world, gets in the way

So far all these plot lines are starting to circle around Laura - John is focused on it. Alicia clearly has major unresolved issues about her. It’s certainly an interesting choice to centre the show on a completely new character we know almost nothing about… I wonder if that can pan out