Friday, May 25, 2018

iZombie, Season 4, Episode 12: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away

Liv can’t bring herself to carry out Isobel’s last wish - to eat her brains. She just can’t face the body. Which also gives Ravi more time to experiment at least

And they have another tragic drama brewing - Curtis their captured coyote, is due to be executed by Chase Graves unless “Renegade” gives herself up.

Liv, naturally, is all for this. Ravi and Levorn are very insistent that she better not. I get it form the whole personal connection but the idea that Liv is utterly central to the organisation given how recently she joined them is a little dubious

Chase is also seeming increasingly disillusioned with Chase with Captain Hobb from admin dropping in to basically sound Major out on a coup - preferably with Major in charge. Which Major is willing to listen to after the killing of Captain Seattle last week (and Jordan, camping with Major while recovering, is all in favour of this). Unfortunately it seems Hobb is secretly working for Chase in his paranoia who is feeling out whether Major is still the loyal golden boy

Just because he’s right doesn’t mean Chase isn’t paranoid.

As Liv begins to sneak out to give herself up, Major is there to stop her: declaring that she’s right

And can I just say a resounding “fuck you” to Major here? Sure it’s easy to be outraged by injustice and death when it’s someone you care for who is being hurt - but he was right there while Mama Leone was being executed. You were there firing guns to intimidate journalists. So, yes, Major is in my shit box.

He can’t talk Liv out of it so he drugs her and kidnaps her

Yes, he’s definitely in my shit box. He even leaves a message with Jordan to tell Ravi and Levorn not to worry but he’s kidnapped Liv until after Curtis is executed (never mind him or his pregnant wife).

Major then makes himself even worse by giving him and Liv the brains of an ancient happily married couple, turning her into a 1950s housewife. Oh but don’t worry, Liv Cleaver does make it clear that this only works because she likes Major anyway. Yes, we know she likes Major, they were betrothed. But she’s also ragingly pissed with him and we know exactly how much brains control Liv’s behaviour. Major, you are the worst for this attempt at mind control Stockholm Syndrome. The utter worst

But there’s a bright side! As Don E hears from one of his unhappy customers, while the brains are labelled as devoted loving couple who died at the end of a long life together; what wasn’t known is that car crash was caused by the wife who was SO THOROUGHLY SICK OF HIM!

So Liv restrains him in the cage in the basement (Liv has taken them to a Fillmoregraves safehouse - a safehouse that has been long abandoned since the previous residents have been reduced to Romero zombies from hunger) and tells him how little she appreciates being kidnapped and how she’s off to save Curtis now.

She leaves but doesn’t have much transport - thankfully Rus the fugitive from last episode hits the safehouse looking for brains and puts some bullets in Major. Liv comes up behind him and kills him properly dead - and steals his car. And leaves Major locked up.

Back in town there’s a murder - of a social media/instagram star/socialite/influencer who goes by “White Girl” on account of being a zombie but then taking the cure and then stealing Zombie’s look and fashions (ok, zombies has been a thing for like, a year. Other than being really pale, they don’t have a culture to “appropriate”. Please stop stealing social justice issues you know nothing about).

Clive also adamantly refuses to call her “White Girl”

And Ravi has to tell Clive everything about Liv to explain why she isn’t available to eat brains. Clive is actually pretty ok with all this, not having been on the Fillmore Graves train for a while.

Also, Ravi is having a zombie mode as well so he can eat that brain for them. Oh

Oh… well… well I think we can praise the acting here.

It seems that other zombies who follow Brother Love hate her as an “apostate”. More, Brother Love - Angus - has called on his minions to kill her, even waving his classic hammer around while doing. She was killed by a hammer blow

They bring in Angus for questioning which means a lot of his minions show up - and the french detective from Fillmore Graves. Which allows Clive to make a nifty Pink Panther burn - but mainly because he has become a true convert to Angus’s church. And when Tucker, Angus’s loyal congregant, confesses to the murder to free Angus, the detective lets the zombie go rather than deliver him to be frozen.

Chase is losing control on all sides.

Now for the storyline which makes no sense: Blaine is worried about zombie extinction. He’s worried about increasing tensions between Seattle and the rest of the US. He’s worried about the brain supply being cut off. He’s worried that this will cause zombies and humans in New Seattle to fight each other - if humans win, zombies will be wiped out. If zombies win the US government will nuke the city and zombies will be wiped out.

All very true

His plan - to lead Angus’ flock out into US, past all the bombs and traps, and infect a gazillion people until half the population is infected.

Which… will fail. Utterly utterly fail. There’s not enough brains there to feed the population, not even close. Why are they so confused about their food source?!

Angus wants a sign from god for this - so Blaine arranges for it to rain pureed brains. Of course this pleases Angus and the apocalypse is on

That’s ominous and cliffhangery

And Liv returns to the city to turn herself in to Chase to be executed...

This is also ominous and cliffhangery

And Ravi studying Isobel’s brain, White Girl’s cured zombie brain, applies science and creates: A CURE FOR ZOMBIENESS

Which is also ominous and cliffhangery. We must be near a season finale