Monday, May 21, 2018

The Originals, Season 5, Episode 5: Don't It Just Break Your Heart

So, a conundrum. How do you make your character the good guy when he’s Klaus Mikkaelson and inclined to murder people for funsies? How do you end this, the final season of Originals with Klaus as the hero?


Nazis are the ultimate bad guy, even Klaus can look good while covered in blood and entrails, so long as they’re NAZI blood and entrails. Except the show also kind of wants to have arguments and conflicting sides so suddenly you have previously reasonable characters be sort of sympathetic to Nazis… and then because Klaus always has to have the angst of inflicting his own misery we need to have a tragic past inspiring the Nazis other than, y’know, being Nazis.

It’s all rickety to say the least.

Ok, let’s go with this. Klaus is now massacring Nazis and asking whether they have Hayley and doing more massacring and he’s barely even bothering to ask questions it’s just slaughter. Marcel’s kind of following Klaus around validating the Nazi slaughter in case we needed it.

Anyway, Greta, influential vampire steps forwards to say “hey, I’m the Nazi and I have Hayley!”. She thought this was a good idea… somehow? She ends up being imprisoned and drained of blood and tortured so Klaus can get the vervain out of her system and then compel her. Why did she not expect this?

Her demands are they use magic to bind Hope’s werewolfyness which was done to Klaus by Esther so she can’t create Hybrids. Klaus is super against this because he loathes what was done to him and he apparently suffered mightily because of this. It’s hard to tell because staring moodily in apparent eternal artistic suffering is kind of what Klaus does all the time. And Elijah. And Stefan. And Damon. Occasionally Rebekah. Freya’s getting in there too

Ugh, this whole cast needs like ALL the valium

Josh shows up to be kind to Greta and encourage her to free Hayley, who is a good person, in exchange for a level of compassion from Klaus which is just HILARIOUS. Of course this where that whole Nazi thing gets in the way. Because if Greta were just a normal vampire with, not unreasonable, concerns about hybrids and their ability to kill them, especially after Poppy’s death then her fears are reasonable and Josh comforting her, advocating for her and telling Marcel that maybe he’d like to side with the vampires once in a great while doesn’t sound bad. Except Nazis. Except Greta isn’t saying “hybrids are dangerous” but “hybrids are polluting our pure blood line with their taint.” So suddenly we have this reasonable nice guy - a gay latino man at that - being willing to go to bat for race supremacists.

Yeaaah no.

But let’s have a big flashback to how we got here. Way back in 1933 Germany Klaus was hanging around with a guy called August who was all sort of bleak and mopey about Germany’s malaise. He and Klaus talk art and generally disagree until Elijah shows up to warn him that, hey, Mikael is on the way and this is back in the day when all the Originals were running scared of their dad. Mikael has been attracted to the area because a gazillion werewolves are being murdered. I’m not sure why this attracts Mikael, but apparently it does.

August has been killing werewolves en masse because of the whole racial purity thing and he’s decided werewolves taint and, he’s a Nazi, logic doesn’t have to apply, we’re just dragging real world bigotry and stamping the supernatural all over it.

In the past Klaus wants to murder August but Elijah says he can’t do that as it will expose he’s a hybrid and that will raise an army against him. Ok… except it didn’t? I mean when Klaus was exposed as a hybrid in Vampire Diaries there was no sudden uprising of people against Klaus. And why would people think this is why Klaus kills August? Klaus doesn’t need reasons to kill people - he just kills people. And what’s with Klaus’s sudden loyalty to werewolves? He is super upset because people call werewolves mongrels which is like super super offensive to him… but since when? We’ve seen Klaus for years now and he’s never given a shit about werewolf insults. Or even keeping werewolves alive. This whole characterisation has just come from nowhere

He also accuses Elijah of not accepting him and not having his back for letting his mother bind his werewolfyness and not being suitably psychotic whenever someone insults werewolves. And Elijah is duly outraged because his entire life is devoted to protecting and championing Klaus. Every damn waking moment. Even when he learns that Klaus has daggered Rebekah.

Klaus decides to murder August anyway and, because he likes to play games, her also decides to murder everyone around him on sheer principle except for the one who picks up the Nazi coin and asks for mercy. The person who picks it up is Greta - August’s wife who Klaus completely fails to recognise, and her two children (more on that later).

When Greta escapes, mangling Josh in the process, Klaus reflects how a mistake this was: how by publicly humiliating her and making her beg for mercy he gave her “shame” which ensures eternal hatred. Which sounds all nice and personal which allows Klaus to wallow in his angst and self-blame. Except, again, NAZIS. You can’t paint Nazis as the poor misunderstood humiliated people having personal issues.

Marcel and Klaus also have some ongoing issues with Marcel kind of agreeing with everything Klaus wants and sort of apologising for going behind Klaus’s back while also being sort of annoyed that Klaus still expects him to be subservient. While Klaus acknowledges his temper means he’s kind of acting out and being an arsehole to Marcel.

So, on to those children: it turns out that August and Greta’s daughter was… Antoinette, Elijah’s new love interest. And here was me thinking that Elijah was out of the series. She reveals this to Elijah when she finds some photographer stalking her, apparently the Nazis want her back. Elijah is super hella pissed that she’s been lying to him, since they both knew each other in the past and the whole nazi thing. She points out that she never actually supported her dad and recounts the past when she told Elijah about her evil abusive Nazi father and he helped her get out of the county using contacts he’d already set up. I think the implication is Elijah had set up escape routes to get people out of Nazi Germany and encouraged her to use one. This has them all patch it up but they do decide to leave France together

While I think that, on any other show, the coincidence of Elijah just happening to run into her is a bit much....

Marcel did tell Freya about Greta’s demand and she tells Hope - who is already showing off her super strength and agility and talking casually about triggering her werewolf side (Freya thinks Hayley wouldn’t want this because it’s super painful to shapeshift. And no-one seems to care it will involve MURDERING SOMEONE. Everyone on this series is awful). This adds extra angst when they hear the demands because Hope thinks her mother doesn’t want her to be a werewolf anyway. Add in that she doesn‘t want to be a freak because we all know how much teenagers hate having super powers and she wants to go for the binding. Even if it involves lots of blood and being branded with the moonstone which sounds most unpleasant

Klaus steps in to stop this because he’s not having Hope bidn a fundamental part of herself in the same way he did even though he never seemed to care before. He runs off with the moonstone so he kind of stop that being an option anyway. And with Freya refusing to co-operate there’s no powerful witches in school to help

But don’t worry, new love interest and guy who she has her first kiss with Roman helps her sneak out of school. And Roman would be Greta’s other child. Yes Alaric and Caroline allowed an 80-90 year old vampire Nazi to enroll in their school...