Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Lucifer, Season 3, Episode 22: All Hands on Decker

Oh this episode is… trying.

Chloe tells everyone that she’s about to get married to Pierce. Ella is all jumping all over this because it’s time to plan a bachelorette party.

While Pierce is somewhat overwhelming Chloe with all the wedding planning - it doesn’t help that they set a wedding date of 3 weeks from now which isn’t a whole lot of time. Chloe resolves this planning by making… a wedding murder board.

Uh-huh, that’s probably a super bad omen. Pierce suggests she take some of her leave to actually get some planning done

Which vexes Lucifer. He’s all upset about the wedding but Amenadiel is still onside deciding that it’s god’s plan. He suggests, again, that Lucifer tell Chloe how he feels. Nope he’s not doing that, instead he’s going to get into her head to try and understand why she made this decision

This means while Chloe is on leave he is going to to step into her shoes and pretend to be her. And because Chloe has a Lucifer, he decides he’s going to have one as well - and makes Dan take on the role

And ye gods why Dan goes along with this. So we have some truly painful scenes of Dan trying to be Lucifer without the powers and ye gods no. While Lucifer tries to be Chloe with actual deductive reasoning and restraint and still managing to be immensely annoying

We do have a decent moment of Dan calling out Lucifer on how little he actually knows Chloe - he focuses on her as the consummate professional, which she certainly is. But she’s more than just a job as well. I do hope this develops a little further and we see Lucifer involved in Chloe’s life more than being a constant irritant.

The case itself has some minor gay characters - one dead and the other a murderer. So… yeah that’s a relationship

And Lucifer seems to gain some insight into Chloe - that she wants a partner she can rely on, who is stable; who isn’t Lucifer basically.

Meanwhile Maze visits Pierce who tells her he doesn’t want to die any more because he loves Chloe. She’s not happy and is determined to see the plan through - Chloe loves Pierce and he loses his mark and she murders him. Oh yes, and he’s got himself a fake mark to fool her too

She decides to get herself involved in Chloe’s bachelor party to make sure it all goes super smooth without any drama that could possibly jeopardize the wedding. So while Amenadiel advises Charlotte to “bring plenty of singles” to the party Maze is organising, it turns out to be very wholesome, very sweet and very very very very very boring. Linda, Charlotte and Ella are duly horrified (and Linda assumes Maze is doing this to torture them). Linda and Maze definitely get into it and risk having a fight which would end very very very badly for Linda.

Charlotte “rescues” the party by bringing a party bus and a lot of hot guys, because she is working with Amenadiel to sabotage Chloe’s wedding. And when they’re all drunk and partying she sits down with Chloe to plant a whole lot of land mines about the coming wedding

The whole party falls apart into lots of arguments, Maze realising Pierce got a fake tattoo (and she goes to murder him - but he’s looking after Trixie which makes for a good human shield. No matter what else, Maze won’t hurt Trixie).

Chloe drives off alone to have a heart to heart with the bus driver about true love and she voices her won doubts: she’s marrying Pierce so quickly and suddenly because she wants to be more impetuous and fun loving. But she doesn’t say she’s marrying Pierce because of him...

Which is why Chloe calls off the wedding

While Dan and Charlotte are apparently all in for their relationship

Well that storyline was…. Short. I expected it to go on a bit longer than it has. Now we have Pierce the loose cannon, Maze the loose cannon and Lucifer back to square one of not telling Chloe the truth: about the supernatural or his feelings.