Monday, July 30, 2018

Wynonna Earp, Season 3, Episode 2: When you Call My Name

Waverley has been taken by a Revenant - a cannibal mountain man revenant who likes traps. He also has the ability to steal voices to send a reassuring message to Nicole to stop her looking for them

Wynonna is stuck half way up a cliff with her imaginary mother reminiscing of the time her mother took her camping and taught her how to survive in the wilderness. I don’t know if imaginary mother is anything like her real mother but she’s practical, gives lots of good advice and also is very very sassy and sarcastic

Everyone on this show is sassy and sarcastic. This is why the show is awesome.

This gives us some nice insight into the whole Earp family and relationships which is a nice lens to see through. There’s also some ominous warnings about not relying on other people which is something Wynonna has got past in the last couple of seasons and I really don’t want to see her backtrack here

Wynonna manages to agonisingly climb back up to the road, having to leave Peacemaker behind on the cliff to begin tracking down Waverley.

Waverley may be voiceless and stuck in a cage with a murderous cannibal coming in and out - but thanks to a helpless hunter walking into one of those traps she’s able to non-verbally communicate to Wynonna where the traps are. With charades. And the path to booby traps that way is just hilarious

Revenant who was super scary ends up rather casually murdered in one of his own traps by Wynonna luring him -guess she doesn’t always need Peacemaker to get stuff done.

The rest of the gang are doing some demon research - the demon doing sacrifices to Balshure may have super duper speed - and dealing with issues. Doc is angsting because his recent brush with death sent him to hell - which he thinks is kind of unfair because of all the heroing he’s done. He angrily talks about it with Dolls who seems to think the key here is redemption - but Doc doesn’t buy that because all this heroing is just having them kill more people. Dolls rejects the comparison between them - but does reassure Doc they’re going to be ok. There’s definitely a mixed but positive relationship between the two.

Dolls himself is having issues with his medication which Jeremy wants to tell the others about - if nothing else then because having an unstable dragon around is just not a great idea. Dolls nixes the idea.

When Nicole finds a lost hunter (whose son walked into the cannibal’s trap) she gets to follow a trail leading the others to Wynonna and Waverley (though I do like Doc’s “I trust Wynonna’s judgement” and Nicole’s answering “I helped her kill a revenant she was sleeping with”. They may all love Wynonna but they have no illusions about her) and everyone is reunited - they just need Nicole with the climbing experience to go down and retrieve Peacemaker.

And Wynonna tells Waverley about their mother in a secure medical unit and causes a lot of bad feeling for keeping this a secret for so long which is Not Ok for Waverley.

Family drama is called because this is when Bulshar’s minion arrives

And he’s powerful and smart. He cuts the rope holding Nicole, leaving Wynonna holding on stop her plummeting to her death (Nicole urges Wynonna to let go - but that’s not happening). He knocks Doc unconscious after Doc ineffectual leaps through him teleporting around

What kills him is Dolls arriving going full dragon - the minion is consumed in dragon fire

But Dolls himself seems to die

And I think he is dead but I’m clinging to that “seems”. Dolls is an excellent character with his own powers and history and role to play in this and I am not remotely ok with the show killing him off in the second episode when the story of this season has barely even begun. Not ok, Wynonna Earp I expect resurrection miracles next episode

But I don’t think it’s going to happen. His death scene came with so much drama and angst and goodbyes..