Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Killjoys, Season 4, Episode 2: Johnny Dangerously

After last episode it’s time to catch up with the rest of the cast - and remind us that everyone else is amazing and fun

So John, D’avin and a very pregnant Delle Saya (who is pregnant with D’avin’s child due to… shenanigans) have been dumped on a planet. It’s in the middle of nowhere and definitely not in the Quad. Thankfully the three of them come with a lot of sass. So much sass.

In fact, can I take a moment to praise the world. Sure we have orange coloured evil to the right of me, the ominous iron threat to the left of me and incompetence all around me: but I have Killjoys and Wynonna Earp providing me with THE BEST SASS AND SNARK. Sure it doesn’t balance, but I’ll take what I can.

Some people try to rob them but make the mistake of underestimating the pregnant lady which means they get beaten by an angry Delle Saya. But Johnny who is actually severely injured collapses so they have to take him to the only settlement they can find. The inhabitants of that settlement are duly intimidated by the gang who are stomping around, snarling and pointing guns at people to try and get some treatment. But there’s no doctor and limited supplies which leaves one choice - Hullen goo. Yes Delle Saya turns him into a Hullen

And. It. Is. Awesome.

Seriously Hullen Johnny is hilarious and awesome and more than a little terrifying with his massive mood swings and his habit of pointing guns at people to steal their hats. D’avin notes that Delle Saya didn’t mention Evil Johnny as a side effect but she points out she’s in survival mode here so… yeah she’ll lie. And Johnny knows that D’avin is getting a little protective of Delle Saya due to the spawn. Delle Saya also warns that at some point Johnny will lose all his emotional connections and it will be super awful the more emotional connections he has. Which, yeah is going to be bad because Johnny is a walking hug. He does get visions of Dutch though to keep him Light Side

The people of this town have a deal for the gang - they say they’re sharecroppers with a big mean overseer about to screw them all over unless the killjoys speak for them. Which kind of isn’t what the Killjoys do but hey they’ll get a ship off the planet.

When the people arrive to be dealt with. Johnny shoots them. All with epic skill and coolness. To D’avin’s horror Johnny does defend himself that he only shot people in the head who had guns because he’s a nice guy still honest. He’s not a nice guy. He is awesome though

So what Johnny figured out with his brilliant Hullen brain is this is actually a prison, the people they’re with are prisoners. It’s pretty nifty deduction. Hullen Johnny is awesome. So it turns out they’re actually in a debtors prison where people are forced to pay their debts with nasty means including growing organs and having them harvested just to grow more organs - only the prison tacks on so many charges they can never get out of debt. Yup, that sounds ultimately evil here- Hullen take a step back.

So they make a new plan - except evil Johnny sabotages things because a) humans are trash and b) Johnny is awesome.

We do get a flashback to the time Delle Saya, Johnny and D’avin were stuck in that small elevator together for a long time. Which is kind of fun because they work really really really really well together

And when someone mentions to Delle Saya that they’re a family she says no: then realises she’s the mother of D’avin’s child and Johnny’s Nephew and they’re all but family with Dutch (and D’avin a love interest of her’s) and Dutch is the twin of Aneela who is her girlfriend and - oh my god we’re family

YES YES THEY ARE and this is awesome.

Time to join the rest

So Dutch and Aneela are in the green. D’Avin, Johnny and Delle got stuck in the “elevator” the only way to the necropolis (a Scarback monk holy place) that left everyone else fighting the Hullen war. Only the Hullen are all frozen now (unless you throw a rock at them).

Zeph and Pip are on the RAC, surrounded by frozen Hullen. There’s snark and a lot of Pip recognising how utterly awesome Zeph is. Hero gotta hero.

They get off the RAC and join Pree, Fancy and Turin for more snark. All the Hullen have been gathered up and dropped in a room - Zeph thinks they should space them. Turin checks with Fancy (ex-Hullen) who says no and Turin reminds us he’s on a redemption arc

Yes he actually says this. Yes it’s awesome.

They need to find D’avin, Johnny et al - which means they need to get on the necropolis. Which is going to be pretty impossible. Except Zeph pulls out a level of genius to do it - once Pree and Gared go consult an ex-scarback dominatrix for some insight (and play with her - so Pree and Gared are bisexual it seems).

So Scarback woman, Pip and Zeph arrive on the Necropolis for some interesting conversations about faith, to get some footage of Dutch and Aneela going all green goo, and getting info of what happened to D’avin, Delle and Johnny. They also find a large number of creepy green Goo Spiders

One of these crawls down Pip’s throat which is probably super bad. Pip and Zeph are also super cool and fun together with, yes, lots of great snark. I like that Zeph has doubts but, ultimately, she has amazingly epic confidence in her own epicness.

To follow that up she also realises there’s no way Lucy would ever abandon Johnny - and realise Lucy has put a tracker on them. So it’s just a matter of following Lucy to find them