Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 13: BlackJack

Morgan and the truckers are all still looking for the mysterious man who had the Truck before them, all of Morgan’s friends, Quinn world peace and some really good drugs

June not just wants to find John but she has definitely had a full blown conversion to the Morgan Cult.

James is not a fan, referring to the truck as an “airport shuttle” because of all the extras they’re grabbing. Althea is somewhat neutral but wants to find Quinn because he has her truck and she’s obsessive about it. Sarah and Wendell are kind of mellow because they’re kind of mellow about everything. They’re also great fun with their points for killing zombies, casual rogueish approach to the apocalypse, low key competence and general fun

It’s nice to have characters approaching the apocalypse with a casual amusement. I also like that Wendell proves he is quite capable of defending himself while James clearly isn’t (and learns strongly that Wendel is not incapable because he uses a wheelchair).

And they find one of the Dirty Woman’s written on zombie which leads to a walky talky conversation with her. It’s what we expect from her filthy weirdness. People are strong when they’re alone and stabbing people in the face for the last cookie in the world but helping people or needing help or accepting help just makes you super super super weak and shameful. I mean is she actually against all co-operation? Because any kind of co-operation requires a level of help. Does she think everyone should be a wandering loner?

She also reveals she knows Morgan was big bad and scary in the past so he needs to be so again.

Morgan’s not doing that. And to double down on that by burying the graffiti zombie because… well he’s almost a parody now. Ok Morgan, I get that you’re all good and fluffy now but, what, 90% of the entire world’s population is actually dead (though we are kind of assuming that. For all we know isolated islands are fine. Hey, maybe it’s confined entirely to the Americas) he’s going to be digging a whole long time. In fact you may cause more environmental damage with the holes than just leaving the bodies to rot. Morgan has a big speech about how they will continue to meet and help everyone

They spend a little while reflecting on how nice the guy - known as Polar Bear - who set up this trucking network was. Wendal and Sarah are sure he’s alive - they have standards. They wouldn’t steal from someone who couldn’t manage alone. Awww aren’t they nice.

Sarah and Wendell still aren’t entirely on side with riding to the rescue and Sarah even begins to draw a blade on Morgan … which he deals with in 2 seconds with his stick. Sarah and Wendell quickly realise Morgan has 10,000 levels of badass more than them and decide they have absolutely no objection with going where he wants to go - especially since Althea can drive the truck

They keep leaving supplies with messages for people to use radios to get in touch for help.

Over to John and Victor who are both still alive, flooded from their car and looking out at the whole new lake that has appeared after the storm. This lake has random soggy zombies in it. And a giant rabid crocodile/alligator/giant zombie dinosaur. I don’t know the CGI department is cheap.

John, despite his injury, is determined to find a way across the water despite these obstacles working on home made rafts and trying to get Victor involved. While Victor is super depressed and sad and lethargic and just wants to kind of stand around where things are vaguely safe and comfortable. After a dangerous moment when Victor nearly gets himself killed reaching for a bottle of booze that he opens up to John: he drinks to forget because he has no-one to drink with. Because all the good things in his life are in the past with nothing good to look forward to. While John is all about hoping and working for a better future

They have very different philosophies - but John manages to chivy Victor along because, admit it, you couldn’t say no to John’s open happy upbeat goodness. But when his plan nearly gets them killed even John has to step back and rejoin Victor on the safe and pessimistic path

Over to Luciana - and yes we’re going through so many characters this episode with everyone apparently surviving the storm (unsurprisingly). She has All the Guilt and is looking for Charlie - who she doesn’t find. Instead she finds a random guy, Clayton, injured and trapped in a car after the storm. She instantly tries to help him - much to his surprise since this isn’t common in the apocalypse. Despite the obvious impossibility of actually being able to help him, Luciana is determined to do something for him. When asked why, she says she has stuff to atone for

Which he thinks everyone does which is probably true.

She continues to go above and beyond to help him - if she can’t save him she can at least get him a last beer which she manages thanks to Morgan’s supply crates. As Clayton talks before he finally dies he basically reveals that he is the man who was driving the truck leaving supplies who Morgan was looking for. Before he dies he also urges her that she keep helping people

She calls the message on the box - and lo is reunited with Luciana

As is Charlie and Alicia after they find a similar message. Yay everyone is together again (almost) at last

All this fluffy helping and stuff enrages the muddy woman who tracks them down easily because of that whole lack of subtlety thing, hissing threats - and unleashing Althea’s truck’s fire power against them

I like to see everyone reuniting… but at the same time I think that Fear the Walking Dead is really hitting us with their themes in rather excessive manner. I mean I really really like that redemption and hope is actually entering this series. Though I am concerned because normally this means the Walking Dead is about to kill everyone and scream BLEAK BLEAK BLEAK at us at any moment. With the same level of gentle subtle touch