Saturday, November 3, 2018

Supernatural, Season 14, Episode 4: Mint Condition

We open with an angry rage nerd being attacked by a possessed Panthero toy

Yes, it’s going to be one of THOSE Supernatural episodes where we focus far more on the weird and whacky than anything deep. And yes, I usually give these episodes a lot of eye rolls and snark -but honestly, they work. Supernatural can be so mopey at times, it helps to have something just a little fun and dramatic.

Also Dean laid on his bed watching horror movies is just adorable. Umf. Also he puts on glasses this episode. Double Ummmf.

So Dean is lurking in his bedroom watching endless horror film marathons and generally avoiding everyone. Sam tries to poke him to encourage him to leave (which comes with lots of brother snark because Dean will always taunt and poke at Sam because they’re fun like that) and seeing as Dean is completely unwilling to discuss his feelings, he dangles this case in front of him

A possessed Thundercat toy is Dean Winchester kryptonite. He’s up and away

They move in, posing as insurance investigators to learn about the violent toy which focuses on a comic shop with Stewart the nerd rage who is more than a little annoying. Samantha who runs the place and is more sensible and aligns closely with Sam and Dirk who is enthusiastic happy nerd. The three of them run the comic shop, the previous owner having left it to Sam and Dirk (not Stewart - he was fired for stealing and it’s apparent the former owner had a big big big thing about people stealing) who rehired Stewart despite his many many faults because he is their friend

The episode is very old school Supernatural - which, again, i like. I like to see the brothers dealing with evil spirits - these used to be the bread and butter of their work and it’s nice to come back to it, nice to see them handling this day to day evil rather than just dealing with the biggest, scariest world destroying monsters out there. These daily monsters still matter and it’s so much fun to go back to them,

So we follow the same paths, tracking down the recently dead, why he has a grudge, figuring out what cursed object the evil spirit has been attached to - and then burning it, saving the day and destroying the horror movie villain brought to life in the process - all alongside Dean’s issues with horror movies and Sam’s issues with hallowe’en.

It’s a fun Hallowe’en episode

In the aftermath I think beyond a fun call back episode we have two elements that are especially fun:

Dean, in addition to agreeing to come out of his room more and thanking Sam for giving him what he needed - a win - but also why he really really likes horror movies. While Sam calls their daily life a horror movie, Dean likes them because in a horror movie people win, the big bad is defeated, it’s the certainty of that that he likes in horror movies. It’s a nice window into his wounds and how much the losses have cost him

I also really like how Sam’s issues with Hallowe’en stem from such a normal, mundane, personally embarrassing disaster. No demon, no deep seated trauma, no horror - just adolescent humiliation.